The Biggest Mistakes Mobile App Developers Make. Personal Experience from SwagSoft Developers

The Biggest Mistakes Mobile App Developers Make. Personal Experience from SwagSoft Developers

Creating a mobile app, the key task is the satisfaction of the target audience. This means you need to endlessly improve the application and modify it taking into account the user feedback. You have to develop a software with intuitive interface, fast operation speed and multifunctional possibilities. Sounds complex, doesn’t it? It is indeed very hard to create a perfect app. Programmers often make mistakes and it usually takes a lot of time to make everything right. In this article, we will consider the most common lapses of mobile developers and how to solve them.

The Essence of Mobile App Development

There are so many things that you need to work out when developing an app. Those are: designing the structure, the navigation chain, and functions that subsequently form the backbone of the mobile application. The implementation of these tasks is fraught with a number of difficulties due to thousands of technical details and organizational aspects during development. Mobile application development requires discipline and systematicity, and if you do not like to delve into the details, the result will be disastrous. 

Statistics show that one in four users abandon the application after one use. So, a company needs to study the market and hire mobile app developers that can create the software that will meet the users’ requirements.

So, how functionality is realized in product development? First, developers implement the basic functions of the application, and after that, add additional modules and features. Moreover, before proceeding with the creation of something new, a team must conduct an in-depth market. If not, then it is better not to spend resources on an unnecessary update. In addition, there will always be time for quality testing. In an extreme case, the release dates can be shifted.

Usability testing is a must, even if the application looks flawless. Mobile app developers usually organize beta testing among a small group of experienced users (including professional designers) and make changes to the interface before launching the application for open access. Another easy way to get a good result at minimum cost is to get beta testers on specialized resources. 

When development and testing are complete, developers release the new app into the world.  

Key Mistakes that Mobile Developers Make

Key Mistakes that Mobile Developers Make

Mobile application development is a responsible job, for which it is not enough just to have technical knowledge. The developer must understand that application errors can affect the entire business associated with them. Let’s analyze some common mistakes that should be avoided when developing mobile software.

  • Implementation of Unnecessary Features. It is necessary to understand the purpose and concept of the application clearly, and not burden users with the need to deal with complex functions. An application for a wide audience should be easy to use. After all, not everyone is technically savvy. It is best when application developers adhere to only a basic set of functions. It is necessary to focus on functions or functionalities that will correspond to the purpose of the application.  
  • Lack of Testing. Testing is an essential part of application development. It is recommended to carry them out regularly. Thus, the chances of correcting as many flaws as possible increase significantly. This takes a lot of time and effort, which is why some developers try to avoid frequent checks of their products. However, this may ultimately lead to even more significant problems.
  • Ignoring Speed ​​Optimization. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when developing mobile software. The low speed of the application operation can lead to the loss of a huge number of users. Looking for mobile app developers, try to check their knowledge of mobile app speed optimization.
  • Absence of Clear Navigation. When users download the application, they rely on an easy way to navigate through the features and functions. The absence of the latest can be very detrimental to the application in the long run. Best mobile app development should provide logical and cohesive steps for user access to content. 
  • Lack of Visual Cues. Visual cues are a great way to display services, activities, and navigation. Without visual cues in the form of graphs, texts, metaphors, users may not be able to understand the application interface. The absence of a sign of intuitive and interactive graphics is one of the important factors that determine the success of an application. General observations show that users instantly learn to navigate the application through visual and interactive prompts. If developers succeed in implementing intuitive elements in the application, this will sharply reduce the learning curve for the end-user.

All the errors described above stem from the ill-conceived general concept of design. Before starting development, it is necessary to critically and comprehensively analyze the overall plan. Predict user behavior and adapt the design to their needs. Do not follow the path of least resistance, do not neglect beta testing, and do not design that you will be ashamed to place in your portfolio.

Planning and Marketing Misleads

Planning and Marketing Misleads in mobile app development

The development of a mobile application is a big task. At the initial stage, the team needs to decide what and for whom they are developing. Thus, a mobile app development company must conduct a market analysis to study their target audience. If we are talking about custom app development, then here it is very important to understand the client’s needs. Overall, try to avoid the following mistakes:

  1. Target Audience Misfocus. A truly successful mobile application should always be led by the needs of users: ease of use, accessibility, attractive appearance. That’s why it is so important to study your target audience. This is primarily the task of the marketing department of the company. 
  2. Lack of Advertisements. Pre-marketing is a prerequisite for the success of the application. To do this, it’s worth creating a landing page or website where users can familiarize themselves with the concept of the application, its name, logo, design elements, as well as keep abreast of news about product development.
  3. Custom Order Misleads. In custom mobile app development, the list of functions is often dictated by the customer. And most of the time, the customers want functions that their competitors’ apps have. Also, in custom development, overlays in time and resources are often found. For instance, the release date has already been planned, and the developers didn’t manage to complete the task in time. It sometimes occurs that developers don’t implement all that the client wanted. This often happens due to a lack of communication between the orderer and the performer. 
  4. Ignoring the Importance of UX/UI Design. Application design is not within the competence of developers. Therefore, the team needs to have a separate specialist responsible for this part of the product. Developers often make the mistake of demanding to make the same application design for different platforms. This often results in malfunctions.

The main advice for developing a successful mobile application is as follows: try to look at your application through the eyes of the user. If something is infuriating you or seems unobvious, then it’s better to review the implementation or design. Even if your application does not contain any cool features in the first release, it should always be convenient and pleasant to use. 

The Essence of Mobile App Development

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