Why Most Businesses Prefer to Embrace Custom Mobile App Instead of Off-the-Shelf Products

Why Most Businesses Prefer to Embrace Custom Mobile App Instead of Off-the-Shelf Products

Having a quality mobile application continues to be important for any business today. With a mobile app, you can connect with customers, complete sales and process orders, and properly market your business. When you are looking to launch a new application for your business, you will need to choose between having a custom application built or using an off-the-shelf app. When you are choosing a new application format, it is important to compare your two options.

Off the Shelf Software Advantages and Disadvantages

When you are looking for a new application for your business, one option is to get an off the shelf application. The off the shelf apps offer various advantages and disadvantages to be aware of.

Advantage – Application will be Available Quickly

One of the advantages of off the shelf mobile apps is that they will be available sooner. When you receive an application that is considered off the shelf, it will have boilerplate style, features, and other elements. There will not be much customization, which ensures it will not take as long for you to have created and implemented.

Disadvantage – No Custom Features

While an off the shelf application can be completed sooner, it will not have any customized features. While you will have some choices to make during the development stage, you will not have as much control over the final product. This can make it harder to have an application that meets the needs of your business or your customers.

Advantage  – Bugs Have Been Worked Out

When you get any type of application, you will want it to work well from the start. However, any app is going to have bugs that will need to be resolved. When you use an application that is off the shelf, you will likely find that many of the bugs have already been worked out. This can ensure the app is efficient starting the day you launch.

Disadvantages – Future Upgrades and Modifications are Challenging

While the initial bugs with an off-the-shelf app may have been worked through, they can be harder to upgrade and modernize. Most off the shelf software products and apps are made to be final products. While this means it can be hard to customize it today, it can also be more difficult to modernize and improve in the future. As technology, app trends, and company needs change, this can make it even harder to continue to provide a quality app.

Custom-Made Software Advantages and Disadvantages

Choosing an off-the-shelf app can be a good option for some people. However, there are situations in which getting a custom-made application is a better option. A custom made app will come with various advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of.

Advantage – App is Tailored to Meet Your Needs

When you are in need of mobile applications development, may find that a customized application is a good idea because it can be curtailed to meet your individual needs. For a mobile application, spending time assessing the needs of your business and customers is very important. There are always going to be functions that you may need out of an application that may not be included in an off-the-shelf option. If you are going to get all that you can out of your app, you will want it to be customized to include all the features that you want including the ability for e-commerce or a mobile app API.

Disadvantage – Longer to Launch Application

One of the disadvantages that you can experience when you use a mobile application that is custom-made is that it can take longer to launch the application. The process of custom mobile app development can be longer for a variety of reasons including the following:

  • Time of planning application will take longer as you have more choices to make.
  • Integrating customized processes takes place
  • More time is spent designing applications to make them more functional for customers

Advantage – More Complex Security Benefits

Finding ways to efficiently protect your customer’s data is very important. Unfortunately, it can seem difficult to stay ahead of all the different risks and threats that exist today. Those that use an off-the-shelf application could be even more vulnerable to attacks as data thieves and hackers will already be familiar with the security systems in place. When working with a mobile app development team Singapore and other area businesses will receive a more enhanced security system that is customized and less familiar to those that may want to access your data.

Disadvantage – More Costly for Initial Development

While there are always advantages that come with getting a customized mobile application, you could find that there is a higher initial cost that comes with it. The mobile app development cost of a customized application is flexible but often does cost more due to the personalized approach and additional features included. While the overall benefits of mobile apps for customers are more significant with customized applications, you should be prepared to pay for this additional convenience and service.

Advantage – Save Money in the Long Run

While a customized mobile application can cost more upfront, it could actually be more affordable in the long run. Once you get past the initial upfront costs of the customized application, it can be more affordable than the off-the-shelf option for the following reasons:

  1. Customized applications are far more flexible and will allow for upgrades in the future.
  2. Flexibility will reduce the likelihood that you need to build a whole new application from scratch in the future.
  3. More security can help you avoid the costs of dealing with data theft.

Difference Between off the Shelf and Custom Written Software

There will always be a need to have a quality application for your business. If you are looking for a new application, you will want to carefully compare the features and benefits of both off-the-shelf software vs custom software and applications. This table compares and contrasts many of the top factors to consider:

Customized App Off the Shelf App
Initial Cost and Development Time The process can take longer and initially be more expensive due to customization Lower upfront costs as the product is boilerplate.
Functionality and Customization You have complete control over the style, function, and overall use of the application. This ensures it will meet the needs of your users. The app is also more flexible to allow for future improvements. Functions and uses are standard and upgrades are challenging.
Security App developers are able to implement and personalized security program that can protect the application and user data. Security features are standard but can be too familiar for data thieves to properly protect applications.
Long-Term Cost Custom applications can be more affordable in the long run as they can be upgraded and modified easily. Off-the-shelf applications can cost more in the long run as they are more likely to need full replacements due to lack of flexibility.

When comparing application development options, many will find that a customized approach is ideal. When working with top mobile app development companies in Singapore, you can receive the support that you need to build a quality application. The team will take a customized and personalized approach to understand your application needs and build one that is functional, secure, and will help to enhance your business.