Augmented Reality Is Not Just for Big Businesses Anymore

Augmented Reality Is Not Just for Big Businesses Anymore

Augmented reality is slowly making its way in our day-to-day lives. You’ve probably seen the new postcards that come to life once you put them in front of your smartphone’s camera and video with birthday wishes, for instance, pops up on your phone’s screen. Emerging technologies like AR stand out from the competition as it immediately sparks the customer’s interest. In fact, AR and VR market revenue in 2019 is $16,8 billion and it’s expected to grow to a ten times bigger size by 2025. 

Many big companies like Nike and Lenovo, as well as some important fashion brands,  have started using AR a lot more ever since it was implemented in retail. Now they enable shoppers to see how their products would look on them or at their home.

However, how could you make use of that? Is this tech reserved for multi-million dollar companies or your small business could take advantage of it as well? Of course, you can! It’s possible for smaller companies to develop Augmented reality in their strategy. Most businesses already have a Facebook page and perhaps spend some money on advertising. If you’re there, it’s probably time to take it to the next level.

The biggest concern, when it comes to developing an AR effect is budget. A few years back AR development services were extremely expensive. However, today things have changed. With this in mind, let’s dig deeper at how AR can help your small business.

How Can AR Improve Your Business?

Augmented Reality can provide your small company with new forms of engagement with your customers. With the wide use of smartphones, you have a solid foundation to build something so intriguing that it could help you to easily overcome your competitors.

You might start with building 3D models of your products, to offer a 360-degree view to your customers. You can also have an augmented reality app, that is interactive so that they can virtually try your products wherever they are. Furthermore, you can use that not only in consumers businesses but also for companies that work business-to-business.

This emerging technology provides countless possibilities. You can try on clothes, makeup and even add furniture to your home only by holding your smartphone. Instead of making it complicated, it should simplify user experience and provide new levels of convenience. AR can make real-world objects interactive as well. Something as simple as a business card can be scanned by your smartphone and you get the contact information directly on your device or a postcard, like the one from the example above.

With the number of possibilities that Augmented Reality provides, it would be hard to choose one effect that you would want to pursue. There are now many companies that provide implementation and support of AR featured, so you can easily make its benefits a reality for your business.

What Are The Advantages?

As we mentioned above AR has reinvented the way users interact with information. It provides a number of advantages to many industries, especially retail. Here we’ve listed some of them:

Augmented Reality Takes Mobile Apps To The Next Level

We are now so used to social media filters, face and object recognition, that we forgot what it was before they were created. This only shows how fast AR impacts on user experience, by simplifying it as much as possible. 

IKEA is a common example of an app that successfully uses AR. It now provides 3D models of their furniture that customers can virtually place wherever they want in order to visualize how it would look like. Visualization was the thing consumers missed most when it comes to online shopping. This close to reality experience helps a lot when making the decision whether to buy something or not. Many retailers are now looking for new ways to invoke AR to enhance their business. In fact, you don’t need to be as big as IKEA to use it as well.

More Engaged Users

Augmented Reality can easily make your business stand out from your competitors. A mobile app that has AR features can engage users with your product so much that it can generate enormous revenues.

In our digital world, good services are not enough to keep customers. You always need to try attracting new ones, as that has become a decisive part of trading. Some of the most successful apps already use Augmented Reality. As we mentioned, it is now also getting more affordable so smaller businesses have started implementing it too.

Especially when it comes to e-commerce AR is a huge benefit. For instance, customers are less likely to abandon their shopping cart is they are provided with an augmented reality feature.

Object Recognition

We’ve already mentioned the possibility of object recognition provided by Augmented Reality. How does this actually help your business? Objects like smart home appliances can be easily identified and a user can get full detailed information about the device with just one tap. No one likes the instructions of usage so this feature is way more preferred and helpful. That’s very convenient and provides a great user experience.

AR-based mobile apps can be utilized in many different sectors like information technology, healthcare or education, in order to build a strong revenue model.

AR is Evolving Fast 

Creating hype is a great advantage for any business. Things that are out of the box leave more impression in users. If your website or mobile app offers augmented reality features it’s more likely that they catch the attention of consumers. 

However, the sooner you do it, the better chance of your mobile application getting viral. It’s expected that in the near future most business would use augmented or virtual reality, so don’t miss the opportunity to be one of the first. This means you might like to include AR when planning your mobile app development, as soon as possible.

Augmented Reality Is Not Reserved For Multi-Million Dollar Companies Anymore

Augmented Reality combines the virtual and the real world. It unlocks countless possibilities to your business’ mobile app or website, while it also increases customer engagement like nothing else can.

AR apps provide way more personalized experience and are now more accessible than ever before. Don’t miss the moment and make your business stand out. Take the next step and make that worthy investment in AR as soon as possible.