Swag Soft Appreneur Program

Have a great idea but not a techie? Let's explore working together.

Swag Soft is looking to invest our expertise into entrepreneurs with great mobile app ideas.

If you are a lone entrepreneur or a small team of entrepreneurs looking to make your riches in the app business, you may not know where to start, how to start, where to get a reliable app developer with proven track records, whether your idea is workable, how to market your app, how to setup your app so that it can engage and monetize, how to continually maintain your app, how to create a sustainable app business model, projections, exit strategy and a gadzillion other questions.


Swag Soft’s founders are experts in all the above areas and can help fill in the blanks. Think of us as an all-in-one super partner with expertise in development, business, engagement, gamification and marketing.


We really shouldn’t have to answer this question, but in case anyone is wondering, the answer is no.

Our program is designed to help reduce the initial cash outlay from the entrepreneur and to contribute various forms of expertise to the project. But this does not mean that the entrepreneur comes in with zero cash. The entrepreneur must still be prepared to invest a reasonable amount of money for the development of the app.


Swag Soft agrees to absorb 25% off the total agreed upon development costs of the app. Furthermore, we will contribute continual consultancy and advice on the following –

i) marketing to grow the user base
ii) user experience engagement through gamification
iii) app monetization and business model
iv) projection, revenue and cashflow
v) technical issues

Lastly, we will also absorb the costs of maintenance to the app for as long as it makes economical sense. All these translate to enormous savings for the appreneur and a partnership with a reliable tech / business partner.


Maintenance – As long as it makes economical sense, Swag Soft will support the maintenance of the app. This means updating the app accordingly to keep up with the latest mobile OS updates so that they continue to function and technical issues are fast resolved to keep the users happy. This is not to be confused with iterations.

Iterations – Iterations mean new versions of the mobile app that offers new features. Swag Soft’s invested contributions do not include this. The reason we do not include this is because creating new versions of the app involve copious amount of work, and undertaking such a task must be justified by good reasons such as growing interest in the app, etc. On a more reasonable basis – if the app starts making revenue or an investor decides to back the project – it will be better that money is paid to the development team to do this.


In return for our contributions, Swag Soft will require an equity percentage stake in the project. We will discuss this more in detail if we get to the stage where we are keen to work with each other.


There are obviously a lot more details to iron out in a deal like this. But if you have a bright app idea and think you like the sound of the Swag Soft Appreneur Program, please contact us using the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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