5 Advantages of Hiring a Mobile App Development Company in Singapore

5 Advantages of Hiring a Mobile App Development Company in Singapore

Mobile development offers countless opportunities, as mobile applications can be successfully used to expand the customer base, as well as connect with existing users at the individual level, increasing retention. Nevertheless, looking for an experienced and reliable mobile application development company may be quite challenging for business. 

Although local developers have brought excellent popular mobile apps to the market, some companies in Singapore consider outsourcing mobile app development to Vietnam or India to cut on development costs. If you still hesitate whether to hire mobile app development locally, look at these 5 advantages of hiring a mobile app development company in Singapore that are sure to contribute to your product success. 

#1 Great Professionals 

Singapore can boast a great number of professionals working specifically in the sphere of mobile app development. Lots of mobile app development companies in Singapore, Swag Soft among them, are fruitfully cooperating with clients worldwide, delivering superior quality products from mobile games to complex enterprise mobile app solutions. 

Singapore app development companies follow the latest mobile app development trends, use diverse technology and service a vast range of industries. Thus, you can always find the company with exclusive experience suiting your needs among mobile app agencies in Singapore. 

#2 Supportive Laws and Transparency  

According to the country’s Ministry of Finance, corporate regulatory policies in Singapore focus on “development and facilitation rather than control”. One example of such facilitation is bringing IP and copyright laws in accordance with global laws on IP protection. Appreciating Singapore’s reliable IP environment, the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) decided to set up its first Asian regional office here in 2009.

Moreover, Singapore has a strong governance structure and has one of the lower crime rates in the world. According to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, it is the least corrupt country in Asia, which is a very important factor for anyone considering doing business here.

#3 Local Market 

According to data.gov.sg reporting on the latest statistics on mobile app penetration rates, Singaporeans really make big use of mobile apps. This can be also evident from the increase in mobile app development for iOS and Android consumers, which has become a powerful trend in Singapore. 

This trend has brought about perceived changes in the local mobile app development landscape. A number of good mobile application development companies have gathered in Singapore and they invest in cutting-edge technology for application development. To meet the growing requirements of their end-users, large brands, organizations, and enterprises in Singapore have been pushing mobile app developers to improve the development standards. 

#4 Avoiding the Challenges of Outsourcing 

Communication is vital to any project success, mobile app development in particular. When you hire a remote company to develop a product for your business, it requires much attention to the organization of communication, cultural awareness and readiness to embrace diversity.

Differences in pronunciation, vocabulary, and accent can pose additional barriers to communication. While an experienced mobile app development company in Singapore can help you overcome these challenges, there is a risk that working with a remote company won’t work well for you. 

#5 Performance and Compliance Supervision

Working with a remote mobile app development company, you should be ready to let go close supervision of the project or security compliance. Meanwhile, working with a local app development service provider, you can always be aware of the project progress and any emerging issues. You can also meet the team regularly to make sure they understand the overall goal and see a larger picture behind your product, which has a dramatic impact on motivation. 

If your project presupposes sharing much confidential information, it is obligatory to scrupulously check the office of the company and predict any possible threats to security breaches. While this is an easy thing to do if you hire a mobile add development company in Singapore, it will be difficult to check on companies in India or Vietnam.   

Concluding Thoughts 

Hiring mobile apps development in Singapore has a wealth of advantages. These include the ability to work with top professionals following the best industry practices, leveraging strong competition between app development companies in Singapore to gain better services, and favorable legal and business conditions. At the same, it allows avoiding the cons of hiring a company remotely, in India or Vietnam. More than that, these advantages may easily be doubled if you do research before hiring a mobile development company and partner with an experienced service provider. 

Singapore has much to offer in terms of mobile development. Thus, why not give it a try?