A Secret Sauce to Developing a Successful Cooking & Recipe App

A Secret Sauce to Developing a Successful Cooking & Recipe App

Cooking can take different places in a person’s life; it may be a pastime, a part of daily responsibilities, or a profession. No matter which variant describes you better, cooking takes a lot of time and energy. Luckily, there is plenty of applications for Android and iOS devices that may make the cooking process easier and funnier. They offer step-by-step guidance using which you can prepare a simple home dish or try to build a career of a well-known chef. The cooking apps are catering to two groups:

  •         People who are professional chefs and are searching for new ideas and some inspiration
  •         People who need some guidance while preparing dishes

Despite which group you are going to focus on during mobile app development, you should know how a perfect application looks like.

Vital Ingredients of Successful Application

Some apps focus only on one function (e.g. organizing meal plans, offering cooking ideas, etc.), while other applications are all-in-one. However, the most successful apps despite their focus have such significant elements:

1.UI may be fine-tuned to work on different gadgets and screens

2.Simple access to the information and using the application while cooking (e.g. video tutorial is more convenient than a long text instruction)

3.Collecting recipes from various sources, and sharing them in social networks

4.Built-in tool for calculating calorie intake, unit conversation or that acts as a cooking timer

On the assumption that popular app stores are full of cooking & recipe applications, it is important to pay attention to the tiniest details to gain the user’s recognition and occupy the leading position in the search ranking.

How to Build a Worthy App?

Building an app involves several stages that require attention, expertise, and patience. If you are interested in mobile app development and you are eager to introduce a worthy app, then you can consider such efficient tips:

  1. Identify target audience; who will use your cooking app? Knowing potential users will help make the app more personalized. For example, you may let people share their own recipes, leave comments, etc.
  2. Choose the type of registration. If you are mistaken with the choice, you may lose the attention of potential users. It is better to include at least two types of signing-up.  
  3. Create a list of recipes and ingredients. You can prepare your own database, or consider API integration.
  4. Pay special attention to searching and filtering parameters. The excellent searching feature is visible, offers autosuggestion, and allows to look for recipes by characteristics.
  5. Decide how to present step-by-step instruction: will it be a text guide or some video tutorials?
  6. Choose a marketing strategy. For example, you can invite a celebrity to become the face of your product and attract more users.

The Ways to Monetize the Application

app monetization

Now you know what features a good application must have and how to build it. It is high time to learn the ways to monetize the application, hence return investments and earn some revenue:

  •     In-app advertisements. Digital adverts are an incredible force of the market, and mobile applications are not an exception as well. According to Statista, in-app ads will help mobile apps earn $188.9 billion in 2020. Using such an option in your app, you can advertise some service or product, and earn more.
  •     In-app purchases. This is a well-known concept of IoT mobile apps that you can find in the app store. A user gets access to certain features or content for a definite period of time for extra fees. When the duration is over, a person can subscribe again.
  •     Freemium. It is the most efficient model of app monetization, and it requires developing a paid version of your product. If the users like a free version, they perhaps will be glad to download a paid one, with extended functionality.


If you have an idea for a cooking & recipe app development and want to implement it, the specialists of SwagSoft are ready to help you. We have a decent experience in building all types of applications and know-how to create a winning cooking product similar to a celebrity app  Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay. As a result, you will get not only a user-friendly app, but a thorough guideless from the drawing a sketch of the required product to the subsequent process of its monetization.