5 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Mobile App Development Company

5 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Mobile App Development Company

Mobile apps development is currently reaching its apogee, and it is impossible to avoid the wave of hype. Yet, even today, it is hard to find a reliable and experienced mobile apps development company. Singapore is a treasure trove of skillful developers and almost certainly the right place to start searching. 

In any case, there are many nuances that you have to consider when hiring a mobile app development company. You should understand that you are going to work with these people for an extended period and pay them a considerable amount of money. Try to ask as many questions as you need to cover all of the key issues. 

Here are 5 crucial questions that you should ask when hiring a mobile app development company:

  1. Would You Please Show Me The Apps You Have Already Created?

Nothing illustrates the experience of a mobile app development company more than a portfolio of their successfully completed projects. By asking to show you the apps they have created, you are able to decide whether their style appeals to you. 

You can approach this matter by asking your candidates to tell you about the scores that their apps achieved on the App Store. Then, ask them to share links to some of their apps that are on Google Play or App Store.

Qualified mobile app development companies should be eager to provide you with a list of applications that they have developed or which they participated in creating.

  1. How Qualified Are Your Developers?

Always ask questions about the specific development team. This part should play a significant role in your mobile app development questionnaire. What experience do the developers have? What is the ratio of Senior/Junior employees in the team?  How many people will be working on your app?

You can also ask how good those developers are at meeting deadlines and being flexible, or how responsive and detail-orientated they are. 

All of these questions will help you to better understand whether the mobile apps development company possesses the necessary human resources and knowledge to cope with your project.

Nothing demonstrates the qualification of developers more than feedback from their past clients. A good reputation is a big plus for any mobile apps development company. Singapore can offer a wide variety of professionals with positive reviews.

  1. What Do Your Payment Terms Look Like?

Payment is one of the most important things that you will have to clarify before hiring a mobile app development company. Be sure that you have a flexible budget before agreeing on the pricing terms with your candidate. Mobile apps development is a complicated process, especially if it involves 3-D gaming or is database driven. A well-defined payment agreement with your developers is vital. 

This is why you should draft a written agreement that specifies the fee and the payment approach. Developers might charge by the hour or want to be paid with a flat fee. The best option, however, is to set specific milestones, after which you will make payments. Hence, you can split the payment procedure into stages. When the target of a stage is accomplished, the developers receive a reward. 

Remember that budget issues are one of the main reasons why mobile apps development can go wrong. You should always plan beforehand and clarify payment terms when hiring a development company. 

  1. How Will You Keep Me Updated?

Regardless of how talented and experienced your developers are, they cannot create an app that you want without your supervision. This is why you should strive to maintain constant contact with the hired team and be aware of all updates. 

You should clarify how you will be updated on progress beforehand. Any decent mobile app development company will be happy to cooperate with you and update you about each successful stage of development. 

Usually, there is a person in charge who will provide you with access to some project-management applications like Basecamp, Asana, or Jira. Those platforms allow you to continually monitor the progress of the development process. It is also possible that they prefer email communication, but unlike collaboration tools, this method does not let you observe progress in real-time.

  1. Will You Maintain My App Post-Launch?

Even when the development is finished and your app is already on the market, it is wrong to assume that the work is completely done. Bugs or upgrades will arise from time to time. Just like a human being, your app needs constant support and maintenance. That is why you should ensure that the hired mobile app development company will not abandon your app immediately after creation.

If your candidates cannot support the app when the development process is over, then you should ensure that they maintain technical documentation for how to use and manage the app. This information is a must in any case. But if you have detailed documentation, then it will be much easier for other developers to improve the functionalities as per your request. 

Final Thoughts

Though you might have a vision already, choosing the right development company plays a vital role in the success of your app. Always try to learn as much information about your candidates as you can. What is their reputation? How successful are their finished projects?

When the stakes are high, it is always better to ask rather than assume. Always try to clarify any nuances that you are concerned about.

Then, choose a development company that will help you achieve your business goals and turn your vision into reality.