8 Popular Apps Developed in Singapore in 2019

8 Popular Apps Developed in Singapore in 2019

Smartphones have made our life much more convenient and allowed performing daily activities on the go. Keeping pace with technological advancement and satisfying arising needs of people is the very aim of mobile apps development. 

Singapore is an incredibly tech-savvy country, where each mobile app development company works as productive as possible in order to make a unique, high-quality product.  

In 2019, app development in Singapore has pleased us with many sheer novelties. We have put a list of top 8 phone apps that were developed in Singapore this year, and you would definitely like them!

SingPass Mobile 

If you are looking for an app that will help you with bureaucratic chores, you should definitely consider downloading SingPass Mobile. This app allows you to log in to any government service by only using your smartphone. 

All you have to do is to install this app, finish a one-time setup, and that’s it. From now, you can view all your government-verified data in one place. The app also includes some commonly-used digital services that you can easily use.

You don’t need to remember long passwords anymore. You can run the app using your fingerprint, face recognition, or simple 6-digit passcode.

SingPass Mobile allows you to acquire a secure and trusted digital identity that you can use wherever you are.

VBS Health

The implementation of smart payments is an essential element of Singapore’s smart city concept. VBS Health, developed by Swag Soft, is going to make a substantial contribution to the transformation of payment approaches. 

This mobile payment platform allows you to perform payments by scanning a QR code on the Point-of-Sales system screen. Its users also receive discounts even when shopping offline. 

A convenient referral system allows you to get extra credits every time your friends make a purchase using the VBS app.

VPN Proxy Master

If you are looking for a fast and secure VPN, then Singapore developers got something for you. VPN Proxy Master is a 100% free and unlimited VPN proxy. The app has more than 100,000 IP addresses for more than 2000 servers. You can connect anytime and enjoy the fast speed with no buffering or bandwidth throttling.

VPN Proxy Master guarantees your security and privacy. It uses a double VPN to create an extra layer of online privacy and does not keep any logs of its users.

The app is easy to use since no registration is needed. All you have to do is no install the app and unblock the world with only one tap.


SGWorkPass is a free mobile app that allows you to check the validity of work passes and long-term passes issued by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower. This brainchild of app development in Singapore is a must-have application for all employers, foreign employees, or agents. 

Using this app, you can instantly verify the validity of a work pass or long-term pass card by scanning the QR code with SGWorkPass. What if there is no QR code? No problem. You can also verify passcards using the unique Card Serial Number printed on them.

FastJobs SG 

Looking for a job in Singapore? Then FastJobs SG is the right app for you. This is a non-executive job search brought by the app development in Singapore.

This app offers many opportunities for full-time and part-time employment across multiple industries. You should only follow a three-step procedure. First, register for a free account. Second, search for jobs, building on salary expectations, location, job functions, and industry. Third, get in touch with an employer and start making money. 

You can finish the application process in less than 30 seconds!


INFOTECH Mobile is an award-winning HR software that can help you achieve your projected business goals. It is an attendance app that uses fingerprint/face recognition and GPS to provide information about employees’ activities. It allows you to ensure that the right employee is in the right place at work.

This app allows transferring many HR processes into digital space. For example, INFOTECH Mobile shows live notifications of leave alerts, offers customizable claim templates and 360 appraisal templates, and many more.

PropertyGuru Singapore

Finding a perfect home is a challenging and time-consuming task. Yet, PropertyGuru Singapore mobile app may assist you in your searches. This app provides you with access to a wide scope of residential properties. 

Do you look for landed houses, a condo, or commercial properties? PropertyGuru Singapore application can help you find any of these, both for sale and rent. 

A customizable search allows selecting price range, size, number of bedrooms, desired location, etc. You can shortlist preferred properties and even share details with friends via messengers, social media, and email.

Aviva ClaimConnect 

The word “insurance” is often associated with fussy paperwork. App development in Singapore strives to dispel this stereotype. Aviva ClaimConnect is an application that digitalizes insurance processes, which makes it a suitable app for your on-the-go needs.

Aviva ClaimConnect allows you to submit insurance claims via your mobile device. You can take a picture and submit the necessary documents via the application. Aviva ClaimConnect also helps you stay updated on the status of the claims, and can guide you to the nearest panel clinic.

This app, however, is available only for Aviva Singapore’s group insurance customers.

Final Thoughts

Now you see that app development in Singapore is a promising marketing niche. It develops with an inconceivable pace and produces many high-quality novelties each year.

If you are looking for the best mobile app developer in Singapore, then you have to make a hard choice since there is a wide selection to choose from.