7 Trends in the Internet of Things (IoT) Mobile App Development

7 Trends in the Internet of Things (IoT) Mobile App Development

The Internet of Things has become a buzzword in various industries, including consumer electronics, healthcare, and others. Due to the growing tendency of smart devices connected to the Worldwide Web, it’s not surprising that most of them are controlled with smartphones. The number of connected IoT devices is expected to grow to 64 billion in 2025, and the IoT market revenue is expected to reach an impressive $1 trillion

The Internet of Things has a significant influence on the mobile app development industry too. In this article, we will consider seven incredible trends in the Internet of Things influencing mobile app development.

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

AI and ML both are thriving technologies. They are facilitators of automation. Artificial intelligence has touched the lives of millions of people around the globe. Together with IoT, they are unique data-driven technologies shaping the future of human-machine interaction.

A combination of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technologies helps automate the routine tasks, simplify work, and get the most accurate information on the results when you provide services in different industries. They automate many processes what it is crucial for product manufacturing, for instance. 

Niche Development

Mobile app development companies continue adapting to the needs of the Internet of Things market. The developers should get ready for the increasing demand for connected devices and start working towards building products suitable to all kinds of simulated or physical gadgets, not only smartphones.

To build the digital products able to beat the competition in the market, the IoT product teams and mobile app developers need to collaborate. Consequently, it means a big change in the standard app development algorithms. Now, the development process should be adapted to the full IoT product lifecycle.

The focus is shifting from the mobile app’s functions to the IoT device’s features, in general. The mobile app developers should keep abreast with the emerging IoT trends, to be able to build mobile experiences that stand out in the market.

Open Source Development

Open Source development is a leading mobile app development trend for 2019. Some of the software development giants started sharing more programs online. Integration of the Internet of Things in mobile app systems provides developers with those programs so that it’s way easier to build an app.

Such a giant as Microsoft offers some great features for mobile app development startups. As IoT includes more and more aspects, there will be more programs available, and development would become more comfortable and faster.

IoT Platform

Typically, mobile app developers build their products for iOS and Android operating systems. However, there’s a new unified IoT platform, so they’ll have to shift their focus on this one. Furthermore, the ability to create an app on traditional platforms is relatively common now.

With the new IoT platform, many mobile app development companies are now considering to hire IoT experts, as it’s becoming more prevalent. This approach enables them to create their product in the best way so that it’s suitable for IoT devices.


Connectivity has been a buzzword for the last couple of years. Vehicles, smartphones, and all kinds of technology are now more connected than ever before. These connected devices have reached 6 billion last year in the consumer sector. 

When it comes to IoT, we need to forget the traditional connectivity solutions. Mobile app developers need to think of ways the product is going to connect to the Internet of Things itself. Such apps would have to integrate with a getaway. Developers are coming up with this idea as everything in this technology requires a different connection protocol. Nevertheless, it’s not the easiest thing to bring to reality.

Improved Security

The number of IoT devices based on different protocols and operating systems is continuously growing. It has become challenging to keep all the data shared between them secured. 

The number of companies that prefer enterprise IoT apps is increasing. To avoid corporate data leakage, mobile app developers should pay particular attention to the IoT app security. A whole new set of the right security measures has to be adopted to ensure there’s no harm to the data collected. IoT could be used to secure data storage and application code. Moreover, all applications connected to the network can be scanned via IoT protection.

Industrial Internet of Things

Before the IoT got its fantastic popularity which we can see today, it was limited to only a few industries, such as aerospace, consumer retail, and military. Today, the IoT has a significant influence on many industries. The enterprises started considering the idea of the industrial IoT incorporation in their processes. It could help deliver the consumer experience of the future and simplify the employees’ tasks by streamlining supply-chain management. And, it seems that we are only at the beginning of this digital transformation process. IoT’s applications in business tend to grow fast shortly.  

A Connected World

The Internet of Things is bringing the revolutionary changes into mobile app development. It opens up a whole new world of opportunities for businesses in various industries, and developers should be able to adapt to these changes quickly.  From the moment when you have just started planning your mobile app to a finished digital product, the IoT affects each stage of the app development process driving the future of all industries.