Here’s Why You Should Develop a Healthcare Mobile App

Here’s Why You Should Develop a Healthcare Mobile App

We live in a unique time when the volume and speed of accumulation of information about the surrounding world increases exponentially. The total intellectual potential of the planet’s population booms. This triggers the transformation of thinking and a radical evolutionary update of many areas of human life.

Mobile Healthcare Era

Modern medicine is becoming increasingly complicated. One of its main aims is the process of convergence with information technology. Medicine has become high-tech. New methods for diagnosing and treating serious diseases have been invented and are being introduced everywhere. Mobile app development is one of the most important trends in the industry.

Nowadays, the place of any country in the global market is determined not by how new technologies work for the benefit of its citizens. A key condition for organizing effective medical care is an integrated approach to their implementation and the interaction of all participants in the healthcare industry for the benefit of people. New technologies are designed in order to:

  • help prevent the chronicity of pathological processes
  •  increase the efficiency of medical care
  • significantly improve the quality of life of people. 

Reasons for Mobile Healthcare App Development

Reasons for Mobile Healthcare App Development

The relevance of mobile health app development increases every day. Mobile apps will plan our daily routine, diet menu and training regimen, report on health status, and help control our medication. Maybe, they will even contact doctors themselves if such a need arises. Soon, mobile applications will fundamentally reform the healthcare system and the form of communication with doctors, nutritionists, personal fitness instructors, and even psychiatrists. SaaS systems can provide a stronger connection between staff and clients.

Healthcare App Benefits

With the penetration of smartphones into all segments of human activity, the rapid growth in the number of mHealth users has begun. The vast majority of doctors and medical workers in the United States, according to surveys, are already actively using smartphones and tablets in their daily activities. They look at patients’ medical records, read the news, look for information about disease symptoms, write prescriptions, or access information databases. 

Well-programmed healthcare mobile app has many advantages, among which are:

  • The specialists of the clinic have the possibility of online consultation. 
  • During the conversation the doctor can orient the client on the necessary tests and talk about the preparation for them.
  • All information about the clinic, specialists, equipment, services is provided in the mobile application.
  • It is possible to pay for a visit to a doctor or passing tests, and taking tests online.
  • By entering the application or the clinic’s official website, a patient can find out all the contact information of the center, look at the address, and develop the nearest route from his home, place of work, current geographical location.
  • Patients can see the date and time of their next visit on the page of the medical record.
  • Website and mobile application help to form a closer patient-doctor contact and allow a doctor to provide ongoing support.
  • Patients can leave a review about the clinic treating and read the reviews of other clinic visitors.

Healthcare App Benefits

The use of healthcare mobile apps for patients allows to:

  • create a mobile personal account of the patient;
  • sign up and receive telemedicine consultation of a doctor on duty or a specialist in the current schedule of the clinic;
  • conduct online consultations in a convenient format – video, audio, or chat mode;
  • learn what to do in an emergency;
  • organize an instant exchange of medical data and their interpretation in the process of teleconsultation;
  • collect and process statistical, aggregated and integrated vital signs of patients (heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, weight and body temperature) obtained using medical sensors;
  • accumulate and store the patient’s medical information about his condition;
  • receive conclusions, appointments, and recommendations of a doctor for treatment, as well as recommendations on prescribed drugs;
  • clarify the diagnosis and get a second opinion on any medical problem;
  • take into account finances by the method of a single or family personal account.

Developments in the field of mobile health are gradually entering new technological levels achieving great progress. Still, to create a functional healthcare app it is necessary to combine the efforts of developers of mobile technologies and spend a lot of time and money.

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