Enterprise team management apps have revolutionized the way modern teams work and collaborate. The boost in mobile app development has pushed this process even further, increasing the mobility of the users while they complete daily work tasks. 

Enterprise team management apps are different from single-feature tools such as time-tracking apps or task boards. These are complex and scalable apps that integrate with other corporate software solutions and/or combine diverse tasks concerned with team management such as: 

  • Project management
  • Task management and scheduling 
  • Team communication 
  • Data sharing
  • Time tracking
  • Reporting and analytics

Whether you are looking for an enterprise app to increase the effectiveness of your team or consider developing a custom solution for your company, it is worth looking at what top 10 enterprise team management apps have to offer. 

Zoho Workplace 

Zoho Workplace is a suite of apps built to improve team productivity and collaboration including tools for the creation of spreadsheets, documents and presentations, a file management app, team chat, and even social intranet. It can further be integrated with other Zoho bundles such as Zoho CRM or Zoho Finance, which allows managing almost any aspect of teams’ work in one system. 

Microsoft Planner 

Microsoft Planner is an enterprise team management app built for Office 356 suite (and working well with all of the Office 365 accordingly). The Planner helps with the creation of plans, task management, and file sharing. What’s more, it provides a team chat and works across all devices, which promotes instant and to-the-point team communication. Smart notifications and progress charts are other useful features boosting the effectiveness of task management.    


Scoro is a comprehensive solution that provides great team management opportunities. The features of an enterprise app include project and task management, management of contacts, quoting, billing, reporting (including customizable KPI dashboards), and team collaboration. It also allows time tracking, prioritization of tasks and deadlines and management of user rights.  


Asana is known as a truely easy-to-use app for project and task management and the related team communication. The app allows real-time progress tracking, breaking down tasks into to-do lists, and setting custom rules to automate routine tasks. For example, following the rules you set, Asana can route new tasks to specific projects, give visibility to the relevant stakeholders or auto-assign executives based on their role or project type. It also integrates with more than 100 popular apps, which allows turning it into a comprehensive enterprise team management solution.   


Slack is the most popular team chat app for real-time team communication including video calls and file sharing. Collaboration happens in channels that organize communication of a separate team or are related to a specific project or topic. The key advantages Slack users enjoy are excellent search and notification features (for example, being notified when a specific word pops up in a team conversation), as well as a wealth of emoji and GIFs for creative self-expression.   


Bitrix24 is another enterprise apps suite with a large set of features from project and contact management to social collaboration. The top features that help to differentiate the solution from other enterprise team management apps are social intranet, Gantt charts, workload management, as well as CRM, HR and telephone integration.  


ActiveCollab is an intuitive team management tool that allows management of tasks and deadlines and real-time team communication. The tool also has a built-in time tracking and invoicing for billable hours, which make the app good for managing creative teams.    


Trello is a simple task management tool popular among laypeople for personal time management and executing projects like a wedding. Thus, not all companies associate it with a serious enterprise team management app. They should though. Trello is used by companies of all sizes, Google and National Geographic among them, and has dedicated scenarios that help to organize the work of various teams. Hundreds of add-ons help to make Trello a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of a specific organization.   


Jira is associated with two apps used for team management. Jira Software is used by development teams to plan, track and release software and well as report and resolve issues. Jira Align is an enterprise team management app with a focus on linking business strategy and technical execution. It allows top management to see the aggregated team-level data and manage the teams relative to the overall goals and customer value.       


Notion has been rapidly growing its popularity so that many teams advocate for the switch to this enterprise team management app. The app itself claims it can substitute a wealth of popular single-feature tools and the chaos created by using them all at once. Namely, Notion combines notes and docs, wiki-like functionality for knowledge bases, task boards, to-do lists, and a lightweight CRM. The app has a clear intuitive interface and works across all devices, which makes a good case for giving it a try.     

Concluding Thoughts  

When selecting an enterprise team management app, make sure that your choice is not due to the app’s popularity, but due to the features that can serve your team best. Other important aspects to consider here are:

  • App’s scalability: this allows to make sure you won’t have to switch the app when the needs of your team grow
  • Intuitive design: the best app would be the one your team will actually use; thus, great user experience is a must for any enterprise app 
  • Mobile app: the importance of having a mobile app for business is growing as it can boost either customer engagement and sales or team productivity. 

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