Why Choose AngularJS For Mobile App Development?

Why Choose AngularJS For Mobile App Development?

When choosing an app development language, which one do you choose? There are many to choose from, but you want to go with one that takes UI into consideration. After all, app users will be the ones to give your app raving reviews that encourage more use. Out of all the choices, AngularJS proves to be the right choice with its ease of use, data dependency, and testability emphasis.

What is Angular JS Application?

AngularJS is a Javascript open-source, MVC framework maintained, in large part, by Google. Using it, you can build easily navigated, testable, and maintainable front-end applications. This allows you to create a dynamic web app that is mobile-friendly.

Because of this, it has become one of the most widely used frameworks. For example, Paypal, Snapchat, and Netflix use it. Of course, Google uses it for Gmail and YouTube, as well. 

In fact, you will find AngularJS on over 500,000 websites. If that isn’t impressive enough, consider the following statistics.

Websites Using Top 100KWebsites Websites that Added This Year Market Position Market Share
569,909 1,102 +40,546 #4 6.17%

As you can see, AngularJS is a popular framework.

Is Angular JS Good for Mobile?

Actually, Angular JS is great for mobile apps. Its simplicity and ease of use contribute heavily to this.

With Angular JS, you get:

  • Extension of HTML
  • Binding and Routing
  • Data accumulation into HTML
  • Unit Testing
  • Error and event Handling

What does this mean for mobile app development?

Here are some of the benefits of using AngularJS in developing mobile apps:

  1. MVC architecture
  2. Simple coding script
  3. Built-In testing modules
  4. Open-source
  5. SPA-oriented

Basically, using Angular for mobile apps allows app developers to create an app with the user in mind. Plus, the AngularJS benefits allow for quicker development.  Finally, the framework makes maintenance and updates easier in an Angular JS application.

Angular JS Application Example

As for the types of apps you can create using AngularJs, they are various. It really depends on the purpose of your app.

For example, you can use Angular for creating a mobile app for:

  • Social media
  • Destination finder
  • Reviews
  • Weather updates
  • Job portals
  • Video Streaming
  • Content portals
  • E-commerce

Honestly, AngularJS is great for building any type of mobile app. A few companies that use an angular mobile app are Freelancer, Upwork, LinkedIn, The Weather Channel, and The Guardian. As you can see, you’ll find an angular js mobile application in every industry vertical.

Here are the statistics for the top industry verticals using Angular JS applications.

Industry Vertical Popularity
Computers, Electronics, and Technology 6.22%
Arts and Entertainment 4.70%
Science & Education 3.57%
News & Media 2.97%
Others 82.54%

Interestingly, the majority of apps fall in the Others categories. This creates a vast opportunity for you to have an Angular JS application created that fits your needs.

Such an app would be scalable and customizable to meet your requirements. With a mobile app using AngularJS, you can get your piece of this over $800 billion industry, which is one of the top iOS App Development Trends.

Why AngularJS is Popular?

With so many mobile apps being made using AngularJS, you have to ask yourself why is it so popular? The answers revolve around the core principles behind the creation of the framework.

1. It’s open-source.

It can be freely used and shared by anyone. This allows for flexibility within the development. Also, with an open-source framework, you get the benefit of it being cost-effective.

Finally, with open source, you get the power of the community. With a community of users, you get an abundance of resources available. This includes shared knowledge. Also, it reinforces better security because of the review of the community.

2. It’s backed by Google.

With AngularJS being managed by Google, you know that consistent, timely upgrades will be available. Even better, auto-upgrades will be available. This is highly important, especially for mobile app development.

Along with upgrades, it’s being backed by Google ensures top-level support. Access to the knowledge base means that developers can quickly learn how to make the framework work specifically for your app’s framework. In other words, they can use it to make your app do exactly what you want your app to do.

3. It’s customizable.

With AngularJS, you don’t need to create code from scratch. You can add or delete features based on customer feedback. Also, it offers many features and integration capabilities. Ultimately, you get a customizable app.

4. It uses modularity.

With AngularJs, a coder can develop many modules for one application. Modularity organizes the code into functions and reusable chunks. This allows a developer to easily combine them. Moreover, it allows developers to reuse code.

5. It works on the client-side.

AngularJs is a front-end framework. Since it works on the user interface, there is better functionality for mobile devices. Along with this, it allows the development of the front-end without having to make changes to the back-end. This is because it runs completely within your browser. This allows for easy maintenance.

The Right AngularJS Application for Your Business

With so many benefits, it makes sense to go with an angular js application. Furthermore, since using angular for mobile apps is so popular, you’ll want an app that beats out the competition.

This requires choosing the right app development company. Our mobile app development Singapore team can create the right mobile app for you using AngularJs.

Contact us today to find out more about how our team of mobile app development experts can help you excel in this profitable industry.