Mobile Game Trends For Best User Experience

Mobile Game Trends For Best User Experience

Mobile gaming has grown increasingly popular over the last half-decade. In the past, those who played games on cell phones were normally limited to cookie-cutter-type games with horrible graphics and no real gameplay or storyline. However, the smartphone has changed the way we interact with our phone, in turn, changing the way we game.

Now, mobile gamers look forward to the hottest trends coming down the pipe, as each new fad seems to top the one before it, leading to innovative new technology and levels of interactive gameplay never before experienced.

Graphic design in the gaming industry, specifically the mobile sector, has exploded to new heights. This is thanks in part to a new generation of game designer that’s cut their teeth on easy-to-use engines.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the most recent developments in the mobile gaming industry and share our predictions for the year 2022.

Meaning of Design and User Experience In Mobile Games

Mobile game design and user experience has taken on new importance in this field. In the past, games were crudely designed with no real experience a tall. To be honest, most games were nothing more than a Candy Crush type color-coded puzzle game. However, trends slowly began rolling over to include RPG-like titles, and eventually, mobile gaming began covering the entire scope of the gaming industry.

Design and graphics are now a huge factor because of graphics on smartphones. In addition, phone operating systems are able to support more in-depth gaming experiences because of memory and processing speeds. Now, the user experience is almost more enhanced via smartphone because of your proximity to the device compared to consoles like Playstation and XBox.

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Leading Gameplay Trends by Design


Swagsoft is a top game making studio out of Singapore that is known for top-tier game design and development. The expertise and domination of this platform is easily referenced through its hand in taking the lead to design games like Genshin Impact, GTAV, and the timeless Sairento VR, the groundbreaking virtual reality title for Oculus Rift.

Virtual Reality/Environment

Users are able to fully immerse themselves in the game with the usage of this technology. Even now, virtual reality (VR) is making its way into mobile gaming, and we predict that it will soon become an integral element of how we play and explore in the digital world, especially with the growth of Meta.

Virtual reality will ultimately be a mainstream feature in mobile games. It may transport players into an entirely new universe and provides a level of immersion that cannot be found elsewhere. First-person shooters and adventure games, which call for a high degree of player participation and immersion, benefit greatly from this technology.


eSports are becoming increasingly mainstream. Here, players compete against one another in major tournaments, sometimes for very significant cash prizes. The growth in popularity of eSports over the past few years indicates that the industry will continue to expand.

By 2023, the value of the worldwide eSports market is predicted to reach over $3 billion. This is due to the fact that it provides players with a fun and exciting arena in which to test their mettle against that of their peers. Furthermore, there is a lot to gain for serious players as the prize pools get larger and more profitable.


The use of microtransactions is a growing trend that we expect to see persist. This is the part of the game where players may spend real money to acquire in-game currency or access premium features. While this may spark debate, it has proven to be a boon for many mobile game creators.

Developers will find even more creative uses for microtransactions, making them an integral component of mobile gaming. They’re a fantastic aid for players looking to level up quickly, and they’re especially helpful in competitive games with heavy grafting requirements.

2D Games Design

Corona SDK

This is tech designed by Corona Labs, and is a lightweight, no-cost platform that allows for cross-over usability and framework for creating quality smartphone and PC applications. Users are able to craft projects and post them to different mediums simultaneously. This includes Android phones tablets, iPads, and iPhones. Amazon Fire and Android TV are included here as well. Because of the cost-efficiency and ease of using this platform, we’ll continue to see games designed using this engine.

3D Games Design


When it comes to 3D game design and development, Unity is a go-to in the industry. Game designers are able to craft interactive 3D models using a real-time platform. This has set an industry standard in game development for veterans and new users. Despite the advanced animation in game designs used by Unity, it’s incredibly easy to use.

Beginners can digest guidelines and instructional material because of the user-friendly interface. Plus, it costs nothing for students and personal users. Expect more material spawned from Unity as time goes on.

Unity is not only popular for gaming creation for mobile devices, but also desktop, consoles, and even web-plugins. This gives builders the opportunity to create more unique applications thanks to the graphic ability of this platform. Next-gen runtime and collaborative features help ensure the creation of quality titles across multiple devices, which will likely lead to the continued longevity of this engine.

Augmented Reality

Nowadays, augmented reality is one of the most popular features in mobile games (AR). Here, users can engage with augmented reality content by interacting with digital objects placed in the real world. Games like Pokemon GO, in which users hunt for digital creatures that resemble real animals in their physical surroundings, have helped popularize this tech.

We anticipate that interest in AR will only increase over time. This is because it provides users with the more interactive experience they are seeking. Developers are getting better at making AR games, so there will soon be a plethora of new and interesting titles to choose from.

One thing is for certain. As time continues, trends will only continue to enhance and increase the equality of gameplay. This is a positive for old and new gamers alike. Mobile provides a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between gamers of old and the newschool class. Hopefully, this trend continues and leads to next-level technology and exciting new options.