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Cross Platform Mobile Development

Do you do cross platform mobile development?
Yes, we perform cross platform mobile development. Our team is fully capable of developing for the Apple and Android platforms, which are the two major mobile operating systems at present. We are also able to cross develop for the desktop if you require us to. For example, you might have an idea for an app that in some instances, is actually easier to use via a desktop.
What are the advantages of doing cross platform development?
Developing across different platforms allows you to capture users of both mobile operating systems and where applicable, computer users. According to global surveys, the number of Android users are almost equal to the number of iOS users. You cannot ignore either of these operating systems without giving up a huge chunk of potential users / revenue.
What are the costs involved when doing cross platform development?
If you are thinking that developing for both the Android and the Apple would cost twice as much, don’t worry. At least this is not how Swag Soft charges our clients. When we develop an app, regardless of the operating platform, we would already be designing the interface, information architecture, user experience and graphics for it. So at the very least, the cost of developing all these should be taken away when we develop for the other platform.

App Development Costs

How much does it cost to develop an app?
To be honest, it is impossible to give an answer to that without first understanding the scope of work required to develop that app or game a client has in mind. But of course, we understand that our clients need to have an idea of cost to know whether they can even afford to hire us in the first place. While we obviously cannot magically predict the development cost of your app here, what we can tell you is how we derive the cost and how you can choose to pay us.
What is Model 1, the Project Based Model?

Our first model charges based on the specifications of the project. Swag Soft offers a free consultation session, during which we will understand your requirements and thereafter, we will come up with a feature list which will allow us to gauge the number of man-days required to execute the project. The entire scope of work will be itemized and also the cost for each feature. This is especially useful for clients who have a fixed deadline as the budget is calculated based on the scope required. Request for changes might incur additional cost depending on complexity involved.

What is Model 02, the Flexible Man-Day Based Model?

Our second model charges based on the number of man-days you choose to engage us. At Swag Soft, we have an experienced and talented team of in-house interface and graphics designers, programmers, project leads and app testers. You can ‘book’ us for a number of man-days to be used within a pre-determined period of time (for example, 300 man-days to be used within 365 days). This way, the resources allocated to you is not limited to just working on specific mobile app projects. Partners can engage our designers to design brand kits, mail templates, ad banners etc. Programmers can be tasked to build new apps, analytical tools or new features to support your existing apps. This model is specifically designed for entrepreneurs that constantly see the need to pivot or adapt their products to the market and do not want to be bugged by the constant need to re-budget for change requests. Creative agencies that leverages heavily on mobile solutions will do well to embrace this model as it allows them to work on multiple projects without having to fret over the cost for individual projects.

At this juncture, perhaps you are concerned if either model has an advantage over the other? Not really. It all depends on your own needs. If you already know what you want and you want it by a certain date, Model 1 is probably suitable for you. If you desire flexibility, Model 2 is great. Swag Soft designed these 2 models to make things flexible and simple for our clients, because we want them to have what works best for their business.

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