Fostering Employee Experience with an Enterprise App Gamification: Case Study & Creative Ideas

Fostering Employee Experience with an Enterprise App Gamification: Case Study & Creative Ideas

While it is common to discuss the relevance of mobile apps for business and customer engagement, they are also excellent tools for improving employee experience (EX) – the way people think and feel about the company they work for. 

Given the hectic competition in the market, the development of an enterprise app that would foster employee experience is definitely a bright business idea, as EX is strongly associated with:

  • higher revenues
  • lower absenteeism and turnover, and 
  • superior customer service. 

As a highly innovative company, Samsung recognized a great opportunity in the idea and partnered with SwagSoft to develop a unique gamified enterprise application for training its floor salesmen. 

Keep reading to find out more about the case and get creative ideas on how to increase employee experience through an enterprise app. 

Samsung e-Training Mobile Game

Samsung e-Training Mobile Game

Business Challenge 

Floor salesmen are at the forefront of customer service responsible for greeting visitors to a retail store, solving inquiries, demonstrating features and offering additional information about the products. Of course, their knowledge of each product should be impeccable. 

Unfortunately, training floor salesmen in new products is not that easy:

  • The company needs to rent a space for familiarization seminars, prepare materials and carefully plan the training sessions
  • Floor salesmen need to spend a whole day on a familiarization seminar, which presupposes additional commuting time and lost sales commissions 
  • The seminars could not effectively accommodate professionals with the diverse learning pace 
  • After the seminar, floor salesmen stop practicing and the company cannot encourage or even review their progress

Being expensive, time-consuming and not sustainable, offline training is also perceived as a nonengaging yet obligatory event. 

Thus, Samsung came up with the idea to leverage mobile app development and create a new seamless experience for employees during the product training. SwagSoft was excited to accept the challenge. 

Provided Solution   

SwagSoft carefully analyzed the business challenge and developed a unique solution that combines engaging training experience, positive reinforcement model, and robust reporting. 

In particular, SwagSoft has managed to use its vast experience in mobile game development to add gamification into a Samsung Floor Salesman Hero app. The game design is as follows: the floor salesmen read the required training material and pass quizzes earning coins for each right answer. Thus, they can use the visual coins to spin the slot machine, gain points and compete for the grant prize – Galaxy S7 edge 4G + 1 awarded every 4 weeks to top 3 winners.

App gamification is one of the powerful techniques to increase users’ engagement. What is more, the screen with the list of top players encourages competition among the employees, making them even more eager to take competency quizzes as often as possible.   

Last but not least, the app is integrated with the company’s database, which makes it easy for managers to track the activity and the performance of the sales team.     

The Delivered Value 

The company managed to substitute expensive offline familiarization seminars with e-training, while also improving the retention of the product information and boosting employee experience.  

Enhanced employee experience can be attributed to a number of factors: 

  1. Training flexibility. The floor salesmen could take the training sessions at any time and keep to their own learning pace when studying the materials.  
  2. Gamification. Gamification did not only make the training fun but also saved the salesmen from boredom that they often experience between the customer visits.
  3. Exclusive club. Having access to a game that no one outside an organization has makes the employees feel members of an exclusive club, which increases their engagement and stimulates retention.   

The developed solution turned out so successful that the company used it as a primary training method not only for the intended product but also for the following four product updates. 

Increasing Employee Experience Through a Mobile App: 7 Creative Ideas 

Increasing Employee Experience Through a Mobile App: 7 Creative Ideas 

SwagSoft experts have brainstormed the proven techniques for increasing EX and winning mobile app strategies to suggest 7 excellent ideas you can use right away: 

  1. Improve internal communication: Use one of the best enterprise team management apps or develop a custom enterprise mobility solution to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  2. Enhance onboarding experience: Let the mobile app effectively onboard new employees. A good idea is to engage a chatbot to answer common questions or to launch a VR tour around the office.     
  3. Conduct employee satisfaction surveys: Implement survey functionality in an enterprise app to stay alert to the employees’ needs and concerns. Use their feedback to generate innovative ideas and increase employee engagement. 
  4. Offer to explore career development options: Use an enterprise app to let employees explore career development opportunities and opt-in. Gamifying the process, like the Republic of Singapore Air Force did, you are sure to increase the engagement by far.   
  5. Provide career development training: Let the employees the advantage of passing regular training choosing their own time, place and pace and enjoy the ability to track their progress.    
  6. Provide managers training: Employees’ relationships with their managers are directly linked to employee experience. Teach your managers to delegate, communicate, set goals, motivate, and resolve conflicts through a gamified mobile app. 
  7. Implement a loyalty program. Who said employees cannot use an app to collect bonus points – something that works extremely well for retailers, as this Starbucks case shows? Award points for the number of years in the company, continuously sticking to the deadline, bringing in a great customer review, suggesting innovation or offering peer help. No matter what you choose, the key to success will be exposing the person to the opportunity and the stats on their own and coworkers’ performance via a mobile app.      

Final Thoughts

Enterprise apps can have a tremendous impact on employee experience. If you have decided to give it a try and implement one of our creative ideas, we would love to help with the executions too. Feel free to reach out to SwagSoft experts to discuss your enterprise mobile app ideas.