5 Hot Game Development Trends to Watch For in 2019

5 Hot Game Development Trends to Watch For in 2019

Gaming is one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world. However, it’s also very hard to predict. We’ve all witnessed some of the biggest gaming trends in the last few years and honestly, we never saw coming some of them.

No one expected a game like Minecraft to become such a huge thing and even dominate pop culture, right? As gaming doesn’t stop evolving, developers are trying to keep up and do their best to make people happy. Below we’ve listed some of the game development trends to watch out for in 2019.

Augmented Reality

We all know what Pokemon Go did a while ago. It made millions of people go out on the streets to catch all of the pokemon or collect things from Pokestops. Lots of different people, most of which aren’t even into gaming, came together over augmented reality. This was only for a while but it shows it’s potential. Now we can expect even bigger things to come and wait for the next hit in AR which may come out this year. AR development will surely continue to strive.

Battle Royale

Nothing new here. This massive trend from 2018 doesn’t seem to be stopping this year as well. With over 125 million players Battle Royale seems to be the most preferred genre and this has definitely caught the attention of developers. Many traditional shooting games have released Battle Royale modes. That’s why we expect a lot more to come.

Cross-Platform Play

You have a PlayStation and could never play with your friend because he has an Xbox? That will no longer be a thing. Last year we got our first taste of full cross-platform support in the face of Fortnite. It allowed you to play on every device which made it very accessible and a lot more people had the chance to try it and play together. Games developed for different devices is something we’ll start seeing more often.

Mobile Gaming

We mentioned Fortnite and we couldn’t think of a better example of the evolution of mobile gaming. A lot more console-quality games are expected to come out for iPhones and Android. The dream of every mobile game is slowly coming to reality. Now they have the chance to play together with the rest of the big platforms. Smartphones today are getting more and more powerful so console-quality graphics are definitely something to watch out for.

Virtual Reality

This is what we call a 3D artificial environment of computer gaming. It helps the user to experience this environment as real. VR is not yet mainstream but it’s grown rapidly in the last two years. Experts actually suggest that video games are just the beginning of it. It is expected that virtual reality to be used for a lot more purposes like driving lessons for example. Hence, VR development is a lot more likely to continue to gain momentum.


We’ve seen lots of massive trends in the gaming industry recently. Most of them had a surprising success. The above listed are only a small part of what could be expected in 2019. With this speed of evolving, we could witness many more exciting releases. Game developers and mobile app developers need to quickly adapt to the never stopping innovations and create up-to-date content for their users in order to keep their attention. The accessibility makes gaming experience possible for a lot more people now and making them happy could only get harder. 

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