5 Ground-Breaking Changes Across The Mobile Gaming Industry In 2019

5 Ground-Breaking Changes Across The Mobile Gaming Industry In 2019

How mobile gaming is set to change with the advent of cloud gaming, mergers, and pioneering new genres.


Mobile gaming has been one of the most promising and profitableindustries in the world, since its inception in 1994 with a game based on Tetris for the . Yet even today in 2019 it is extremely difficult to forecast and measure trends within the booming industry.

User engagement continues to grow along with investors’ interest in mobile web development. More often than not, developers choose to upgrade old games or to announce a mobile version of a pre-existing and popular console or desktop franchise.

In 2019 the expectations for mobile game development have been set even higher. If you want to discover more about how mobile gaming is going to change this year, read on. 

A New World Of Cloud Gaming

According to Microsoft, in 2019, IT giants will focus on the B2C market and so we will see more investments in content acquisition and infrastructure.

Cloud gaming is an excellent opportunity here and it goes far beyond the entertainment industry. Microsoft now generates enormous revenues from its cloud-based services. Gaming opens the door to a whole new market and broadens its adoption by users.

Amazon is in the best position to run with this opportunity. Their market share in cloud computing is currently over 50% and they have an active user acquisition with Twitch. Though we should bear in mind that Amazon’s previous efforts in interactive entertainment haven’t produced incredible results, despite their expenditure.

As these giant companies begin their forays into cloud gaming, there will likely be some intriguing partnerships to come. Tencent and Google, for instance, are currently working together on a project in China. Meanwhile, established names in the gaming industry such as Nintendo and other established game development companies are expected to work on cloud gaming alone.

Cross-Platform Gaming

As digitalization progresses, the bulk of interactive entertainment will become a thing of the past. Online gaming is finally set to break down the silos, and 2019 is the year of cross-platform play. 

A great example of this is last year’s hit Fortnite, which boosted the market value of Epic Games to an eye-watering $15 billion.

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Its success across all platforms has forced legacy publishers to consider what this method could do for their own franchises. Hearthstone continues to dominate the collective game card category because they work on multiple platforms and also offer Twitch integration.

Cross-platform play is expected to be on all game developers’ agenda for the coming decade.

The Popularization Of New Genres

Just when we think we’ve seen it all an entirely new genre pops-up and steals the show. Indeed a genre switch seems like a reasonable step to keep games entertaining and to get rid of the tiresome struggle with mobile game controls.

An excellent example of providing a tremendous hand-to-hand combat gaming experience on mobile is KoF: All-Stars. This game has enjoyed massive success in South Korea. Its creators, Netmarble, believe that the genre doesn’t have to be a top-seller to be successful. Another one of their pioneer products – Lineage 2 has amassed $1,5 billion from player spendings.

Because players around the world have different preferences, developers create multiple versions of games for different audiences around the world. 

New Alliances And Further Consolidation

With the reduction in consumer spending, some companies are expected to go out of business, despite the gaming industry being valued at $35 billion in the US – that’s three times as much as the US film industry. This leaves some room for speculation on who will buy out who. There have already been some small acquisitions across Europe, and the trend of buying out smaller studios is ongoing. 

Giants like Tencent will need to diversify if they want to continue satisfying their customers. They’ve been making further investments in western companies and platforms, which seems to be a good strategy, as it lowers competition across PC and mobile – two of the most innovative fields.

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5G Is Here – But What Are Its Impacts?

Many new mobile app development trends in 2019 are contingent on 5G. Among the most impacted categories will be mobile gaming. 

Moving to 5G means an average download speed of around 1Gbps, which is much higher than networks can currently achieve. 5G is expected to revolutionize gaming and is a step closer to getting rid of superseded consoles that have been around for decades now. 

5G will provide easy access to all of the hottest titles, without any lengthy waits on downloads and installation. We can expect many more great features, which we will try out for ourselves soon.

Mobile Gaming Is On The Rise

The introduction of 5G will be a game-changer for mobile development in every way. It’s set to improve mobile usage in general, which opens up many opportunities for building higher quality games for a greater experience.

2019 is an exciting year for mobile gaming. We have included some of the most significant ways in which the industry is set to change by the end of the year. But it’s an unpredictable field, so, for the most part, we’ll have to wait and see.