Tips for App Designers to Create the Perfect Competitive Portfolio

Tips for App Designers to Create the Perfect Competitive Portfolio

Building, designing, and developing mobile apps is one of the most lucrative and rewarding positions today, especially for those who are well-versed in a variety of mobile development platforms. If you are a mobile app designer, creating the perfect design portfolio can mean the difference between building a successful career and getting lost in the crowd. Knowing how to go about developing the perfect design portfolio can make all of the difference in your own professional journey as an app designer.

What is an App Design Portfolio?

An app design portfolio is a portfolio used to display developments and creations of a professional app designer. Today, mobile app designs are more valuable than ever, especially with the ever-expanding rise and usage of mobile smartphones and downloadable apps. An app design portfolio provides an app designer with an opportunity to display and showcase their favourite works and completed projects.

What is an App Design Portfolio Used For?

Creating an app design portfolio is extremely useful for both freelance app designers and app designers who work for and represent mobile app development agencies. App design portfolios help to display the following:

  • Skill level: Showcasing apps that you have already developed is one of the best ways to establish yourself as an app-designing professional, whether you are doing so solo or with a team and/or agency.
  • Design style: Find clients whose vision aligns with your own design style by showcasing previously completed app projects that you are proud of and want to show off. Showcasing your design style upfront is also a way to avoid working with clients who are also averse to your preferred design style(s) and/or working method(s).
  • Expand your reach: If you want to expand your reach both online as well as locally as an app designer, doing so with an app portfolio is best. Use your app portfolio to display your talents and skills while also demonstrating your development and design skills in real-time.


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First Steps in Building Your Portfolio

When building a portfolio as an app designer, there are a few tips to keep in mind to help make the process as smooth as possible without overcomplicating it. Getting started with building your app designer portfolio is possible. by first familiarizing yourself with the process.

Set the Tone

What type of impression are you looking to make with your portfolio? Are you looking for new clients, or are you interested in expanding your own image and brand online and with a following you have cultivated? Choosing a colour scheme and aesthetic for your portfolio’s layout and design is a big decision that should not be made lightly.

Be Selective

Whenever you are building a portfolio of any kind, including an app designer portfolio, it is important to be as selective as possible, especially if you have a wide range of work to potentially display. Being selective is a way to highlight only the very best of your work, helping to attract high-ticket clients while simultaneously allowing you to establish a professional reputation.

Establish Your Uniqueness

Finding the perfect pieces for your online portfolio can be challenging, especially if you are proud of all of the work you have done. If you want your app portfolio to truly stand out in the competitive app development and design industries, choose to showcase projects that are authentic, creative, and unique. If you have volunteered for a project or gotten creative in your own app development project, showcase these items to help set yourself apart from other app designers in your market.

Choose How Many Items to Display

Brainstorm how many portfolio pieces you intend to display at once on your portfolio page and how your portfolio page layout will appear, both on desktop as well as with the use of a mobile smartphone. If you intend to include an unlimited loading screen with unlimited items, keep in mind that this may ultimately slow the loading time of your website altogether. Selecting a designated number of portfolio items to display ahead of time is highly advisable to help better organize your work.

Offer High-Resolution Previews

If you are attempting to attract and land clients with the use of your app designer portfolio, you can also use your portfolio to offer high-resolution previews of your designs. While your portfolio page itself may include thumbnails or links to additional information regarding your individual projects, you can also link users to high-resolution images of your graphics, vectors, photographs, animations, or even your video media.

Common Mistakes

Creating the perfect competitive portfolio as an app designer is not always as simple as uploading screenshots of completed projects and slapping together a one-page website. When you want to attract clients who are genuinely interested in your work and your creative style, it is important to establish a system for your own portfolio. Some common mistakes made by app designers who create portfolios can hold you back from landing the clients that you truly desire.

Avoid Repetition

Variety is the spice of life. Avoid showcasing numerous mobile app designs from the same project or too many mobile app projects that look similar in colour scheme, layout, and overall aesthetic. Using a variety of colours in your app designer portfolio is highly recommended, as it will help to attract prospective clients to your work while also displaying your ability to work with a wide range of colours.

Cluttering Your Portfolio Page

Because you will be using a range of screenshots with various colour schemes to display your app design work, it is important to avoid cluttering the rest of your website and its layout. Using a simple layout for a portfolio is often best, especially if you work with numerous different brands, work with various design styles, or if highlighting colour in your app designs is a central focus in your work.

Low-Quality Imagery

Uploading low-quality screenshots or samples of your work as an app designer is a direct reflection of you, especially in the design field. Always ensure that your website uses high-quality photos and graphics to display and showcase your work as a professional designer.

Improper Grammar

If your website includes improper or unprofessional grammar, it will be much more difficult to attract high-ticket clients.


As a mobile app designer, knowing how to cultivate a winning portfolio is essential in a highly competitive market and design industry. With an extensive, appealing, and relevant portfolio, you can easily attract prospective clients that are truly fitting for the career and life you envision for yourself.