Should You Integrate Apple Pay in Your Shopping App?

Should You Integrate Apple Pay in Your Shopping App?

Online shopping is one of the most popular activities now according to Statista report. The majority of retailers move to internet space as they realize that it is an efficient way to increase revenues. The experts predict the continuation of m-commerce rise in 2020 that you can see in the infographic. That’s why online stores come up with different payment methods, like credit and debit cards. Since more clients use smartphones to shop online, mobile-friendly payments may replace traditional options.

What is App Pay and How it Works

Owners of eСommerce businesses should pay attention to Apple Pay to develop a successful iOS app. Apple’s payment option allows people to purchase goods online without providing banking or personal details. It supports major debit and credit cards to pay for electronics, groceries, bookings, and other goods or services securely.

Apple creates a Device Account Number (DAN) when you add a new credit card to the e-wallet. This is a code name but not a real card number. After creating the DAN, Apple deletes all card information from the database.

The Benefits of Using Apple Pay

The Benefits of Using Apple Pay

While there are plenty of M-commerce growth hacks for startups and experienced organizations, optimization for Apple Store seems to be the most important one. 

Besides keeping to the latest technology tendencies, there are many other reasons to integrate Apple Pay in your mobile app:

1.      Secure payment processing

Thanks to the latest technology that encrypts and protects financial transactions, you can be sure that nobody will get access to the details of your credit card. It is assigned with a Device Account Number that is encoded and kept in the Secure Element. It minimizes the threat of data theft as your real debit or credit card isn’t shared with merchants by Apple. Moreover, Apple checks each person to make sure he/she is a valid merchant before the financial operation occurs.

2.      Straightforward checkout experience

Apple Pay excludes the necessity to fill in billing, shipping, or any other information while purchasing goods. Users just need to click “Apple Pay”, check the order, and confirm it with a face identification, or fingerprint. It is the quickest payment option on iOS devices.

3.      Excellent privacy

With DAN, your online transactions are more private than ever, as a shopper’s personal data like surname and name, is not revealed. When you incorporate the Apple Pay option in enterprise mobile app development, the user’s information is stored only for fraud prevention and other regulatory issues.

4.  Revealing of sales potential

Mobile-friendly payments make the user’s experience smooth, convenient, and quick. That’s why more people choose Apple Pay while purchasing online. As a result, the shop’s sales are increasing and the profit is boosting.

How to Add Apple Pay as a Payment Option?

How to Add Apple Pay as a Payment Option?

More customers are moving to mobile shopping, so if your retail business has low mobile app conversion, you should act quickly. You can attract more clients and get more orders from them by integrating Apple Pay in your shopping application.

The Apple Pay integration process may simply look as 4-step guide:

  • Step 1: Prepare your Apple Developer account. You need to have a verified Apple Developer account as an individual or as an organization.
  • Step 2: Create a Merchant ID. Then you are expected to create a merchant ID. Click the plus sign, write a name, click “Continue” and “Register”.
  • Step 3: Set up a project. Open the project in your target and adjust the Bundle Identifier to that you have already created. Go to the tab “Capabilities”, select the Apple Pay section, and switch to ON.
  • Step 4: Implement the button “Pay with Apple Pay”. You can download the guide from Apple’s official website, and adhere to it.

However, it’s not a one-time fix and needs a professional approach with a mobile app development company to be involved. Experienced specialists will find out why the payment gateway doesn’t accept Apple Pay and will adapt a code to display an Apple Pay button and plug-in all the necessary functionality. It will be shown on the checkout or shopping cart page. 

The Final Word

Global mobile payment revenue was over $1 trillion in 2019, and it will surely continue to grow. That’s why entrepreneurs who want to stay ahead of the trends and grow their client base, should consider Apple Pay in their mCommerce applications

With a wide experience in a field of mCommerce development, Swag Soft develops mobile apps integrated with Apple Pay, following the latest technology trends and guidance. Get in touch with our team, and we will walk you through the process of shopping app development.