What’s So Big About Mobile Apps and Why Your Company Should Go Mobile

What’s So Big About Mobile Apps and Why Your Company Should Go Mobile

Creating mobile apps for any business or brand today can have a significant impact on the overall growth and scalability of a company. Whether you are working with an existing company or thinking of launching a brand new business from the ground up, understanding the advantages of mobile apps can help you to determine if going mobile is right for you. Transitioning to the world of mobile apps and mobile app development can have a major impact on the overall reach, visibility, and ultimately, the success of any business today.

Increase Overall Engagement

Nearing the end of 2020, there were more than 3.5 billion smartphone users checking their devices around the globe. As more people transition to mobile banking, shopping, and even communicating, mobile app development is becoming even more commonplace across all markets and industries. When you have a mobile app of your own, it is much easier to increase overall engagement, communication, and, ultimately, sales.

Mobile apps provide prospective customers with the ability to access and browse your products or services from anywhere using a smartphone device with a working internet connection.

Streamline Consumer Data and Sales Information

The use of mobile apps is also optimal for those who are interested in streamlining the process of collecting consumer data and sales information. Each time you make a sale in person and without an interconnected POS system, you are required to manually add in additional sales and figures on your digital sales models. With the use of a mobile app, organize all of your sales, customers, and any data you collect into one centralized location in the cloud.

Reduce Overall Costs

The cost of developing a mobile app will vary depending on the size and scope of the project you have in mind. App development in Singapore is much more affordable than hiring an in-house programmer and developer to take on the task. Whether you are interested in virtual development, mobile app development, or even hybrid mobile app development solutions, you can reduce the overall cost of the development of your mobile app by working with contractual developers that offer mobile apps development in Singapore.

Generate Direct Marketing Opportunities

Using a mobile app that you have developed for your business is an excellent method of generating direct marketing opportunities with those who have a genuine interest in your company or brand. Mobile apps provide an entirely individualized platform to spread the word of your business while also solidifying your brand’s aesthetic, logo, and messaging.

Use a white-label mobile app to not only promote your products and services, but also to garner a loyal following of readers and potential clients or customers. Mobile apps also provide valuable insight into the demographics of the users of your app.

Data and Analytics

If collecting and organizing data is a top priority for you and your business, there is no better way to streamline the process of doing so than by having a mobile app developed for your brand. Mobile apps offer one central location where you can easily ask for and collect user data, such as:

  • Full names
  • Street/mailing addresses
  • Zip codes/community information
  • Telephone/mobile phone numbers
  • Personal preferences (when shopping or when using your business and brand)
  • IP address/location
  • Pages viewed/pages shopped
  • Search history (in-app as well as which search terms direct the user to your website or app)
  • Which users have products in their shopping carts
  • Which users have successfully completed a purchase in the past
  • Which users are new?
  • Which users on your app have been referred to your application using a code or referral link?

Whether you are launching a referral program for your business or if you are looking to optimize your future online marketing campaigns, you can do so with a mobile app much easier and with access to a much broader selection of useful information. From managing a newsletter to providing unique and individualized promotional codes, there are always valuable uses for collecting user data.

Loyalty Programs and Rewards

One of the best incentives to consider offering your followers and users of your mobile app is a customer loyalty or rewards program. Offering a loyalty or rewards program is a great way to motivate those who may be on the fence about downloading and installing your mobile app. You can also use a rewards and loyalty program to keep your current customers coming back for more. Using a mobile app to carve out a loyalty program is a great way to maximize your reach, both online and off, regardless of the size of your business and brand.

Maintain a Competitive Edge

By offering a mobile app, outperform and outshine those in your local community in the same market who do not yet have an online presence. Outperforming local companies and brands can help you significantly increase the overall revenue you are able to generate, especially if you sell food and other products that can be delivered on-demand.

Offer Immediate Customer Service

A company can go downhill quickly if it provides poor customer service, regardless of how many high-quality products they are selling. A company that does not tend to the needs of its customers will quickly find itself running into trouble in any market or industry. With a mobile app, you can choose to offer a live chat, a ticket support system, or even an engaging FAQ section with in-depth questions and responses. Work with real people who provide answers, or create a chatbot solution to offer help as needed. Using a mobile app to provide customer service is a way to ensure your customers are satisfied at all times, even when they are no longer in the vicinity of your shop or storefront.

Determining if going mobile is right for your company will depend on your company’s goals, target audience, as well as your plans for scaling and expanding. When you use mobile apps and work with professionals who understand mobile apps development in Singapore, you can maintain your peace of mind while knowing that the future of your business is in the right hands.