ERP Mobile Solutions in Enterprise App Development

ERP Mobile Solutions in Enterprise App Development

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to run your business because your business requires you to travel between various locations on a regular basis, then you aren’t alone. Many businesses must function in the same way, which is why more and more companies are seeking new and improved ways of effectively and efficiently running all aspects of their businesses while on the go. Here is an overview of ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, which can help you take the management of your business to the next level, so you can dramatically improve how all facets of your business are handled, regardless of where you may be.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning?

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, is the combined supervision of primary business procedures, which is often performed in real time and managed by special software or other forms of technology. When most business people refer to ERP, it’s usually placed in a category such as incorporated applications or business management software. Such a program has the ability to assemble, reserve, control and interpret a majority of a company’s business-related activities. ERP systems can be based locally as well as in the cloud. Cloud-based business requisitions are becoming increasingly more common among companies of all types. The reason for this is due to their ability to streamline the entire process of managing various aspects of a business.

What Are Mobile ERP Solutions?

When it comes to enterprise software development, more and more businesses have become mobile, meaning that as long as a business owner has access to a phone or a computer, they can conduct business anywhere, regardless of their location. Since business owners aren’t always sitting at their desks, at a computer, nor do they always have access to a computer, it is necessary to provide ERP solutions that can be utilized through mobile devices. In most cases, even if a business owner does not have access to a computer, they almost always have access to a cellular device. Therefore, business can continue as normal, as mobile ERP solutions allow certain applications to work on any platform, especially mobile devices.

It doesn’t matter if a business owner uses Android or Apple mobile devices, because mobile ERP solutions can be provided, regardless. Managing a business must always remain on the cutting edge in order to remain effective, which is exactly what mobile ERP solutions do for business owners.

ERP Apps Examples

If you’re not sure exactly what ERP apps are, then here are some examples to help you better understand what ERP apps are:

  • Acumatica – this is a cloud-based ERP system that enables business owners to utilize Android or Apples phones or tablets to conduct business, regardless of their location. This dynamic suite offers a host of applications, including financial handling tools, manufacturing, time and expense, retail, e-commerce, distribution, and more. As long as you have a browser available, you can use Acumatica anywhere, while enjoying useful features like expense and sales order management, time-reporting, task management, push notifications intended for mobile devices, and more.
  • SYSPRO – this is an ERP platform that assists manufacturing businesses to incorporate, synchronize and manage all their manufacturing procedures. The platform manages this by offering a full inventory of the appropriate tools, including those that can enable a company to manage their inventory, time and finances as well as report and perform analytics.The solution can be accessed via the cloud or installed on any device. With the mobile ERP capabilities of SYSPRO, users can plan and manage every aspect of their business, regardless if you’re at the office, at home, or across the country on vacation.
  • NetSuite – this is a cloud-based business management system that you might want to consider. Not only does NetSuite target a wide array of industries that can be incorporated into the SMB’s back office, sales, and customer service, but this mobile ERP can be used with both Android and Apple devices. NetSuite’s unique and advanced system enables users to enjoy a seamless experience, whether they’re primarily accessing these useful apps via a computer, or via a mobile device.The app offers useful amenities, such as the ability to report expenses, track time, and even log calls. You can also take advantage of push notifications, which can make managing your business effortless.

When Does Your Business Need ERM Mobile Solutions?

If you’re wondering if your business could benefit from ERM mobile solutions, then it’s easy to make this determination. First of all, does your business require you to travel a lot? If you’re frequently conducting business while on the go and you’re spending large amounts of time at other locations, then ERM mobile solutions might be perfect for you. If could help you to streamline business, preventing you from needing to login to a computer in order to complete tasks, and simply make handling your business a lot simpler.

If your business manages a great number of shipments, then your company definitely needs ERM mobile solutions. With ERM mobile solutions, you can track important shipments in real-time, which could help you immensely. That way, you will know when packages arrive at their destinations, which is one less worry that you must deal with.

In addition, if you believe that the receipt of various alerts and approvals would help you run your business more efficiently, then you should definitely consider ERM mobile solutions. Not only would you never have to worry about missing important emails and other information, but if certain processes require your approval, then you can easily manage those approvals directly through the ERM mobile suite.

As you can see, ERM mobile solutions can be a turning point for your business. If you’ve been missing deadlines and otherwise struggling to run your business whenever you must travel away from the office, then ERM mobile solutions can make it as if you’ve never left the office. It can enable you to manage every aspect of your business, regardless of your location. So, if you’re tired of stressing as you struggle to manage your business on the go, then you should seriously look into choosing an ERM mobile suite provider today.