Top 10 Mobile App Development Projects by Swag Soft

Top 10 Mobile App Development Projects by Swag Soft

A polished, intuitive, and functional mobile app is a key component of success in today’s business environment. Of course, the app also has to be secure, stable, and, most importantly, mindful of its audience’s needs. To select the right team for the job, it is not enough to read the sales pitch – you need to look into their previous mobile app development projects to get a sense of their skills and expertise. 

Below is a showcase of Swag Soft’s selected app development projects to help you see if our team is the right fit for your mobile application software project ideas.

Our Experience of Delivering Mobile App Projects

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At Swag Soft, we take a comprehensive approach to mobile app development. By now, our team has already developed more than 50 products ranging from mobile games and e-commerce apps to full-fledged mobile enterprise resource planning solutions. These include cross platform, iOS and Android mobile application development projects. 

We commit to the highest standards of quality, which is why we use a robust app development process that includes market assessment, requirement analysis, development, testing, and maintenance. This framework, coupled with our passion, experience, and a track record backed by happy customer testimonials makes us the perfect partner for your journey to success.

Swag Soft’s Top 10 Mobile App Projects

We are proud to have cooperated with diverse clients ranging from ambitious startups to industry giants. Here are the highlights of the most notable ones:

AR-Powered Gamified App for BMW

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BMW is among the companies that have successfully leveraged the power of AR to optimize their business processes. The most well-known example is probably the use of VR helmets for viewing a combination of manufactured car parts and virtual models to streamline the design and prototyping phases.

The Swag Soft team is happy to be part of BMW’s AR/VR story. Namely, BMW partnered with our company to offer access to its Performance Made Beautiful campaign. The result was a gamified application that offers an AR-powered experience of BMW’s exhibition at the Esplanade arts center in Singapore. The mobile app offers:

  • Unlockable achievements and prizes
  • Upcoming events highlights
  • AR-powered cars showroom
  • Exclusive multimedia content

This is such winning mobile app development project ideas that make BMW awe the exhibition visitors turning them into loyal customers. 

A Mobile App Development Project for RSAFandroid mobile application development projects

Mobile application development project topics vary greatly, military apps being a rather rare case. Whis is why Swag Soft values delivering one so much. 

As a part of their effort to reach out to new audiences, the Republic of Singapore Air Force conceived an app that would introduce the audience to various vocations in a creative and engaging way. The result was One Force – a combination of a mobile game and an interactive recruitment campaign where users can:

  • Interact with advertising media by RSAF
  • Unlock challenges using AR
  • Invite and challenge other players
  • Learn about vocation roles

The combination of these features has created a mobile app project that is both engaging and informative, serving as a nearly unprecedented example of a government organization reaching out to the audience through mobile games.

An E-Training Game App for Samsung

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To improve its employee training process, Samsung was looking for a solution that would offer informative and convenient knowledge sharing. Swag Soft’s take on it was Samsung Floor Salesman Hero – a training app in which employees could familiarize themselves with the features of upcoming Galaxy phone models and receive prizes for performance. The inclusion of the gaming aspect was proved to be so popular among employees that the application eventually replaced seminars as a primary training method.

An Enterprise Collaboration App for Danone

As one of the biggest multinational corporations in the food production sector, Danone needs to effectively manage resources on a global scale to live up to its original purpose. A cloud-based infrastructure, the most obvious direction to follow, was also the most controversial one due to the popular perception of its insufficient security.

In this light, NutreBase, the enterprise collaboration app developed by Swag Soft, was a success at several levels. Not only did it comply with the data security standards, but also improved data management through automation. The app has already been successfully tested in five countries and is planned to be adopted across the entire organization in the upcoming years.

An AR App Development Project for BASF

What is a mobile project that might work for a B2B sector? Let us show you one. As a major supplier of materials for the footwear industry, BASF is expected to provide material kits to manufacturers. Swag Soft came up with a creative solution that allowed delivering the value proposition in a much simpler and cost-effective manner. The Footwear Material App provides all of the necessary information about the company’s offers.

After experiencing the advantages of such an approach first-hand, BASF has decided to capitalize on the success by adding an AR functionality to the concept. The final product would showcase a broad range of applications ranging from toys to furniture elements.

An Edutainment App for Children in Singapore

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Mobile games were always an attractive target for educators due to their engaging and entertaining nature. One organization that decided to capitalize on this potential was SkillsFuture – a movement with a goal of promoting professional development in Singapore. One of the goals selected by the organization was to educate preschoolers on career opportunities. The edutainment app for kids would need to be:

  • Intuitive
  • Engaging
  • Visually attractive
  • Secure
  • Distraction-free

Swag Soft’s take on this ambitious task was Career Quest – an inventive and engaging way to introduce kids to key concepts of career development. Many primary schools in Singapore now use the app in their curriculum.

An Innovative Food Delivery App for Porterfetch

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In 2017, Porterfetch took the food delivery business by storm. The startup differentiated itself from competitors by serving customers across Singapore and offering late-night deliveries. Much of the success was due to mobile applications that worked as their end-to-end delivery platform.

Such an app had to cater to customers, delivery personnel, and food vendors. By capitalizing on the user experience, Swag Soft’s application has helped Porterfetch to gain the leading position in the market.

An Informative Showcase App for Toyota

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The value offered by a product does not affect sales unless the audience is aware of it, and mobile technology is a perfect platform for this purpose. One great example is the app made for the Toyota VIOS marketing campaign. The application offers a detailed view of the car’s 3d-rendered interior and exterior as well as a selection of exclusive promotional materials. In other words, it is indispensable for the sales team and customers for familiarizing with improvements made in the new model.

An Interactive E-Catalog for Mitsubishi

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Product catalogs are among the essential tools of marketing. Incidentally, they are also the most outdated ones, being:

  • Cumbersome and inconvenient
  • Expensive to manufacture and deliver
  • Nearly impossible to update

To address these limitations, Swag Soft has created an e-catalog of CAT lift trucks for Mitsubishi. The mobile app expands on the core functionality of traditional catalogs by including interactive content and seamless updates of the product line. The application also features up-to-date information about current offers to maximize value to clients.

Health-Oriented F&B Shopping App for VBS

A much needed yet often ignored feature of shopping apps is informativeness. This is especially relevant for the health-related market, where accurate information is often sacrificed in favor of a compelling sales pitch. To address this issue, Swag Soft has developed an online marketplace for VBS – an omnichannel platform for leading food and beverage companies from Singapore. In addition to being a convenient payment platform, the app provides nutritional information on featured products to create a meaningful user experience.

How to Get Mobile App Development Projects

When it comes to apps for businesses, development is only a part of the process. To truly succeed, you also need to know what your audience expects and how to fulfill those expectations. For those who consider it a worthwhile goal rather than an insurmountable obstacle, our stellar team is ready to lend its passion and expertise to help bring your mobile application software project ideas to life in the best way possible.