API for Mobile Application Development: A Case for API-Centric Mobile Apps

API for Mobile Application Development: A Case for API-Centric Mobile Apps

Did you notice that mobile applications are not like ordinary mobile versions of websites anymore? Mobile applications are able to combine difficult functions, analyze different sources of information simultaneously, and provide fast-performing solutions for users in several seconds. Modern mobile applications are flexible. These apps can analyze your geolocation, history of browsing, interests, and preferences to ensure the best user experience. 

So, how to make the application of your business so advanced? What is the secret of these changes? The secret is quite simple – API centric applications. We created this article to explain this technology and discover the most important API app functions.  

API For Mobile App Development Advantages

API has already changed the market of mobile applications. Mobile app API changed the process of info synchronization between different types of software. 

Even despite the fact that this acronym seems to be difficult, the real meaning of API is quite simple and stands for the Applications Programming Interface. It means that API is like various software libraries, tools, and functions that can help you to create new apps, which will be tightly bound and connected with other applications. 

If we are talking about mobile apps development, API means the way your application receives and shares information with other services, apps, and companies. For example, if you want to make your application able to be connected with Google Calendar, your application has to use API to solve this problem. If you need to get access to the geolocation of your customers, you need API as well. 

Now, when we have already discovered the true meaning of API for app development, it’s important to understand the main advantages of this technology. So, why do you need an API? Any professional mobile apps developer can prove to you that the process of creating apps includes not only app design, testing, or deployment but also API development and integration. If your app use API, you can get the following benefits:

Better Customer Experience

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API makes the user experience significantly better. You can use API to make the interface more comfortable and simple. There are also additional benefits if a mobile application uses API. For example, you can use API-technology to make the registration by using your Google account or Facebook account. Of course, there are a lot of other effective ways to register new customers, but API helps to make it significantly easier and faster. API can help you to integrate YouTube videos into your mobile application. There is also a possibility to provide instant weather forecasts for your clients and other important and useful information. 

In fact, the assortment of APIs depends on the type of your own application. For example, if you want to develop a high-quality medical app, you should consider such APIs as Eviti, DrChrono, and other products. However, if you are going to create an advanced e-commerce mobile app, you should consider other alternatives. 

API Apps Are Cheaper And Faster

Of course, it’s possible to create your own application without API. You can add all the above-mentioned functions. However, in this instance, you will be forced to spend more money. If you use API, you get rid of this boring and very expensive work. Just imagine that you can use only several APIs and get a possibility to create common events with other people, share files, find the geolocation, and so on. A professional team of developers can create a real masterpiece in the market of mobile API apps, and the budget of this project will be still affordable.

Social Engagement

It’s a well-known fact that social media are something more than ordinary entertainment nowadays. People spend dozens of hours by scrolling feed, watching videos, and communicating with friends. Social media are able to make your products more popular and even increase your earnings. So, API and social media can increase the social engagement of your product, that’s why you should not ignore this factor as well. 

How to Start Using API?

api for mobile app development advantages

As we have already mentioned, API can help you to decrease the budget of the project. This technology helps you to optimize the app development process and get the best result faster. In addition, you should also understand that there are a lot of APIs, which are absolutely free to use, including:

  • Google Maps API
  • Facebook API
  • Weather API
  • YouTube Data API 
  • Google Analytics API
  • TripAdvisor 
  • Maps Me

Just choose the best alternative and get rid of a lot of problems forever. If you want to get more functions, there are a lot of APIs to manage your payments, analyze geolocation, and solve other problems.

Concluding Ideas

It’s time to understand that multi-functional and intuitively simple mobile applications are the future of the Internet. Professional developers, who use API, are able to create a high-quality app significantly cheaper. That’s why don’t lose this chance to make the application of your business better.