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As a game developer in Singapore, game development is something we excel in and really enjoy doing. We have a team of expert game designers and artists who are capable of producing games which are as fun to play as much as they are great to look at. While many common app developers would claim that they develop games too, this is far from the truth. We know, because we have been approached by industry competitors to develop games for their clients! This is because game development requires another set of knowledge altogether and of course, kick-ass programming skills. Most app developers don’t have those. And those who do are busy making their own games. But Swag Soft does, and we are happy helping our customers build their next awesome game.


With smart phones being the norm today, mobile games are a great way to engage and entertain your customers and in the process, build a positive brand image and bring your customers closer to you. If you are a budding entrepreneur, mobile games are also a great way to make money as more people around the globe are spending on in-app purchases for their favourite mobile games. Or perhaps you want to make some money through ads displayed in your free game?


Game development is a really tricky process. It requires careful planning, good gamification ideas, great graphics, solid programming and above all – meticulous execution. So when you hire a game developer in Singapore to make your game, make sure you don’t just look for any game developer. Look for one who has developed and launched commercially successful games. Only such a company would understand and be able to execute the highly intricate process required to come up with a viable game development design and great graphics for your game. With several highly appraised games developed and launched under our belt, we dare say we know a thing or two about making good games.


Lamebo vs. Zombies – made it to the top 20 in the US iTunes store within days of launch. Pop Rocks World – was in the top 10 for the simulation category in the iTunes store for numerous countries. One Force – for the Singapore Air Force to bring career applicants to the organization Building the Lion – for the Singapore government to celebrate the republic’s 50th birthday The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks – a massive virtual world for kids called which went on to pick up numerous international parental awards and an accolade from a Disney magazine for its excellence in delivering great edutainment value.


Game Development Project - Samsung Jackpot
Game Development Project - Monkey Showdown

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“Our team in Samsung Asia was looking for a developer for our game application & we came across Swag Soft and their portfolio. From the first meeting, Swag Soft immediately understood what we wanted our application to be like. They provided us with innovative ideas and solutions that added more value to our proposal. Despite multiple requirements and constant changes, the team at Swag Soft never faltered and maintained great professionalism throughout the development. Communication is key in any relationship and we are happy that Swag Soft always there with prompt replies to any queries we had and were ever present when we needed them. We greatly appreciate the extra effort that Swag Soft undertook to help us achieve our goals with this app. Thoroughly impress with the team at Swag Soft and looking forward to building on this great working relationship!”

Shawn Russmen

Master Trainer, SAMSUNG ASIA

Samsung Asia engaged Swag Soft to develop a game to better disseminate knowledge and information to their salesmen.

Instead of getting their salesmen to lug about thick manuals and spend hours in training centers, Samsung decided that a game would prepare their salesmen better to sell the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

The concept is as follows; each salesman is given a unique login to play a slot machine game specifically designed to showcase product features. The salesman spends virtual coins to spin the slot machine and points will be awarded for each combination of unique selling points ranging from adaptive and dramatic camera features, super storage space, water resistance hard wares etc. When a floor salesman runs out of coins, he can answer 5 simple questions to replenish them

This way, Samsung’s salesmen can learn and revise their product knowledge in a fun and engaging manner.


“Swagsoft was a right fit for us after having sourced through the many app developing companies and checking out their portfolio. We met up with Ming Hui their project manager and had a great time discussing our app project with him. He heard our requirements well while probing to gather more details and providing valuable past experiences before giving us a reasonable quotation. Though the process of the app development took some time, Swagsoft was accommodating and did their very best to work things out with us allowing us to build the game app that we desire. Well done Swagsoft and lets continue to maintain our relations for our app to continue to grow!”

Beng Chuen Chio

Co-Founder, Invelopers


Being one of the most evergreen gaming genre, real-time multiplayer platformer has always been charming to players regardless of age. With the help of Swag Soft, Invelopers launched their first game, Pigs can Fly, on both iTunes and Google Playstore in early 2016.

Quirky as it sounds, has revolved around this very basic fundamental; simple gameplay and social bragging rights. Without an established publisher, Pigs can Fly earned few hundred downloads over a single week solely through word of mouth.

Greeted by a catchy tune and colourful graphics, Pigs can Fly screams light hearted fun. Relying purely on skills, this game does not require heavy investments from the players besides wanting to get their hands on up to 50 different costumes. With different series of fashionable costumes across a dozen of categories ranging from generic seasonal costumes to extraterrestrial, players can slug it out against other players in the most flashy manner.

Gameplay is pretty straight forward. Each player has three balloons strapped around their pig’s back. The objective is to burst their opponents’ balloons and be the last man standing. There arena will rain crates of different power ups and power downs, introducing different layers to each match. If the match is undisputed after 120 seconds, players will enter into Chaos mode, where erratic weather will be introduced to catch amateur players off guard.

Pigs can Fly offers 5 different terrains of which, each is carefully crafted to provide different gameplay experience. Each terrain is governed by a basic rule – always land on the platform, and make sure you have enough energy to hunt.

After zipping across the battlefield and sneaking up attacks against opponents, players will be rewarded based on their performances. The bounty earned can be spent to buy more avatars.

The collaboration between Invelopers and Swag Soft serves as a blueprint for striking a perfect balance between clients’ objectives, and vendors expertise in various phases of the game development. Invelopers’ endorsement has reinforced Swag Soft the capabilities in building an excellent game without compromising on partnerships.


Game Development Project - Monkey Showdown
Game Development Project - Monkey Showdown

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“Working with Swag Soft has been comfortable and exciting. They are a group of fantastic and professional people with lots of incredible ideas. I am consistently amazed by their ideas and game development work. Three words to describe the Swag Soft team; genuine, responsible and enthusiastic. They have invested a lot of effort to deliver beyond my expectation. I enjoyed working with them and will definitely continue my subsequent projects with Swag Soft.”

Alan Liau


Monkey Showdown is a multiplayer turn-base fighting game. With four main characters to choose from, players can carefully strategise how they would like to approach each battle.

Each character is specialised in a basic stats that gives them an edge over others. To enhance their abilities, players will need to equip the characters with equipment. Through a series of attributes and variables, the game has over 6 million items for players to earn. Items can be further enhanced through powerful boosters.

Unlike most fighting games that reward players with endless of currency, Monkey Showdown is designed to reward users with things that actually matters- exclusive equipments. Upon winning your opponent, you get to steal one of their equipment, and seal it with a color code. The victim has 24 hours to crack the code in order to retrieve the item. This system is carefully designed to encourage players to play against as many players as possible, and also encourages fierce competition among players with a smaller social circle.

Besides an attractive gameplay, Monkey Showdown includes four episodes of comics that introduces the background story of this game. Players gain access to these comic strips as a reward for achieving milestones set within the game. With such rewards given, the game effectively mitigates the issue of currency inflation the burden to create a huge amount of items that poorly balanced.

Given that client worked with Swag Soft since inception, the in-app purchases were properly designed to facilitate players’ involvement. Segregating equipment and boosters to different tiers, players can almost be guaranteed the chance to don on different equipments for every round of battle.

Building a Monkey Showdown is without doubt, a fun and enriching process for both Swag Soft and client. More importantly, Swag Soft has gained the client’s trust in developing quality games. Given the mutual appreciation, Swag Soft has the opportunity to develop outstanding mobile games for the gamers to enjoy.


Game Development Project - Building the Lion
Game Development Project - Building the Lion

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“Think of this as Monopoly with a Singapore historic twist. Simple to play, this board game can be great fun for the family.”

Oo Gin Lee

Editor, Digital Life


Singapore celebrated its 50th birthday in 2015.

For many Singaporeans this was a particularly memorable year, not just for the significance of its half-century anniversary, but because its 1st prime minister Mr. Lee Kuan Yew passed away in the same year.

When we learnt that there was a call for proposal by the Singapore government to make a mobile game to celebrate and commemorate SG50, we jumped at the opportunity. A few months later, Swag Soft was honoured and humbled to be hand-picked out of 40 other game development companies for this task, together with 3 other companies.

Our concept was a board game proposal called Building the Lion.

We wanted to make a game that was friendly, fun and educational for everyone from 8 to 80 to play.

The result was a multi-player board game which allows players to build iconic Singapore buildings, local food restaurants and public housing around the island. Players get to learn about famous Singaporeans, historical events that shaped up the republic and solve pesky crimes to help Singapore become crime-free.

Players can compete with each other to make their own unique version of Singapore or if they like, simply bankrupt each other.


While the other 3 mobile games made for SG50 were produced in 2D, we decided to give Building the Lion a 3D look. The reason was that we wanted to do justice to the unique architecture in Singapore and present them as closely as possible in our game.

Some of the highlights of the game include the following –

– featuring of iconic Singapore buildings like CK Tang, Ion Orchard, Hill Street Fire Station, Sultan Mosque, Sri Mariamman Temple, MacDonald House, Istana … in all 40 over of them

– featuring of Singapore’s local delights like Char Kuay Teow, Hokkein Mee, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Mee Siam, Laksa, Kaya Toast, Bak Kut Teh and more

– featuring of famous Singaporeans like past and present politicians, athletes, artistes and even the late Ah Meng


Game Development Project - One Force

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“Within the first month, the One Force app reached over 23,000 downloads. It achieved an average app rating of 4.0 stars on the App store, and became No.1 on the App Store for ‘Strategy’ and ‘Simulation’ categories, and No.3 in the ‘Games’ category.”

DDB Singapore


The Singapore Air Force (RASF) serves as the main defence line against hostile forces looking to attack Singapore from the skies. For this reason, it is important for the RSAF to continually recruit fresh blood into its ranks.

When Swag Soft approached by the RSAF and DDB Singapore to develop a mobile game, we flew (pardon the pun) at the opportunity.

One Force is a simulation game designed to share with the public career opportunities within the RSAF and provide entertainment while doing so. Players can build their very own air base from ground up in this strategic combat simulation game. They get to form their own air force – complete with fighter planes, sophisticated weapon systems and pilots. Then they get to battle their friends to earn points and unlock more military assets.

Besides the core simulation game play, we also built several mini games that could be unlocked when players scanned the QR codes on posters they saw at public locations. Likewise, exclusive vocation videos can be unlocked when users load the One Force app when its ad is showing on television.

One Force played a important role during the Singapore Air Show 2014. The highlight of the air show was the acrobatic performance by the Black Knights. Through the One Force app, players got to unlock exclusive Black Knight shelters within the simulation game if they completed the Black Knight mini game. This also gave them opportunities to win complimentary tickets to the Air Show where seats were often in hot demand.


One Force topped the ‘Strategy’ and ‘Simulation’ charts on the Apple app store and ranked among the top 5 apps within the Overall charts. Clocking more than 11,000 game sessions a day, RSAF reported a surge in career inquiries. The app had been featured in the RSAF’s recruitment road shows ever since.

Once again, Swag Soft is truly grateful to be entrusted the opportunity to produce this important game development project designed to draw young talents to join the RSAF and we look forward to developing more high quality games like this.


Game Development Project - Lamebo vs. Zombies

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“There’s no shortage of games with Zombies, but Swag Soft’s Lamebo vs Zombies manages to be an attention-grabber and better yet, worthy of a deeper look.”

iPhone Life


A zombie game called Lamebo vs. Zombies was the very first mobile game Swag Soft developed.

Yet it became so popular that it shot up to the top 20 places on Apple’s US App Store within days. It also climbed to the top of many other countries’ app stores for the Arcade Games and Action Games categories and received dozens of rave reviews from game reviewers.

The initial game development concept was simple.

It involved a character standing in the middle of the screen armed with guns who had to defend himself against swarms of approaching enemies. The player simply had to tap fast on top of the enemies to shoot them. Then we decided to up the ante by introducing upgrades to the hero and the types of weapons he could use. And soon we were bringing a large variety of enemies to the game.

The final result was an addictively fast and furious action game, complete with a foul-mouthed mutated lamb as the hero and multitudes of zombified creatures as the enemies.


We also spun a funny story line around the game, such that it attracted attention from reviewers and reporters from other parts of the world. A South Korean game correspondent was particularly fond of the game and he was chortling as he interviewed us over Skype. Perhaps after watching the video below you will understand why.

Since then, Swag Soft had been approached constantly to do game development by government bodies and the private sector. Those included a city building game for the Singapore Air Force, a casual board game to celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday, an arcade game for Caltex and more.

We have established ourselves as one of the very few app developers in Singapore who make both enterprise apps and games.


Game Development Project - Caltex Techron Heroes
Game Development Project - Caltex Techron Heroes

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“Throughout the project period we witnessed strong technical expertise as well as creativity infused in the game development work done for us and our clients. Prompt technical support was always provided – there was always no hesitation at answering any queries from the agency, facilitating a smooth project execution. Thank you for managing the project closely and we look forward to future collaborations with Swag Soft.”

Kenneth Ho

Associate Digital Manager, MEC Global

Communicating an innovation to layman has always been a tall order. More than often, such breakthroughs cannot be simply showcased through peripheral heuristics. Caltex faced this challenge while trying to illustrate how efficient can their new Techcron formula perform in modern car engines without the use of technical jargons even car enthusiasts might find it challenging to comprehend.

Together with Chevron, MEC and Swag Soft collaborated for almost a year to conceptualise and develop a mobile game to educate drivers on the benefits of the Techcron formula.

Titled as, ‘ Techron Heroes’, the game is elegantly simple yet impactful. Players take on the role of the Techron Hero to eliminate nasty deposits that were mercilessly shot out from the car’s exhaust. Players intuitive swipe to control the direction and tap to fire Techron molecules, which wipe out these dirty deposits.

As players progress with much confidence in their trusty weapon, they get to pick up power ups which include rapid-fire, power-boost and longer endurance. These power ups were strategically designed to subtly explain how Techcron cleans the car engine. For every milestone, players unlock a new mechanic which affects the gameplay.

To celebrate victory, players unlock a set of Techron Hero armor after clearing all the stages. Players can customise their heroes with different set of armors. Narcissistic players are encouraged to upload their selfies and have the armor equipped onto them.

Chevron organized contests in all their markets for their players and fans. Every week, the top player will be rewarded with Caltex vouchers so that they can pamper their cars with a generous amount of Techron fuel. Players from regions outside of Caltex’s market are also encouraged to top the leaderboards for the ultimate bragging rights.

Over the year, Chevron, MEC and Swag Soft have worked in unison to create a game which effectively convey message which was initially perceived as, “too technical”. Thanks to companies like Chevron and MEC, Swag Soft was fortunate enough to work on a striking example on how mobile apps and mobile games can bode so seamlessly into a company’s penetration strategy.


Game Development Project - Pop Rocks World

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“If you’re an American Idol junkie or just a big music fan, Pop Rocks World HD is a fun time waster that may just become your new iPad obsession.”

Tap Scape


Pop Rocks World is a unique and addictive music RPG game that simulates a musician’s arduous road to stardom. Become a mega star in Pop Rocks World and make fans scream out for your name from every corner of the world! Spot your favourite celebs, meet other players and challenge them to a music showdown!

You will start off virtually unknown as a singer but with talent, luck and a lot of hard work, you can climb up the fame ladder. But once you become famous – if ever you do – will you continue to bask in your glory with millions of wild, screaming fans or will you sink back down to oblivion as other players strive to become more famous than you?


Game Development Project - The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks
Game Development Project - The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks

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“The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks is a virtual world which has found the perfect ratio between entertainment and education.”

Disney Fun Magazine


The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks was a massive game development project – a huge virtual world for kids spanning 70 over locations around the world – which won multiple awards and was wholly conceptualized and developed by Swag Soft.

Originally a book series written by John Bittleson – former CEO of Cerebos Pacific and present CEO of Terrific Mentors – the stories chronicle the adventures of Wiglington and Wenks – two brave water rats from England who travel the world in search of a series of magic maps that can unlock the secrets and future of the world and empower the bearer to travel through time and space.

It was later developed and adapted into an online virtual world for kids by Aldric Chang and Ngo Chee Yong – the founders of Swag Soft. We created a make-belief scenario where kids were tasked with the mission of helping Wiglington and Wenks travel around the world to help locate items that could revive the memories of famous people from the past who were stranded in present time – such as Cleopatra, Galileo, Beethoven, Genghis Khan, Mohamed Gandhi, Emporor Qin and more. This game loop encouraged the kids to learn more about the different countries, people, geography, history and even environmental issues.

Places where kids could travel to within the virtual world included the Amazon Forest, Great Barrier Reef, Leshan Buddha, Singapore, Great Wall of China, Sahara Dessert, London Clock Tower, Statue of Liberty and many other important landmarks of the world.


The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks proved to be a hit with kids aged 8 to 14 from all around the world. At its peak, it attracted more than 500,000 signups from more than 160 countries, and children who signed up to play in the virtual world excitedly tweeted about their adventures in the virtual world whenever they were free from school and homework. Most of the players got to know about Wiglington and Wenks through word of mouth and social media marketing which took very little spending. Many parents and educators were also impressed with the amount of knowledge their children were learning from Wiglington and Wenks, while having immense fun.


The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks won several international awards for its high edutainment value. Disney even gave the virtual world a FamilyFun Top 10 Fun Websites Award, citing Wiglington and Wenks as the perfect website for kids, having found the right balance between education and entertainment.


Game Development Project - Carto's Magic Maps

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Carto’s Magic Maps was a hidden object game developed as a spin-off to The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks – a massive virtual world for kids which garnered multiple international parenting awards.

Based originally on stories written by John Bittleston, Carto’s Magic Maps brings players on an adventure where Wiglington and Wenks must travel around the world to retrace their ancestor’s footprints and uncover where he has hidden fragments of his magic maps – maps that could unlock secrets of the past and the future.

Carto’s Magic Maps featured dozens of hidden object scenes based on iconic locations around the world, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Coliseum of Rome, Niagara Falls, Machu Picchu, Kremlin, London Clock Tower, Chitzen Itza, Great Wall of China and many many more.

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