How to Reactivate and Re-engage Dormant Mobile App Users

How to Reactivate and Re-engage Dormant Mobile App Users

It is not worth wasting time telling that all types of businesses need a mobile application. This is not a big discovery and many companies have already ordered mobile app development to meet the needs of modern consumers and increase the revenue. However, even top rate applications do not guarantee high user engagement. You should constantly involve the customers and reactivate users when they become dormant. 

Who are Dormant Users?

Dormant users are people who actively used the app earlier but do not navigate it at the moment. Every business should pay attention to this category of clients since customer retention costs less than the acquisition of new ones. According to Econsultancy report, the probability to sell a good or service to available clients is 60%, while the probability to sell the same to a new one is not more than 20%. That’s why it is recommended to consider efficient strategies for mobile user reactivation.

7 Top Strategies to Re-engage Dormant Users

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There are many effective mobile app techniques to engage users and boost retention. However, you need to use several strategies at once to get the best possible result. By considering these recommendations, you will bring your dormant users back without starting the process of mobile application development from the very beginning.

Find out why the users left the app

There is plenty of reasons why people may leave your app but identifying the exact one is crucial for improving user experience. You need to find answers to many essential questions. Is your application lack important features? Are you targeting a proper audience? Is your application not engaging users? To be able to answer these questions and address the respective issues, it is better to track the most essential mobile app KPIs on a regular basis. A mobile app development company can help you figure out the weaknesses of your app and create a plan to get rid of them.

Tap into the mobile moments

To make users use your app, research their mobile moments and brainstorm how you can make these moments an entry point for your app usage. The key mobile moments – this is when users reach out for their devices with a specific intention – are knows as: 

  • I want to know
  • I want to go
  • I want to buy
  • I want to do 
  • I want to show

Knowing how your app can serve to satisfy these needs is the key to user activation. 

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Send push notifications

One of the excellent ways to use push notification is for mobile user reactivation.  They should be used correctly though. First of all, you should not reach out to users too often, as this may lead to the uninstalling of the app. Make sure that push notifications provide valuable information and are personalized; in this case, they may bring many dormant users back. If you use mobile gamification techniques, a good reason to reach out can be notifying users of their progress towards the goal or changes in the leadership board.   

Use personalized email

Email is still a good way to pull back inactive users and it doesn’t require much effort. You need to make it personalized and exclusive. Create a segment of dormant users and send relevant messages that are meant to return them.

Benefit from deep linking

You must have heard of a hyperlink. Deep-link is equivalent to it but is designed for mobile apps. Such links bring the user to the exact screen of the app. You can use deep linking along with other methods of mobile user reactivation to bring customer’s attention to the most relevant page that will make them use the app more actively again.

Expand app features with an API 

You can re-engage dormant users by improving user experience by incorporating API into your mobile application. For example, you can use Google or Facebook API to let clients sign in quickly without the necessity to mention an email and password each time (a simple thing, which can still make clients frustrated and unwilling to use your app). Connecting social media and encouraging users to share content will also awake dormant users.     

Use remarketing

As it has been mentioned, existing customers convert better than new ones. To make dormant users recall your app and return to its usage again, use part of your mobile app marketing budget on remarketing campaigns. As in case of push notifications, make the ads personal and give users a good reason to return.    


Mobile app development consists not only of writing code; it includes a whole process of mobile app lifecycle management. It means you should constantly work at it, improve the user’s experience and keep a hand on a pulse to get the desired outcome. If you want to discuss how you can create an app worth coming back to on a regular basis, feel free to talk to our team.