AngularJS and Ionic are both amazing tools for mobile app development. They are often compared for functionality and compatibility. For instance, many consider that AngularJS is better for website creation. It is suitable for solving many problems in the field of web development and has many useful features and capabilities. Ionic is praised for its smooth and flexible code implementation and speed of operation. 

Anyways, let’s overview their features and analyze what benefits they provide.

Business Operating on Mobile Apps

It is currently difficult to imagine a large company without its own mobile application. Along with the interest of organizations, a growing number of libraries and frameworks are aimed at facilitating the development of high-quality web/mobile applications using a single programming language. 

As software standards are constantly changing, frameworks have become an integral part of web/mobile application development. This is because the modern user is reluctant to install additional programs, wanting to get the result immediately. Thus, the complexity of platforms is growing. Using off-the-shelf tools and libraries, approved by thousands of developers around the world, is a smart approach to building vibrant and interactive apps. Choosing a framework is a simple task, but it is worth considering that each has its pros and cons.

It’s time to talk about the evolution of mobile software. To understand how most applications work, it is not necessary to have in-depth knowledge in this area. It’s enough to understand how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work. Today, there are various tools and structures (frameworks) that help mobile app developers create new software without much difficulty. AngularJS and Ionic are currently amongst the leading development providers for app creation. 

Let’s consider the main benefits of Angular first.

Creating Apps with Angular 

Creating Apps with Angular

AngularJS mobile app framework was released in 2009 as software for storing JSON data. Next, Angular was updated as an open-source library. In 2012, the Google search engine released a special plug-in for Chrome – Batarang. It makes it simple to configure apps that are written in the Angular framework. In 2014, the creation of the second type of Angular 2.0 began, which is mainly aimed at the development of mobile devices. Google is currently working on the project.

What’s new in AngularJS 2.0? In practice, this is a rewritten framework from scratch . There is no addition of new functionality, but everything has been redesigned from the very beginning. Many developers consider that Angular had to rewrite it as it wasn’t high-quality originally. But it is up to you to decide whether to use it for your projects.

With AngularJS, no manual updates are needed to familiarize the user with the data. Data-binding plays a significant role and is very useful for developers and users. Angular automatically updates all changes and displays them on the screen. Getting started is easy: you just need to install it and turn on all the necessary basic functionality. Additional tools are divided into separate modules, which can be connected if needed.

Being multifunctional, Angular, in fact, is an excellent framework that was created for the development of single-page applications with separation of data and presentation in accordance with the MVC scheme.

Angular has the following advantages:

  1. A large number of diverse functions.
  2. Functions are interdependent.
  3. Information can be obtained directly, and not through third parties.
  4. It provides the opportunity to work separately in one section of the program, using the available data.
  5. Minimal risk of errors.

Ionic Framework Toolkit

Ionic Framework Toolkit

Google has provided users with a dedicated Ionic platform aimed at creating and supporting Native and Progressive applications. Ionic is used to develop mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and other operating systems. Compared to native development, it saves a lot of time since you develop in it by looking at the result in a browser, then check the result on both platforms. A huge set of plugins for accessing native functions is also pleasing, as with them, there is no need to use the native code.

LiveReload is an excellent feature that allows you to see the results of mobile application work immediately. Also, in the Ionic toolkit, there is the ability to publish changes to an already placed application in the AppStore and Google Play, which is very convenient when fixing critical errors. Without any programming, you can assemble the interface in a special editor that allows you to sketch components in the literal sense and determine their parameters.

The benefits of the Ionic platform are as follows:

  • Cross-Platform Serviceability. Iconic is consistent with other most popular platforms and mobile software. Android mobile app development is much simpler and quicker because Ionic integrates smoothly into Angular JS to customize the code pattern. 
  • Intuitive Interface. The Ionic Framework includes key items in its interface that make it easy to work with, convenient and simple to configure for a specific mobile application. It provides the opportunity to create an app in the shortest amount of time.
  • Accessible Frames. Because Ionic is open-source, programmers can implement various styles for different mobile software without much cost. Ionic offers CSS, JS, and HTML component codes that make new software coding unnecessary. The simple integration of Ionic with Angular JS offers more flexible ways to create code structures.
  • Speed and Compatibility. Fast software creation development is crucial in today’s age of smart mobile applications. And, of course, any new software has to be consistent with all mobile devices. Ionic provides a great and efficient development toolkit with unique code support. 

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