Top AR Apps Designed by NASA that We All Can Be Using

Top AR Apps Designed by NASA that We All Can Be Using

AR/VR app development stops being a solution for big business or gaming only and attracts more attention these days than ever. As more and more industries use AR apps to benefit from digital transformation, we can observe a stunning growth of VR and AR

NASA, which stands behind the creation of hundreds of objects of everyday use, is paving the way in AR app creation too. Here are some great apps created by NASA that you can use and learn best practices from.   

Well-known AR Applications by NASA

NASA aims to provide people with recent technologies and apps to educate people and improve their quality of life. AR applications by NASA change the way of thinking and provide quality experiences each of us can enjoy. These are the top ones:

1.  NASA’s Eyes

NASA's Eyes

It is a set of five applications that were created to present accurate views of the planets studied by JPL missions as well as the spacecraft that were involved in that study:

  • Eyes on the Solar System. It was the first AR application in the Eye family that lets you explore the planets, asteroids, moons, and comets from 1950 to 2050. You can use your PC to recreate well-known moments in the exploration of a solar system by “riding” a Curiosity Rover or getting a place in a spacecraft. Also, the app contains upcoming events that you can preview.
  • Eyes on the Exoplanets.  You can launch this app and go to any planet you want. It represents a 3D universe that includes more than a thousand exoplanets. You can zoom in and see them clearly. The distance to these planets is measured in travel time by plane, car, etc.
  • Eyes on the Earth. This NASA app was designed to visualize the Earth-orbiting spacecraft and the collected information. It allows users to check the sea level height, volcanic eruptions, Antarctic ozone, and trace the water’s movement across the globe. Also, people can identify the coldest and the hottest areas on the Earth and compare all Earth-observing missions of NASA.
  • Deep Space Network Now. This app is based on the data received from NASA Deep Space Network. You can check the details on ground-based antennas situated in Spain, Australia, and the USA, spacecraft, and other related data like distance to this spacecraft in light hours.
  • Experience Curiosity. It is a 3D game that offers users to become a pilot of the rover, take control of its robotic arm and cameras. The game allows recreating some events from the mission of the Mars Science Laboratory.

2.  Apollo’s Moon Shot

Apollo's Moon Shot

This app was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon. It has a lot of content, quizzes, videos about the Apollo program, and other gripping AR experiences. You can visit the Moon, and take a selfie in a spacesuit.

3.  Exoplanet Excursions

The project provides interactive visualizations of exoplanets such as TRAPPIST-1d, Kepler-16b, and Kepler-186f. Visualizations not only demonstrate the surface of these celestial bodies but also include explanations for various areas of the landscape and sky.

4.  NASA Selfies app

NASA Selfies app

NASA presented this app in honor of the 15th anniversary of the launch of the Spitzer Space Telescope. NASA Selfies uses telescope imagery taken over nearly six years of its main mission. The user captures his or her face in the specified frame, and then the application inserts it into the astronaut’s helmet. You can use photographs of other galaxies, stars, and constellations observed by Spitzer as a background.

Following the Lead 

The applications by NASA give excellent examples of AR apps that appeal to modern users. As the AR market will continue to grow and is expected to value over 18 billion U.S. dollars in 2023, it is sound to follow the lead. By cooperating with an experienced AR app development company, you can provide clients with the up-to-date app and enjoy numerous advantages of AR technologies

If you consider AR app development to get one step ahead of your competitors and occupy a leading position in the market, get in touch with our team and we would be glad to discuss any questions you might have.