Augmented Reality Applications: How Industries Benefit from Digital Transformation

Augmented Reality Applications: How Industries Benefit from Digital Transformation

Imagine that you are in a shop trying to choose a suitable sofa for your house. Instead of looking through the pictures in magazines, you can check how the sofa looks exactly in your living-room. 

Do you think it is impossible?

 Actually, this is not a dream any more thanks to the augmented reality applications

AR applications turn the environment around you into a digital one by putting virtual objects into the real world. The list of augmented reality apps used in various industries is impressive and, according to the report of Digi-Capital, AR apps will earn up to $90 billion by 2022. AR software is widely applied in healthcare, gas and oil, marketing, public safety, tourism, etc. making the industries benefit from digital transformation a lot. 

Let’s see, how augmented reality app development is applied and how it can help your own business.

AR Applications Across the Industries

AR and VR history is full of fascinating twists and turns. AR technologies stopped to be just a gaming tool and go on gathering pace across all industries. 2020 will see impressive growth in AR popularity as lots of companies think about incorporating best-augmented reality apps for different purposes. Here is how they do it: 

Interior design

interior design app

Did you know that only 44% of American residents are satisfied with the interior design of their bedroom according to Statista report? Augmented reality application has all the chances to improve this situation due to the impressive capabilities it provides. Now, you can use the application and try different styles, colors and textures before purchasing a necessary piece of furniture. AR app from IKEA proves it really works as more and more clients use the app to test IKEA products in a real-time environment.


Tourism is one of the largest fields where mobile apps and AR technologies are used. Users can use an AR application to get detailed information on the museum exhibits and even have a close look at them. The National Museum of Natural History and its Skin and Bones app is a good example. Using the app, people can see a live representation of extinct animals based on their skeletons in the museum. The AR views also help travelers to choose the best accommodation, making trips more comfortable.


Healthcare is among the industries, which benefit greatly from digital transformation. AR application can help the patients to describe the symptoms, helps nurses to find veins, and assist surgeons during the operations. For example, the AccuVein app shows a blood vessel map in real-time so doctors can avoid making mistakes.


education mobile app

AR technology revolutionizes the education process and training techniques. Students can download the app and get a better understanding of the subject due to detailed information and step-by-step instructions. Augmented Immersive Team Trainer app is a great example of how the education industry benefits from AR technologies. It allows American soldiers not just to train effectively involving vehicles and visual effects, but also reduced the associated costs.


The users can make decisions on purchasing the product quicker with advanced opportunities AR application provides them with. For example, a Converse shoe company offers clients to stay at home in a comfortable armchair and find a pair of perfect shoes using the Converse Shoe Sampler shopping app.

Reasons to Invest in AR App Development

As you can see, AR apps are widely used in plenty of industries and bring fantastic results. If you want to stay up-to-date and attract more customers, then you should consider AR application development. Here are the benefits justifying the decision:

  • Simple visualization. Users can check how the objects fit the real environment, modify their characteristics (size, color), etc.; hence, they decide whether this product meets their needs faster, the sales increase and the number of returns does down.
  • Proved information. AR app gives users additional information on the space, product, and material in real-time reducing the need for additional communication with the customer.
  • Unique user experience. AR software provides users with the opportunity to be well-informed and feel in charge of a buying process, which raises customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Enhanced brand image and awareness. Users like technological innovations and the way they improve their lifestyle. The AR mobile app development will help you attract new clients as well as retain the existing ones. 

The Last Word

Augmented technologies have a great impact on people’s lives and all areas they deal with. There is hardly an industry that hasn’t tried using this technology to benefit from all the capabilities it provides. A company that wants to occupy a leading position in the market, boost sales and stay up-to-date should consider the development of a suitable AR app – there is no doubt, these will be a new norm in the nearest future. Swagsoft, recognized as a top company for VR and AR development, is sure to help you with it.