Case Study: How To Build A Travel App That Stands Out

Case Study: How To Build A Travel App That Stands Out

The constantly increasing use of mobile devices comes with great benefits for travel agencies. They are now able to provide travelers with a whole new experience that starts the minute after they’ve made their booking.

Having a mobile app is a must for travel agencies and TMCs (travel management companies). Travel apps are a great way to organize your trip. They enhance user experience and are preferred because our mobile devices are with us wherever we go.

If you’ve never launched an app, it can be a challenge. Tons of questions will pop up, such as what should the price be, how long will it take to be built, and how to make it successful. 

Being experienced mobile app developers, we created a short guide with the key factors to consider when building a mobile app for the travel industry.

Make it User-Centered 

Travel apps should be user-centered. They have to be informative and easily accessible, but not overloaded with information.

Just have a look at popular travel apps such as Booking or Airbnb, and you’ll see how simple and easy they are to use. Seamless navigation is crucial mostly because of the number of options travel apps provide. Making sure the users can find what they are looking for is essential. 

Consumers will have to fill some information when booking or making a purchase, so these steps should be made as easy as possible. Otherwise, you may lose potential customers. 

Seamless Support

For travel apps, support is a must. It should be reliable enough and offer at least two channels of communication so that tourists feel safe to use it anywhere in the world.

Just imagine you have a problem with check-in at your accommodation, and the flat owner is not answering. You’d probably never use this app again.

A good travel app enables communication with customers from the very beginning and answers all of their questions. What’s more, it should provide reviews and suggestions so users can make informed decisions.

Reviews and Special Offers

Reviews work as a trust factor for customers. In most cases, customers won’t stay at a place with no reviews. Travelers always take a look at reviews before choosing a place. This feature was the foundation of TripAdvisor’s success.

Another essential feature of travel apps is special discounts and promotions. Providing personalized experiences that are exclusive for app users should be your primary goal. It helps to retain many customers.

An additional travel app design tip is to integrate social media for a more enhanced user experience. It also makes the process of providing the needed data easier by filling all the essential information from your social media profile. 

Consider Multiple Languages and Currencies

Not always it happens that people speak fluent English. Thus, if you want to make your app convenient for everyone, you need to translate it into several languages. Moreover, you can even include a language translator within the app that would help users communicate with locals when they reach their desired destination.

The same goes for currency options. You need to set up a currency converter so that consumers don’t get confused when they travel to a country that uses a different currency. These are some essential tips that would help users while they are on their trip and avoid any misunderstandings. Don’t let them leave your app to convert the currency; let them do it within it instead.

Additionally, to be easily accessible by all users, on all platforms, the mobile apps shall have no issues with user interfaces for iOS and Android devices. It should also support dozens of screen resolutions to create a natural feeling on every device.

Location Services

For your customers’ convenience, you might consider including maps and accurate navigation in your travel app. Location services help tourists find nearby hotels, cafes, and attractions.

If you want to have the best travel app, it should provide overall assistance. It should enable users to do it all in one app without looking for another one. All this helps to keep them in the mobile app for as long as possible.

Some other features to add for this purpose are local emergency numbers, weather forecasts, and quick booking. To handle that many functionalities, your app will need an advanced search tool to find all the information a user desires. 

Secured Payments

The best mobile app development companies can confirm that the essential thing in any mCommerce app is the security of confidential user data. Online payments are now the preferred method and have penetrated deeply in the market. 

For that reason, you might consider integrating reliable and fast third party payment getaways into your travel app. They will help transactions run smoothly. Furthermore, this reduces the number of abandoned operations while increasing their success rate.

To Stand Out, A Travel App Should Have It All

To be preferred and trusted by users, your travel app should include all of the functionalities we’ve listed above. Choosing the right mobile app development team will make that possible and provide you with a high-quality product, ready to hit the market in no time.