5 Ways to Find App Developers Quickly

5 Ways to Find App Developers Quickly

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a startup or a well-established enterprise, it’s always exciting when you come up with an idea for an app that carries a huge potential. Naturally, you will want to get the project rolling as soon as possible. 

But… how to find an app developer – that’s a big question. Let’s drive straight into five ways you can find app developers for game development, mobile app development, or any software concept you have in mind.

Look Within Your Existing Network

Most of us rely on Google to search for information. But, we sometimes forget that our own personal network is also a rich source. While Google can be very helpful if you ask about app developers near you, you’ll need to do a lot of vetting. 

On the other hand, word-of-mouth recommendations are superior because you’ll be getting reliable information from someone who’s dealt with the app developer firsthand. Your existing network can be a list of contacts or social media friends and followers you can reach out to on such platforms as Twitter or LinkedIn.

Be sure to give people within your network relevant details about the app you’re looking to develop and the type of skills you need. Once you get referred to a suitable developer, chances are that the developer can point you in a better direction if they’re not interested in the project itself.

Search on Freelance Sites

This is one of the most popular ways to find app developers. Right off the bat, you have freelance websites like:

  • Upwork
  • Fiver
  • Stack Overflow
  • Toptal 
  • Hired
  • DevTeam.Space

Besides freelance platforms like these, you also have online communities where app developers hang out and share ideas. Some developers even love blogging about their interests. Going through their content will give you a good idea of their level of industry knowledge and expertise.

This also applies to many freelance platforms since app developers are always showcasing samples of their work and uploading portfolios to increase the chances of getting hired. You can reach out to several developers at once for a no-obligation chat that helps you determine if they would be a good fit.

Recruit Budding Developers from Colleges and Universities

Finding an app developer can be as simple as scouting out talent from your local universities and colleges. Talk to the professors that teach computer science classes because they already know the top performers and which areas they excel in. You might have to face competition from other recruiters, but this is still a cost-efficient way of finding developers.

Advertise the Job to Add a Developer to Your In-house Team

If you already have an existing app development team, you can simply hire a new in-house addition. This works like any hiring process for a full-time position. First, you advertise the job and call in applicants for job interviews. Then, when you select the best person for the job, you onboard them to familiarize with the culture and other members.

Check B2B Directories and Dev Blogs for Outsource Teams

If you check out B2B directories, you’ll find that each company has ratings and reviews to give you an idea of their reputability. 

This makes it easier to hire an expert mobile app development team or tech consulting company from any location in the world. Outsource teams also have well-constructed websites with a wealth of information on the app development process.

In a nutshell, here are your options on where to find app developers online or in-person;


Pros Cons
  • Easier to vet the developer through first-hand feedback.
  • Easier to find a niche developer from your business partners and acquaintances.
  • No guarantee you’ll find recommendations.
Freelance Outlets
  • Keep your budget cost-efficient since you don’t have to cover employee benefits.
  • Easier to find developers on short notice
  • A wide range of specialized developers available.
  • Freelancers on these sites are only qualified for small projects.
  • With so many options available, it’s sometimes difficult to narrow down your search
  • Scalability, meeting of deadlines, reliability, and smooth communication are not always guaranteed.
Student App Developer
  • Will keep costs down since students don’t charge much because they also appreciate the experience you’re bringing.
  • New developers are more open to sharing your vision and seeing the potential in your project.
  • Might take longer because students have other commitments.
  • Students may not have the necessary experience and expertise.
Hire In-house
  • This is a more efficient way of hiring an app developer for long-term projects.
  • Communicating throughout the project is easier
  • The recruitment process allows you to find a developer who’s compatible with your business culture.
  • The recruitment process is more costly than other options.
  • You also have to factor in employee benefits to the cost
  • Hiring process is longer.
Hire an Outsource Team
  • Less expensive than hiring an in-house team.
  • Access to a wide range of software development services.
  • Best option for big projects and projects with advanced technologies.
  • Easier to scale up your project
  • More reliable and greater guarantee of quality than with freelancers.
  • The best outsource team might be overseas, so you’ll have to communicate remotely.
  • A bit more costly than hiring freelancers.

Steps to Finding an App Developer

Now that you know ways of finding app developers, here’s how to find the right app developer for your business needs:

  1. Figure out all the details related to the app concept and target market so that you can communicate them clearly to the developer.
  2. Decide whether to work with a freelancer or a company. (See pros and cons above)
  3. Do your research to be aware of the costs involved. Consider factors like experience, reviews, specialties, programming tools, development process, and communication process.
  4. Once you have singled out the best option, you then draft a contract and NDA.
  5. Get your project up and running!

Benefits of Hiring the Right Developer

  • If you don’t have a computer science or programming background, a developer will expertly fill in any knowledge gaps.
  • Even if you have programming knowledge, you’ll still need help with some grey areas. In addition, if you have a big project, hiring developers allows you to handle the project more efficiently.
  • Hiring a mobile apps development company means you don’t have to worry about security since they will take on that responsibility.
  • Developing an app can be quite expensive, especially if you’re interested in game development. However, hiring a developer can be cost-effective because you’ll get customized services to match your budget.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, here are the top five ways to find app developers:

  1. Recommendations from your network
  2. Browsing freelance websites, communities, and blogs
  3. Searching for top talent at colleges and universities
  4. Making a job post and hiring the best developer that applies
  5. Checking B2B directories and dev blogs for an outsource team

These options are right at your fingertips. According to Statista, mobile users are expected to reach a whopping 7.49 billion, and the worldwide mobile app revenue is expected to reach almost a trillion dollars by 2023. 

However, by hiring the right developer, you can easily boost your business’s bottom line. Your audience will be carrying your business in their pockets wherever they go soon enough!