Tips and Tricks for Your Business: How Mobile Apps Can Increase Brand Loyalty

Tips and Tricks for Your Business: How Mobile Apps Can Increase Brand Loyalty

The number of mobile apps is increasing day to day. According to Statista, there were about 3 million apps available on two leading app stores, Google Play Market and Apple Store, in 2019. The good part is that strong mobile app branding can not only help your mobile application stand out in this hectic competition but also strengthen your corporate brand and drive business results. 

Let us tell you how. 

Ways to Increase Branding Through Mobile Apps

In the world overwhelmed with information, our brains are wired to use the cues to facilitate choice each and every time. What looks familiar seems a preferred, more secure choice to make. Here is why brand awareness is directly linked to the bottom line of a company. In addition to creating a unique image of the business, branding helps to communicate its mission and connect to the customers on the emotional level. 

Here are some proven ways to increase brand loyalty through mobile apps:  

Tap into your Customers’ Mobile Moments

How Mobile Apps Can Increase Brand Loyalty

So-called ‘mobile moments’ are the points in time when people reach out for their phones to meet a specific need immediately. This may include navigating, looking into looming traffic jams, updating oneself on the weather forecasts, checking ratings and reviews, making notes, using loyalty programs, and much more. According to Forrester, regular smartphone users have 150-200 of such moments per day.   

If you do thorough research and identify the functions that your customers would repeatedly use on the go to meet their needs, your app is doomed for success. The more often the app is used, the more brand recognition and loyalty you can expect. 

Push Helpful Content 

Presenting helpful content through push notifications has a dramatic impact on user retention and engagement. The content to share is not limited to tips and guides – something you normally deliver in a blog. The immediate availability of mobile devices makes them great tools for sending reminders, sales and events announcements and exclusive offers – something you would normally market through email or advertisements. 

In both cases, mobile app development gives you a free advertising channel and the chance to be featured on the personal screen a customer never ignores.        

Delight and Exceed Expectations

How Mobile Apps Can Increase Brand Loyalty

To increase branding through mobile apps and breed customer loyalty, placing ‘just another app’ on the app stores is not enough. You need to be ready to delight your customers with an elaborate design and flawless user experience

Keep the app simple not overburdening it with tabs and features. At the same time, think about the features that would awe your users or consider adding one exclusive feature to the free version. For example, fitness apps (that are on the rise now) can provide the chance to select from among the recommended exercises and compose one’s own unique training. Complementing your brand app with a feature or a mobile app API that would exceed the expectations of a user is a great means to winning customer loyalty.      

Mobile App Branding Strategies

Mobile App Branding Strategies

Before creating a brand app, you need to carefully research the target audience and the means to appeal to it. Thus, use these strategies for successful mobile app branding: 

  1. Interaction. Set a specific logic of the app-consumer relationships. If this interaction is well-thought, an application becomes an integral part of users’ lives making them active users and promoters or your brand. 
  2. Naming. Use brand naming as well as the original copy for menu items and calls to action to communicate brand culture and effectively speak to the target audience. 
  3. Logos and icons. It is vital that mobile add developers devote much attention to the app design and seamlessly implement brand logos and icons in the mobile environment. 
  4. Conceptual integrity. The unity in the style of an application makes the brand perceived as mature and consistent promoting brand loyalty. 
  5. Mission or success story. Another ingredient to successful mobile app branding is telling your brand story or including a mission statement. We all want to be part of a community or contribute to the good in the world, so telling a compelling story can win the hearts of your audience.   

To make these strategies work, it is necessary to invest in market research and continuously test the perception of your app and its specific elements and features. Use any chance to capture the feedback of your customers and act upon it. Thus, be ready to let go of features and UI/UX solutions that don’t fit your brand or make users confused about it. 

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