Mobile Game Development Trends to Watch out for in 2023

Mobile Game Development Trends to Watch out for in 2023

Every release of new Android and iOS comes with changes in mobile development. As we approach 2023, several recent mobile gaming trends will emerge. One primary focus for most mobile app developers is making their apps more intelligent. As a result, technologies such as AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and several others are taking center stage. Let’s look at 2023’s top mobile game industry trends in detail.

More AR and VR Opportunities

Remote meetings with Virtual Reality technologies are now commonplace. While metaverses are in their infancy stage, it’s apparent that they will develop with the advancement of AI, VR, and AR. As a result, a considerable number of the world’s population will be able to receive distinctive real-time virtual experiences.

AR Development

AR gaming development usually includes pre-established gaming environments overlaid with the user’s real-time environment. AR combines both game images and auditory content.

Developing a gaming environment is one of the most laborious tasks in game development. AR helps in solving the issue. Additionally, AR development keeps games fascinating and offers new experiences to users.

The use of virtual and genuine mobile gaming conditions makes gamers’ experiences unique and customized.

With the notable success of popular games like AR filters or Pokemon, we already know how popular AR applications may be.

In 2023, the trend will expand with the emergence of new mobile games. Global tech giants will expand their AR development capabilities, equalizing them with those in the physical world.

VR Development

Virtual Reality is a technology that enables you to experience and interact with a simulated environment. With VR technology, users wear VR headsets and experience the computer-generated environment.

VR technology gives users a distinctive, intuitive, and exciting experience to the extent they feel right there.

VR development looks promising in the mobile game trends. In the anticipated timeframe, virtual reality gaming will experience notable growth due to the increased utilization of three-dimension environments.

2023 will see big players in the market coming up with new mobile game app ideas using VR technology.

Besides enhancing the user experience, technology will also be a game changer in the gaming industry.

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Cross-Platform Game Development

Cross-platform gaming means the same game can be played on a console, mobile, and PC (Personal Computer). This means gamers can readily play all games despite their console.

Popular mobile games support cross-platform play and development. As a result, gamers can cooperate and team up regardless of their gaming platform.

Mobile game platforms are fast-growing. The players expect access to their favorite mobile games on a console, PC, or any other segment.

Developing a single mobile game app with multiple platforms has proven to be an efficient means to reaching a larger audience.

Most mobile gaming developers now match various screen sizes, power capabilities, and operating systems to equalize the user’s expectations of playing on various segments.

Cross-platform mobile game development will likely take center stage in the 2023 mobile game trends. The trend will help make gaming on mobile and other segments seamless and make it easier for programmers to build games for several platforms.

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More In-app Purchases and Subscription Plans

In-app purchases involve buying something within an application. It often happens in mobile applications running on smartphones or other portable gadgets.Software vendors sell several things, such as upgrade abilities, characters, upgrades to software, and enhancements.

In-app purchases and subscription plans are among the most divisive issues in the mobile gaming industry, with several gamers finding them excessive. However, it’s admissible that in-app purchases exist, and their popularity will grow.

There are several reasons why in-app purchases and subscription plans will be at the forefront of 2023 mobile gaming trends. The grounds include the following:

  • In-app purchases have proven to be an effective way to generate revenue.
  • They are the best channels to promote your mobile game features and consumables.
  • In-app purchases are straightforward to implement and can easily be added to any mobile game.
  • They are accessible to a broader demographic, including users who do not want to make upfront payments.

Despite several attempts to crack down on in-app purchases, it has increasingly become difficult, and game programmers are finding new ways to incorporate them.

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Social Features

Research indicates that the social element in gaming increases user retention and engagement. For that reason, it is one of the most significant mobile game 2023 trends. A game that allows users to communicate and play with or against each other relatively attracts more followers. Mobile gamers like to compete with friends, keep track of their progress, feel part of a community, and be constantly challenged.

Mobile game programmers understand this and frequently incorporate several social features into their games.

Some of the standard social features added in mobile games include:

  • Co-op modes: These involve including competitive team play in your game. The co-op modes can either be competitive or non-competitive versions. Competitive co-ops involve going into battle with random players or friends. For example, Clan wars. Non-competitive co-ops involve players completing different missions. For example, milestones, quests, or tasks.
  • PvP modes: This is a player versus the player type of game battling. It’s one of the most popular and exciting types of social interaction in mobile gaming. PvP modes can either be synchronous or asynchronous. Synchronous means it happens in real-time, while asynchronous means it takes tBasicallyurns and is not real-time.
  • Social currency: This is a unique social feature where players acquire a currency after participating in activities such as playing the PvP mode, helping guild members, etc. The social currency typically aims at engaged players constantly playing to earn this currency. Therefore, it’s an ideal way to get better gaming engagement and high retention rates.
  • Push notifications: Mobile games where popular social features do not fit can get social push notifications. Gamers can get notified when their friends are still playing, when a person is asking for help or when it’s their turn to play. Social push notification is an excellent re-engagement tool.
  • Leaderboards: These are ranking systems that rank gamers depending on their achievements. Leaderboards are often used in games that include competitive elements. The different types of leaderboards include the guild leaderboard, the global leaderboard, the event leaderboard, the country leaderboard, and player versus friend leaderboards. Leaderboards encourage players to constantly get challenged so that they can climb up the ladder. If your game is about challenges, then the leaderboard is a great social feature to include.
  • Streaming services: Live streaming of video games is a trendy thing in the gaming industry. Mobile game enthusiasts stream their gameplay to their fans across the globe. Top streamers often get millions of streams and make millions of dollars. Streaming of mobile gameplay increases user engagement and boosts retention.

Final Thought

The mobile gaming sector is booming and shows no signals of a slowdown. The billion-dollar industry will continue expanding in the coming years. Significantly, several exciting trends in the mobile gaming sector are about to take off, from virtual Reality, AR technology, cross-platform gaming, and social features to in-app purchases and subscriptions. There is no dull moment in the mobile gaming industry.

Hopefully, the above-discussed mobile game trends will enlighten you on what you need to pay attention to in 2023 to fasten your growth.