How to Build an Enterprise Mobile App to Boost Employees Efficiency

How to Build an Enterprise Mobile App to Boost Employees Efficiency

Mobile applications have a great impact on all aspects of a person’s life. They change the way people work, rest and study. As a recent Statista report shows, both Google Play Store and Apple App Store have about 2 million apps available for download. By 2023, the revenue of this market will be more than $9 billion. Such popularity of mobile apps may be a great distraction at the workplace or play into the company’s hands.

What Effect Do Mobile Apps Have on Business?

Recently, Frost & Sullivan partnered with Samsung to conduct a survey that would check the usage of mobile apps in the workplace. The results showed that employees gained up to an hour of extra time thanks to using such productivity-related apps as collaboration, email, and back-office functions. 34% of staff also confirmed improvement in efficiency. How do mobile apps contribute to this? Mobile apps can be applied to various business processes and bring the following benefits:

1. Effective knowledge sharing

A mobile app helps all employees stay connected with colleagues and organizational resources no matter whether they are in the office or in a remote location. Such connectivity results in better idea-generation and discussion of the available tasks and plans. Besides, the app helps notify all workers about significant changes within important business processes, provide them with the latest news and enhance employee experience.

2. A room for innovation

It is not surprising that many entrepreneurs start thinking about enterprise mobile app development since it provides the opportunity to enhance all processes within a company and create a unique experience at the workplace. Messaging, camera, images, locations services, and other features help employees come up with creative ideas. A mobile app increases the chances to stay ahead of competitors.

3. Save energy and time

It is possible to automate numerous time-consuming tasks by ordering custom enterprise app that would fit your business processes best. As a result, employees will waste less time and energy to fulfill mundane tasks. Hence, they will achieve a higher level of productivity that is crucial for building a strong company with an excellent reputation.

How to Build an Efficient Mobile App?

Efficient Mobile App

After realizing your company needs a mobile app to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, you can consider using one of the popular team management apps or approach an enterprise mobile app development company to get a custom product. In this case, you will get the app that fully meets the needs of your team and helps get better results.

Before getting in touch with enterprise app developers, think about the primary aim of the required app. Decide what outcome you want to reach and identify what functions it must have. 

The best way to do this is to choose a definite employee and spend the whole day in his/her shoes. As a result, you can see what operations employees perform daily and what mobile moments they have, hence deciding how an enterprise app can make employees more effective. Think of the gamification idea that will make an app effectively retain and entertain the users. Choosing the use case and defining crucial requirements and goals will be important groundwork for creating a successful mobile app.

Another significant thing you should keep in mind is user experience and the ways to improve it. Having an enterprise mobile app is just a half of success. You need to take care of UX that should be good enough and not make employees frustrated while using it. Otherwise, you will not only waste the effort and the budget of your company but also make staff less productive. That’s why you need to be careful when choosing an enterprise app development company that takes care of all stages of a mobile app life cycle.

The Last Word

Due to all benefits enterprise app development has, it is not surprising why many companies decide to order a custom app. This also gave rise to plenty of mobile app developers which makes selecting the best team more challenging. You can make a final decision by asking a team 5 crucial questions to make sure it is experienced enough to provide you with a great product.

Having a clear vision of the app you need, its goals and characteristics, as well as the cooperation with the best enterprise app developer in Singapore is the best thing you can do for enhancing employees’ efficiency and pushing all business operations to the next level.