Monkey Showdown

Monkey Showdown is a multiplayer turn-based fighting game that revolves around a compelling storyline. With four main characters to choose from, players can carefully strategise how they would like to approach each battle.

Specialised in a basic attribute, each character has an edge over another. In addition, players can also equip the characters with special equipments to enhance their abilities.

Unlike most fighting games that reward players with endless currencies, Monkey Showdown is designed to reward users with things that actually matter such as exclusive equipments! So winning the opponent allows victorious players to steal one of their equipment, and seal it with a color code. Defeated players are then be given 24 hours to crack the code in order to retrieve the item.




Key Features

  • Over 2 million stats configurations to character’ equipment through design permutation
  • Multiplayer match-making algorithm
  • Unique loot system amongst player
Working with Swag Soft has been comfortable and exciting. They are a group of fantastic and professional people with lots of incredible ideas. I am consistently amazed by their ideas and game development work. Three words to describe the Swag Soft team; genuine, responsible and enthusiastic. They have invested a lot of effort to deliver beyond my expectation. I enjoyed working with them and will definitely continue my subsequent projects with Swag Soft.

Alan Liau