Building the Lion


Honoured and humbled to be hand-picked out of 40 other game development companies, Swag Soft are glad to be one of the 4 companies that are given the opportunity to create a game that commemorates Singapore’s 50th birthday in 2015.

Swag Soft then came up with Building the Lion, a game designed in a board game concept that most of us are familiar with. Inspired to create a game that can be fun an friendly for all folks aged 8 – 80, Building the Lion is a multi-player board game that allows players to build iconic Singapore buildings, local food restaurants and public housing around the island.

In addition, players will also get to learn about famous Singaporeans and historical events that shaped up the republic. Along the way, players can also work to solve pesky crimes to help build up a crime-free Singapore!

Meaningful and educational, Building the Lion engages players to understand and remember the spirit of being a Singaporean!

Official Game for SG50

Selected as one of the four official locally-made games during the SG50 celebrations!

Key Features

  • Gamified National Education
  • Turn base multiplayer capabilities across 3 maps
  • Top the charts for Googleplay Store and top 10 on Apple Appstore