Top 6 Reasons to Make Your App Location-Aware

Top 6 Reasons to Make Your App Location-Aware

According to the latest statistics done by the MarketsandMarkets company, the market for location-based services will increase by 20 % in 2024. Its global volume is predicted to reach about $40 billion. More and more applications become location-aware because this feature brings significant advantages for business representatives and other marketers.

What Are Location-Aware Applications?

Location-aware applications are those apps that use navigation, real-time location, or positioning as one of the key features. The software provides actual information for users about nearby entertainment places, shops, drug stores, special offers in some malls, etc. Location-awareness is considered an efficient tool for qualitative interaction with customers with e-commercial projects and other businesses.

There are different types of location-aware or location-based applications. They can be based on global, local, or regional scope. Apps can also differ in the way of location determination:

  • passively-done determination;
  • actively-done determination.

Additionally, all the applications with location-awareness options can be divided according to their scope of the appendix (subject matter). Travel apps, dating online platforms, social applications, and other ones can become location-aware and help entrepreneurs and owners of commercial projects to achieve their business goals.

The concept of the location-based app performance is to use geographical data about customer’s devices and users. Any gadget with GPS chip or Wi-Fi connection is visible for location-aware apps. Even smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other devices can be suitable for this purpose. Thus, they can be used to send push-notifications about the services, offers, and products in their neighborhood.

It is worth noting that location-awareness technology does not always require the use of GPS or other satellite-based solutions. It is possible to trace a connection with potential clients through Wi-Fi access points, GMS, or other mobile networks.

Top 6 Reasons to Make Mobile Apps Location-Aware

 Location-Aware app

The main aim of all modern location-aware applications is to provide potential customers with fresh data and channel them into the physical store, cinema, restaurants, and are an excellent solution for the ever-growing e-commerce niche. Real-time services always attract consumers, so location-aware applications bring much traffic to market representatives. Here are other compelling reasons to use location tracking in your app: 

  1. Up-to-date proposals. Business representatives can use location-aware apps to provide the audience with relevant data and hot-topic offers. For example, companies can send location-based promotional information. One of the physical shops is located in the nearby mall. A push-notification about weekend sales can bring new purchasers.
  2. Regular data collection. One more benefit for business representatives is gathering of information via location-aware apps. They can analyze consumers’ behavior and change their mobile app marketing strategies timely.
  3. Service extension. The location-based applications can contribute to your service suite. For instance, app users can see how far the object of their interest in and build up the route to the destination point. Improving navigation you increase user engagement and customer satisfaction. Geo-location capabilities help customers to select the nearest shop, cafe, beauty salons, etc.
  4. The high-level customization. Marketers use location-aware apps for users’ personalized experience provision. Customers prefer discounts and special offers to save money and their time. IoT applications too can come in handy for advertising purposes.
  5. Simplified search. This sort of software is suitable for well-thought and comfortable assortment. Shopping or selection of the most appropriate service provider will become easier and extremely user-friendly. Potential clients get location-based suggestions and use geo-location filters, which will make them stay pleased with their search results.
  6. Marketing “slam dunk”. The location-aware applications facilitate targeting so that entrepreneurs can precise offers that meet clients’ needs. This is the guarantee that push-notification will be sent to the user who requires offered goods.

Developing an App with Location-Awareness  

It is worth noting that location-aware apps can be created both from scratch and on the basis of ready-done digital products. Owners of online platforms can add location-based functionality and improve their project significantly. Location-awareness is popular nowadays in Android and iOS app development.

If you are ready to make your application location-aware, start with market research and decide on your needs. You also need to find a reliable technical assistant. Choose the tech partner according to experience and quality-cost ratio. Do not forget to check the portfolio of the development company you like. Find a skillful staff that can turn your e-commerce project or any other digital platform into the location-aware application.

One of the well-known and reliable app development companies that can contribute to your business is Swagsoft. Designers, developers, and competent business advisors can increase your traffic and sales through location-awareness technologies. Search for app samples and generate the perfect idea for realization. The location-aware application can become your efficient advertising tool that benefits brand identity, sales, and customer satisfaction!