Porterfetch is a newly launched online food delivery service, fetched islandwide.

If you’re up late and hungry, the online supper service will fetch from a curated selection of local favourites straight to your doorstep. They’ve got the best coverage – from local favourites like Swee Choon Dim Sum to Scissors Cut Curry Rice, The Roti Prata House and Authentic Mun Chee Kee, among other renown stores.

The Porterfetch platform – comprised of multiple components working in harmony – turned from idea to reality as a result of a close collaboration with Swagsoft.




Key Features

  • End to end food delivery platform
  • Live update of porters locations
  • Advanced algorithm for job distribution
  • Automated processes to facilitate operations

Porterfetch is the best late night food and last minute essentials delivered. To date, we have completed over 1,000+ deliveries & counting.

However, It was no easy feat building our delivery platform from scratch. 

Since day one, Ming Hui went through great pains to deeply understand the nature of our business and our inner workings. At each turn, he didn’t just take our word for it. He always went the extra mile to ask critical what-ifs and have-you-thought-of questions to make our ideas and business operations a lot more bulletproof. And that’s what true partnerships are founded on.

But where Swag Soft really shines is when they get down to the business. The team never shies away from a problem, taking on challenges with outright enthusiasm. Most importantly, their developers care that they do a good job – one that leaves you with something everyone involved can be proud of.  

We needed the most competent and dedicated developers to do the heavy lifting for us, and, we were so happy we made the right decision to go with Swag Soft.