How protect data with Android Enterprise Essentials

How protect data with Android Enterprise Essentials

Today, most people own at least one smartphone or another device that can connect to the internet from just about anywhere. With the rise in smartphone ownership and internet connections around the world, an uptick in security breaches, hacks, and scams has also become more prevalent. Protecting your data with Android Enterprise Essentials and with professional Android Enterprise app development can go a long way in whether you want to boost security for your own personal use or if you are building an app and business of your own.

Why Data Security and Protection Matters Today

Since the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, nearly 47% of company owners admit to experiencing an increase in cyberattacks, including those who own and operate small businesses. And, sadly, that is not the extent of the damage done. One survey conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance found that nearly 25% of all small business owners who are hit by and experience a cyberattack are forced into going out of business, while another 10% file for bankruptcy due to the consequences of a cyberattack.

With phishing scams, identity theft, and data breaches on the rise, it is now more important than ever to consider Android Enterprise app development solutions for any type of application you are building for your business or brand. Using Android Enterprise Essentials is one way to minimize the risks of becoming a target to online thieves, scammers, and hackers.

What is Android Enterprise Essentials?

Android Enterprise Essentials is an all-in-one management solution by Google for business owners and employees alike, regardless of the size of the business you own. Android Enterprise Essentials provides secured and protected devices that are automatically ready to go right out of the box. Save time and streamline your business operations by maintaining your peace of mind with Android Enterprise Essentials. Some of the features and highlights that come with Android Enterprise Essentials include:

  • Ready out of the box: All devices included with Android Enterprise Essentials are completely protected and secured immediately after opening. There is no need to install anything else. You can immediately hand them over to your employees to get to work without losing sleep.
  • Mandatory malware scanning: Enjoy ongoing and mandatory malware scans with all Android Enterprise Essentials devices.
  • Automatic screenlock: Take advantage of an automatic screen lock feature that cannot be opened without the owner’s permission and access code.
  • Security after reset: Even if you choose to conduct a factory reset on your Android Enterprise Essentials devices, the same security protection and protocols will remain in place.
  • Remote Activation: Allow your employees to work from just about anywhere with built-in remote device activation features on all Android Enterprise Essentials devices.
  • Automatically implement company policies: Set up your company policy ahead of time to avoid the need to reconfigure each individual device you order and use for your own employees.
  • Remote lock: Lock your device(s) from anywhere, which can be extremely useful in a situation in which the device has been lost or stolen.
  • Remote wiping features: Similar to the remote lock feature, there are also remote lock features included with all Android Enterprise Essentials devices. Wipe any device that has been stolen or misplaced from any location with a working internet connection.

Enterprise Digital Transformation

What Are the Most Common Types of Cyberattacks Today?

With the creation of the internet, the rise of online communication, and the advent of social media, cyberattacks have consistently grown, expanded, and evolved throughout the years. Today, cyberattacks around the world account for trillions of dollars in losses in total. While cyberattacks can be extremely stressful and financially devastating in some instances, not all cyberattacks are the same or carry the same amount of weight in terms of damage.

Phishing Attacks

A phishing attack will typically attempt to collect information from a user by using a hyperlink, email, or promotion that appears real and legitimate, only to collect the information using a spoofed URL, or web address.

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks may appear on a user’s screen as a pop-up or even as a warning that has taken over a user’s monitor. The ransomware may require a user to enter a credit card, pay via Paypal, or even send cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin), in order to regain access to their computers. This scam typically works on those who are elderly and individuals who do not consider themselves to be tech-savvy.

Password Scams

Password scams can be as simple as a scammer requesting a forgotten password while trying to guess your email password. They can also include intricate scams that redirect you online or send you down a rabbit hole of phishing and fake URL links.

Malware Attacks

Malware attacks can occur after downloading and installing potentially harmful software. Some malware can also infect a computer via pop-ups on traditional websites within a web browser. When a malware attack is well-design, a user may not know they are even a target until they can no longer access the account that has been targeted, hijacked, and stolen.

Additionally, there are also alternative attacks that include MITM, or man-in-the-middle attacks, DOS, or denial-of-service attacks, DDOS attacks, as well as drive-by attacks that should be monitored at all times.

What is Android Enterprise App Development?

Android Enterprise app development is the process that focuses on utilizing the Android Enterprise platform in order to streamline the building and development of a new application. Android app development for enterprise Android enterprise clients is programming conducted by professional developers who are well-versed in working with Enterprise clients and scaling as necessary.

Android Enterprise app development is a solution that will not only ensure professional design and development, but also top-notch security measures and features to keep users and visitors safe and protected at all times.

Benefits of Working With an Enterprise Android App Development Company

Working with an enterprise apps development company is not only a way to ensure your app is developed using today’s web standards, but it is also a way to protect your data, the information of your customers, and the safety and security of your employees. Some of the notable advantages of working with an Android Enterprise app development company include:

  • Cost savings: Ultimately, working with a development company that specializes in Android Enterprise Essentials is a way to save money. Without the risk of being hacked or threatened, you can also save more without requiring additional protection and security inside of your app.
  • Flexibility and freedom: Allow employees to bring their own device, so long as it is an Android device while working. Using Android Enterprise Essentials is possible with any Android-compatible device.
  • Simple integration: Implementing CRM into an Android device is easier than most alternatives, which is why Android Enterprise Essentials thrives in most industries today.
  • Scalability: If scaling your business matters to you, you can do so easier than ever with Android Enterprise Essentials and professional Android Essentials developers.

Understanding the significance of developing enterprise Android apps with proper security and protection is essential, whether you already have an application in development or if you are thinking of launching a brand new project. With the knowledge of how to protect data with Android Enterprise Essentials and an understanding of why it is advisable to work with an enterprise Android app development company, you can move forward with any development project you are considering while also maintaining your peace of mind at all times.