5 Mobile App Development Trends Gaining Steam in 2019

5 Mobile App Development Trends Gaining Steam in 2019

Mobile users increase in numbers. We won’t bother you with boring statistics on it, you already know it’s true. Does your grandma have a smartphone? Probably yes. We rest our case. What’s important, however, is that with the advent of mobile technologies comes the shift in user’s preferences.

We get a lot more used to doing stuff with our phones, that we become more demanding. We want our experience to be more elevated, so to speak. We’re looking for simplicity but also for the entirety, we’re looking for speed but also for substance, and so forth.  Naturally, these demands change over time. And as they do, they tend to shape up different trends.

2019 will be an interesting year. There’s no doubt about it. Mobile application development will continue to boom and being the curious and passionate devs that we are, we’ll try to take a shot at what’s going to trend in 2019. Here we go.

#1 Health-Related Mobile Apps for Wearable Devices

Open your Facebook feed and scroll down to its current daily bottom. Did you see someone posting a picture in the gym, of his “healthy” meal? Or perhaps a “Get Ripped Quick” fitness course? Chances are that you have. Everyone’s obsessed with healthy living. Don’t get us wrong – that’s awesome! But it’s also shaping a trend.

People are beginning to use more and more wearable smart devices. Samsung’s Galaxy Watches, the Apple Watch, Smartwatches by Huawei, and whatnot – they’re all hot right now.  But what do people really use them for? Emails? Calls? Messages? Nah – they use them to look at the time and to follow their daily health routines. Well, and perhaps for the silent alarm.

In any case, this is something that we believe will trend in 2019 as it doesn’t appear to lose any steam whatsoever. Instead, more and more people are actively engaging in healthy routines on a daily basis and mind the state of their current condition. Props.

#2 Internet of Things and Decentralized Apps

Blockchain, anyone? It’s perhaps one of the most recognized words of 2018 and it’s definitely not going away in 2019. Did you hear about Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 and its added support for decentralized applications? That’s right – the S10 will support DApps.

While this is still something fairly nascent and has a huge way to go before it gets anywhere near mass adoption, as a professional mobile app development team, we can’t give the credit it deserves. We’ve yet to see if DApps will make the impact they are possed to make, but it’s definitely something that’s catching up to speed and has to be reckoned with.

#3 M-Commerce, Because Why Not

As boring as this may sound to you, mobile shoppers are not going away. Instead, they’re only increasing in numbers. But why not?

Shopping from your phone has become so convenient, it’s challenging to remember a time without it. And that’s entirely okay.

Mobile commerce, in our own opinion, will remain one of the hottest trends in mobile app development in 2019 and probably beyond it as well. As the number of mobile users increases, more and more people will start shopping on their phone through different mobile apps – it’s basic math.

#4 AR/VR Apps, Their Era is Just Beginning

Our VR development arm definitely has a say in this. But it’s true. VR and AR oriented apps are gaining steam for a range of different reasons.

First, it’s high-tech. It’s just awesome. Cutting things with your virtual sword while shooting cyber zombies and fighting the bad guys in your own bedroom – can it get any cooler than this? VR made it possible.

But there’s going to be a serious demand from retail and consumer-oriented specializations as well. VR and AR can add so much value to a brand if used properly, that it will become increasingly hard to ignore them. So that’s definitely a mobile app development trend we’d like to keep an eye on.

#5 Minimalism

We said it in the beginning – people are looking for simplicity. When they want to read news on a mobile app, that’s what they want – news. They don’t want to go through fifty different tabs to find the news they came to read in the first place.

If you’ll notice, major social media websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Facebook, are aiming for as much simplicity as they can on their mobile versions.

They present their features in a simplistic and minimalistic way so that the user can have the best experience on the platform.


There you have it. Five trends gaining steam brought to you by yours truly, Swag Soft. So perhaps if you’ve decided to embark on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur and a mobile app is part of your big-money plans, give us a call. Let’s talk. We’ll see what’s hot and what’s not and we’ll come up with something kick-ass together.