The Best Military Apps and What Makes One Force Stand Out Among Them

The Best Military Apps and What Makes One Force Stand Out Among Them

Army has always been at the forefront of technology to increase its force and make the service a more comfortable and secure experience. And it’s not only about the modern weapon, VR training or top-notch shelter systems. Mobile military apps are doing a great job too empowering and engaging servicemen whenever they go.  

While some army apps can be used by civilians, they are first of all developed for servicemen and aim to help rather than entertain. One Force – the app Swagsoft developed for the Republic of Singapore Air Force – is different. It trains, entertains and, still, serves the needs of the Ministry of Defence. Let us review the best military apps and explain what unique mission One Force app helps to tackle.   

The Best Military Apps

Mobile app development provides many advantages to the military that can find themself in deserted areas with no internet connection. However, army apps have also been successfully used for drilling, mission planning, and management of mental health. Have a look at the best military apps to get a better feel of what army apps can offer.

Navigation Apps 

Among navigation apps, Tactical NAV and MilGPS are considered the best. 

Tactical NAV was devised by a US Army for the military, Search and Rescue (SAR), and law enforcement teams. The app uses the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) to provide accurate positioning and waypoint data and allows secure sharing of this data via email, text messages, or Facebook.  

MilGPS was developed by the Australian software developer as a premium navigation app for soldiers, SAR teams, and other professionals in need of accurate navigation independent of network coverage. It uses MGRS & United States National Grid (USNG) for location mapping and allows the user to create and navigate unlimited waypoints.


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iSurvive is a military-grade app that combines a comprehensive survival manual with emergency signal features. The manual educates the users on evasion, navigation, signaling, medical aid, recovery, finding water and food, and more. The signaling features include using the phone to flash morse code signals and a one-touch emergency message button. If you click it, the app sends a pre-constructed message to your selected contacts and keeps them updated on your current position.   


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The app was developed by the US Department of Defense for Special Operations but now supports military and other mission sets too. The app allows tracking and identification of fellow team members to avoid friendly fire incidents. It also provides the data on weather, terrain, and geographical peculiarities. This military application also has multiple encrypted data communication channels for secure transfer of text and media.  

Life Armor

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The mobile app is designed to help the military cope with common mental health issues. The hottest topics include better sleep, relationship issues, tacking depression and post-traumatic stress. The app provides short self-assessment and helps users to track their symptoms and find tools to manage specific problems. Lots of videos with personal stories from servicemen, veterans and military family members provide excellent peer support.    

Drilling Apps

drilling apps

There are a number of apps created to drill tactical planning and scooting. Let us point out SOFLETE as a nice example here. SOFLETE provides comprehensive combat athlete programming, including diverse workouts, nutrition guidance, tips on completing Special Operations Soldiers (SOF) selection, and advanced shooting programs.

One Force: A Unique Military App by SwagSoft 

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In 2015, being one of the best mobile app development companies in Singapore, SwagSoft received an exciting mission from the Republic of Singapore Air Force. RSAF was looking for a way to: 

  • reach out to the youth in an innovative way and inspire more sign-ons,
  • introduce various RSAF vocations (pilots, engineers, weapon officers, radar, navigation specialists, etc.) in a fun and entertaining way,
  • use an app as an element of a well-rounded recruitment advertising campaign 

The best solution was to create an immersive mobile game that would accurately represent RSAF vocation roles and increase engagement with various forms of ads. SwagSoft engineers were thrilled to use their core strengths – mobile app development, game development, and VR development – to create One Force, a unique app erasing the lines between an army app and a military game. 

One Force Features 

SwagSoft designed and developed a game that allows Singaporeans to immerse into one of the RSAF vocations, build their own airbases, challenge their friends, and defeat enemies. The graphics assets accurately replicate high-tech weapons and planes that RSAF actually uses, thus creating a true-to-life image of the Air Force service.  

Inviting a friend to the game allows the user to earn additional points and unlock new military assets. This also increases referrals and makes the mobile application a powerful recruitment tool. 

In addition, users could unlock exciting minigames by scanning QR codes from RSAF posters and view an RSAF TV commercial through an app to open access to exclusive vocational videos. This increased users’ attention to the display and TV advertising campaign by far.    

Success of the Air Force App

One Force has seen explosive success. In the very first month, the air force app was downloaded over 23,000 times and soon became #1 app on the App Store for “strategy” and “simulation”, also reserving its place in the list of top free games in both App Store and Google Play.    

RSAF noted increased interest from the public, which does not seem to fade away: to date, the RSAF Commercial featuring One Force app has reached more than one million views on YouTube and continues to drive interest to the Singapore Ministry of Defence. 

The Future of Army Apps

One Force has been a notable twist in the army apps. Formerly, the public leveraged the innovations introduced by the army. Now, the army, too, follows the latest digital and marketing trends to increase public engagement and attract new servicemen. 

If you have a viable military app idea, feel free to leave your query. SwagSoft follows elevated security standards and has the required expertise and genuine passion to make the project a success.