VBS Health

VBS is a mobile payment platform that allows users to perform payments directly by scanning a QR code on the Point-of-Sales system screen. Through VBS, consumers can conveniently purchase and enjoy great discounts even when shopping at offline stores.

To encourage pick up rate, VBS also introduces a referral system that allows users to earn extra credits every time their friends make a purchase through the VBS platform. 




Key Features

  • Cashless payment integrated with Point-of-Sales systems
  • Multi-tier referral rewards system
  • Aggregated product and retail database
VBS Health is a market place and virtual store for healthy F&B products in partnership with leading F&B companies in Singapore. We share nutrition knowledge of healthy F&B Products and establish an Omnichannel shopping platform with both online and offline stores that give customers unique shopping experience. 
After months of vetting through a number of established vendors in Singapore, Swag Soft stood out amongst all of them.
Swag Soft understood our business and their creative interpretation was showcase in the designs which were subsequently handed to us. From layouts, to fonts, to colour choices, each deliverable was meticulously curated.
Although we were integrating with other 3rd party service providers as well, Swag Soft took charge with the progress. Along with JCS Venture Lab, Swag Soft took the initiative to take on the role as a co-product lead.
The updates were prompt and the hands-on testing sessions were helpful to orientate my team on how the platforms were being used. 
We are glad to have worked with Swag Soft.

Li Wei General Manager, JCS Venture Lab