Reasons to Outsource Your Mobile App Development Processes

Reasons to Outsource Your Mobile App Development Processes

Developing a mobile app today not only requires an understanding of your audience’s wants and needs, but also an understanding of the latest trends when it comes to mobile app development. If you are in the process of developing an app or if you are seeking mobile game developers and experienced app designers, you may begin to wonder what benefits there are to outsourcing the development process to professionals in Singapore.

Working with a mobile applications development team in Singapore is one of the fastest and most cost-efficient ways to bring your application vision into reality. With the right mobile app developer Singapore, streamline the process of designing, developing, and publishing your mobile app in any market or industry.

Digitalization and Mobile Trends in Singapore

The trend of mobile use has skyrocketed throughout Singapore, lending plenty of resources to professionals in Singapore who specialize in development and design. For those who are interested in a mobile applications development team, Singapore is on the rise — and for many good reasons.

Singapore has a reported mobile penetration rate of approximately 82% of its entire population, making it one of the most advanced centers for mobile users around the world. As of 2020, it is estimated that more than approximately 4.65 million Singapore citizens have access to and use a smartphone regularly.

With such a vibrant mobile app design and development landscape, it is no wonder that so many are turning to mobile app development in Singapore for the apps they plan to launch to the public. Working with both freelance developers in Singapore as well as mobile app development companies in Singapore are both possibilities, regardless of where you are located.

Developers and designers in Singapore are well-versed in the latest web standards and developments in technology, web programming, and design. Whether you are building a small application for users in your local area or if you are developing an international community and member-based app, you can find the mobile app development company in Singapore you need in any market or industry today.

Mobile App Development Services: Freelance Developers vs. Development Companies in Singapore

Finding the best mobile applications development firm in Singapore or an independent developer can feel challenging if you are unfamiliar with the process. Comparing the pros and cons of hiring freelance developers and development companies in Singapore can help you to make a decision that is right for your app project.

Pros of Working With Freelance Developers

Working with freelance developers provides the opportunity to work with an individual, rather than a larger agency or a team of professionals. Some advantages of working with freelancer developers include:

  • Work in a one-on-one environment
  • Optimal for smaller apps and tight-knit companies/start-ups
  • Work to build your vision together without feeling disconnected from an entire team
  • Find a freelance developer who genuinely shares the same vision as well as the same design and programming style as you

Cons of Working With Freelance Developers

Working with freelance developers can also cause you to experience a few drawbacks, such as:

  • The cost of hiring a freelance developer can be significantly higher than working with a team over time.
  • Delays are more common as items cannot always be completed on time by one individual.
  • Communication may be an issue if the freelance developer is simultaneously committed to alternative projects.
  • Requires more time to find a trustworthy, reliable, and credible freelancer, especially if you are unfamiliar with the development industry or developing your very first mobile app

Pros of Working With Development Companies in Singapore

Choosing to work with a mobile app development company in Singapore provides an array of benefits, such as:

  • Cost-efficient: If you are looking to save money on the investment required for your mobile app, you can do so by working with the right mobile applications development team Singapore.
  • Multiple professionals: With an entire development team, gain access to assistance from numerous designers, developers, and programmers.
  • Reliable and trustworthy: Working with an established development company is a way to maintain peace of mind knowing that the development of your new mobile app is in the right hands at all times.

Cons of Working With Development Companies in Singapore

If you are working with mobile app development companies in Singapore, you run the risk of experiencing:

  • Communication issues: If you are unsure of who to talk to with a development team, you may feel disenfranchised or ignored
  • Not as personal: Working with an established development team does not always feel as personal as working together with a freelance mobile developer Singapore.

Cost of Mobile App Development in Singapore

The estimated cost of mobile app development will vary based on the size of the app you require and the features you intend to include in the first version of your app launch. On average, in Singapore, a standard app with white-label branding, high-quality graphics, and an array of features will cost, on average, approximately $85,000 SGD, or $61,965 USD.

However, this cost can vary immensely, and can also be as little as $10,000 SGD, or $7,290 USD for smaller apps that require basic and/or minimal features. Smaller apps in Singapore will typically run between $10,000 SGD ($7,290 USD) and $50,000 SGD ($36,450). It is also important to keep in mind that these costs are all-inclusive and include all of the planning, designing, programming, and testing from start to finish.

Whenever you are thinking of developing a new mobile app, consider the features and functions that are essential for your app, as well as features that are optional. Some common mobile app features to consider might include, but are not limited to:

  • Messaging/private messaging
  • Friendships/connections
  • Search functions
  • News/data/RSS feeds
  • GIF/graphic-sharing features
  • Special algorithmic content
  • Encryption/additional security for protection against phishing attacks, hacking attempts, and/or potential scams
  • Two-factor authentication for users who prefer additional security solutions while logging into and/or saving passwords on various websites and mobile applications
  • Favoriting/saving content for later
  • Uploading video/photo media
  • Sharing/liking/promoting users’ posts
  • Cultivated newsfeeds based on keywords, hashtags, popular phrases, and other selected or automated trends

Working with a development company may require money upfront, but it also provides the opportunity to collaborate with teams that offer end to end services, helping to expedite the development and launch of your new mobile app.

If you are searching for mobile app development in Singapore, turning to a development company that you can trust and rely on is essential. With the right design and development team in Singapore, optimize your development efforts with a cost-efficient solution that truly delivers exactly what you need.