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Customized mobile app development has been a staple service of Swag Soft since our inception and we have helped make great apps for dozens of clients. Swag Soft has a robust team of programmers, designers and business advisors. On the technical side, we have a very experienced CTO with more than 15 years of experience in the industry leading a team of programmers with at least 3 years of experience each. On the graphics side, we have a highly competent creative director leading a small but talented team of designers and graphics artists. Also, we can add immense value to your project by giving you advice on improving your app idea and marketing it effectively to ensure visibility in the app marketplace.


Swag Soft employs a tried-and-tested mobile app development process which provides the best value for our clients and also brings out the best potential in their projects. We do not believe in cutting corners because shoddy work reflects badly on us. Good work however, puts badges on us, something which we wear proudly – as exhibited by the numerous positive customer testimonials.


In the past, websites were an essential business marketing tool. Today, mobile apps are THE essential marketing tool. Below are just some of the many ways you can employ a mobile app to help your business:

  • showcase your products or services
  • help customers understand your products better
  • keep in touch with your customers
  • notify your customers on promotions
  • educate your customers
  • entertain and engage your customers
  • bring your customers closer to you
  • drive traffic to your business
  • generate sales leads
  • increase sales


Perhaps you are somebody with a brilliant idea for a mobile app who just needs a reliable team to bring it to life? We have helped many entrepreneurs out by not just developing apps for them, but helping them shape their raw ideas into executable app designs, discussing potential business models with them, sharing marketing strategies we know so well and even providing long-term support for their apps. We love app entrepreneurs and we want them to succeed!


App Development Project - ArKeep

Despite the growth in digital marketing, some companies are still struggling to excel with these marketing trends. The lack of understanding and high cost involved in tapping on this channel results in having marketers fall right back into promoting with inefficient prints and standees at roadshows.

However, with the release of arKEEP, an augmented reality solution developed by Swag Soft and arKEEP Media, brands can now create a mobile micro-site in less than 10 minutes and showcase their brand information along with engaging media content such as videos, PDFs and images.

The process is simple. arKEEP conveniently allows brands that are registered with it to access an in-app micro-site with just a simple image scan. This exclusive micro-site will then provide the brands a variety of communication features for them to convey their message to the users.

With an array of digital marketing features, arKEEP makes a good marketing solution across different industries. From providing hardware partners a chance to present video instruction manuals to allowing service providers to easily reward their users, arKEEP can be very useful for brands to reach out to their consumers.

In addition, arKEEP can also help to provide an assessment on various rewards campaigns by tracking redemption statistics with arKEEP’s unique 4-digits passcode feature and refined backend system. With that information, brands can now have a better measure of their campaign’s efficiency.

This collaboration with arKEEP Media shows that with the help of a professional mobile app developer, entrepreneurs can also provide good value to both businesses and consumers. Today, arKEEP is empowering more than 20 reputable brands through the arKEEP Media Solution.


App Development Project - Planit SG
App Development Project - Planit SG

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“Throughout this partnership, Swag Soft has not only showcased great professionalism, but very often, willing to share ideas to further improve the product. The app has vastly improved from what I have initially conceptualised. As the product is nearly its launch date, the quality has given me enough confidence to start speaking to more potential partners. Thank you for the great app development experience.”

Cen Zuoye


One of the most crucial choices to make when it comes to planning for travel trips is to decide between going on a free & easy trip or a guided tour.

The joy of travelling free & easy is to have the total freedom and flexibility to manage the travel schedule. However, more than often, travellers who opt for this approach will find themselves lost amidst their research as they attempt to sieve through the tons of random recommendations available on the internet.

On the other hand, guided tours may bore the travellers with mundane visits to overpriced chocolate factories or those typical over-rated attractions.

Hence, noticing this dilemma, Primo Pte Ltd decided to approach Swag Soft to develop a mobile app that equips the travellers with valuable local insights to help them travel freely.

As a result, Planit SG is conceived. Designed specially to help travellers customise their trip and make sure that they get the best out of it, the mobile application allows users to curate their own itinerary based on the duration of their trip. Users also get to set up their agenda checklist through a mix-and-match category system with featured hashtags such as, “Cultural”, “Night Life”, “Shopping” and etc.

Besides, Planit SG also allows users to fill in their personal preferences to ensure that the recommendations are accurately curated based on the individual traveller’s dietary preferences and energy level.

To prove authenticity, PlanIT SG also makes a point not to promote activities and places that are plugged by sponsored advertisements. Instead, attractions featured within the app are crowd-sourced from the public and definitely honest and valuable insights from true blue local residents. This way, travellers can bid goodbye to absurd and expensive “local” fares and any undesirable affiliations with travel companies. So, as Planit SG slogan goes, “Come as a tourist, travel as a local!”.

Aside from that, to ensure that the featured activities are constantly improving, the app also allows users to propose or re-assign the activities into different categories after experiencing them. This helps Planit SG to adapt to travellers’ feedback and enhances the recommendations accordingly to stay relevant to the travellers.

Now, with Planit SG, easy and fuss free planning will always be within your fingertips! Just within 2 minutes, users can get a customised itinerary, specially tailored to fit their interest, diet and energy level. Above that, access to the users’ itineraries without connecting to the internet is also available with just an additional 99 cents.


App Development Project - Job Relate
App Development Project - Job Relate

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“We started with SwagSoft after comparing with other developers in the market. What we can guarantee is the quality of work they are able to deliver will not disappoint their customers. Graphics, ideas to improve the app, and the working attitude is top notch. The value added service they provide is something that set Swagsoft apart from others.”

Denny Asalim


It can be quite irrelevant for companies to engage someone who is not adept in their industry to recommend a competent and appropriate individual for the applicable job. However, many companies are still doing so by relying on recruiting agencies to handle their talent acquisitions.

Titan Enterprise recognized this problem and decided to make use of mobile innovation to solve it. Swag Soft was approached to develop Job Relate, a mobile application specially designed to rectify this issue.

Job Relate is a platform that allows job seekers to put up their resumes along with their specific skillsets, knowledge and interests. At the same time, employers will also be given a suite of tools to search for qualified individuals that fit in with their ideal criteria before reaching out to them.

In short, it is a platform which puts an individual perpetually out on the job market regardless whether he already has a job or not so that opportunities can keep knocking on his door.

To ensure that job seekers are intelligently hidden from their current employers (because current employers may not be happy that they are technically still looking for better offers), Job Relate gives them full control of their privacy settings.

With purchased credits in Job Relate, employers can also archive the profiles of potential hires to expedite the scouting process when future opportunities arise. This way, employers will be able to save up on scouting cost and break free from inflexible and impractical packages offered by conventional recruitment agencies.

Additionally, Job Relate includes a messaging system to enable the employers and job seekers to build rapport online before meeting face-to-face. This not only helps to safeguard the interest of both parties, it also allows job seekers to perform ad-hoc collaborations and networking.

Job Relate is a perfect example of how a traditional business can be improved through mobile innovation. With Swag Soft, reinventing the wheel might not be such a bad idea after all.


“It has been a pleasure working with Swag Soft; where Quality and Timely delivery has always been of paramount importance in any app development project, both criterions which Swag Soft has given to us as partners. We’re proud to have collaborated with them with some of our clients and will continue to do so.”

Shawn Ignatius


Establishing effective communication with consumers can be challenging for brands as they face stiff competition from competitors using similar advertisements on the same platforms.

How do they stand out?

Recognising this, BMW decided to engage Swag Soft along with Sheer Industry to create the BMW All Access Pass, a novel concept that can help BMW manifest the true meaning of style in the automobile industry and reinforce their brand personality.

The BMW All Access Pass is an augmented reality application that gives users an exclusive access to BMW Art Sports held at the Esplanade. Through the app, users will be able to unlock stunning musical performances when they scan featured posters around the Esplanade.

Users also get the chance to bring back interesting prizes by earning badges that epitomize the fine qualities of BMW as a leading luxury car brand and bring across different aspects of art such as dynamism, elegance, passion and power.

Through this augmented reality mobile app, BMW can engage stakeholders on a deeper level and bring across their brand values in an interactive manner.


App Development Project - Nissin Photo App
App Development Project - Nissin Photo App

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“To say that Swagsoft provided fast, effective and reliable app development solutions would be an understatement – these guys are simply incredible! A very hardworking bunch, we were very impressed with their prompt service and outstanding performance.”

Frederick Poon


With the changing landscape of marketing in recent years, brands have been forced to improve customer engagement and retention through the use of social media and mobile apps.

However, it is important for brands to understand their consumers in order to ensure that their engagement activities remain robust and relevant. For this reason – cup noodle pioneer Nissin – wanted to conduct an exercise to find out which of their Nissin cup noodle flavours resonate most with customers so that they can engage them better.

Swag Soft was thus invited by Nissin and their brands consultancy firm T.Y.A Singapore to come up with an innovative app to serve this purpose.

The result was Nissin FLAVOURite, a fun and delightful photo app which allowed users to take photos of themselves and apply their favourite Nissin favour (out of a selection of 12 flavours) as a photo frame. The photos could then be shared with friends and family for a good laugh or be saved as keepsake. Through this mobile app, Nissin got a better understanding of their consumer base and was also able to identify the more popular choice amongst their product range.

The photo app was promoted in major supermarkets and shoppers were encouraged to use the app. There was also a lucky draw through which one lucky winner could win a trip to Japan.

The Nissin FLAVOURite photo app was a rousing success. Within a month, the app garnered hundreds of photos contributed by avid Nissin fans and in turn, Nissin was able to strengthen their market presence and understand their customers more.


App Development Project - Beam
App Development Project - Beam

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“With their experience in the industry and a great understanding of client needs, Swagsoft has always provided us with very useful advice, and in many situations going beyond their expected job scope to give us extra value. Client-focused, patient, efficient – that would be a summary of our joyful relationship thusfar.”

Irwin Lim

Managing Director, MOSAIC SINGAPORE

In an era where reviews and opinions are readily available for public scrutiny on social media, word of mouth marketing is more influential than ever. With brands striving to promote their latest innovations and consumers ever willing to experiment with them, Alternatespace decided to tap into modern technology to meet the objectives of both the brands and consumers.

With the help of Swag Soft, Alternatespace created BEAM, a photo-sharing app that allows users to attach company branded virtual stickers to their photos and share it with their friends and followers. But that’s not all. Users can also unlock and redeem exclusive vouchers sponsored by these brands.

Crafted to cater to a wide spectrum of influencers, the BEAM photo app features brands from many industries and even celebrities.

Additionally, BEAM also studies the users’ usage patterns through specifically defined data points. By understanding how users respond to the brands’ content, brand owners can calibrate their content and rewards to encourage higher adoption rates.

BEAM struck a collaboration deal with The Straits Times just shortly after launch, to create their event stickers for the Strait Times Run 2014.

Through BEAM, it is proven that a single well-designed app can help brands effectively utilise the mobile platform to boost and engage their target audiences.


App Development Project - EHealth Records
App Development Project - EHealth Records

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“Dedicated to clients and their specific needs, Swagsoft never failed to provide the best solutions to when developing our app. Their replies were prompt and we always looked forward to receiving them as they often carried useful suggestions from the team. There is definitely no question about their competence and skill in app development. It is an added bonus that the team members have a pleasant and patient nature that made it such a joy to with them.”

Andrew Fang


Healthcare innovation initiatives have always been tricky. The million dollar question has always been ,”Who should be committing effort to improve health care? Policy makers, individuals or professionals in the industry?” Swag Soft was fortunate enough to meet two bright young doctors who decided to take control of this situation. The excellent partnership began when doctors, Andrew Fang and Teng Hwee, approached Swag Soft to develop e-Health Records Singapore (

The EHR app solves various pain points both practitioners and the public face. The core objectives are to standardize paper-less administrative processes within the healthcare industry as well as empowering individuals to take charge of their own health records.

To start things off, users get to create their own account, validated with their own nRIC number. Through, users can conveniently update their own medication schedule, conditions, drug allergy, visit summaries of past consultations, Next-of-kin (NOK) details and insurance policies.

Users can also easily keep track appointment schedules with doctors. Recording such information is just the tip of the iceberg. Users can generate a one-time password trough their account for doctors to login via a web portal specifically designed for doctors to review patients’ records. Doctors will only have 30 minutes access to the records before they are automatically logged out.

Integration is key in such innovations. Just within six months after was launched, the app has gained enough traction to encourage a version 2.0. In 2.0, clinics and doctors play a bigger role from duties as systematic as registering of new patients, to processes as organic as collaborations amongst different doctors. Doctors can even endorse medical certification, prescribe medication and if necessary, administer emergency rescue procedures.

The innovation behind build isn’t ground breaking. It was the decision to properly execute the plan with a reliable partner to fill up a glaring gap to benefit the society which made this an excellent product. At Swag Soft, we do not create every app on the app store, but when we do, we create apps that matter.


App Development Project - Toyota VIOs
App Development Project - Toyota VIOs

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It is almost inevitable for brands to convert their heavy, chunky, unfortunately “limited edition” paper catalogs to a sleek, intuitive digital interactive version. However, this upgrade is easier said than done. Many brands see the value in crossing to the digital world, but lack expertise to fulfill that objective. Fortunately for Toyota, T.Y.A Singapore and Swag Soft agreed to collaborated to develop the Toyota VIOS app to introduce the new Toyota VIOS.

As Toyota VIOS app’s primary objective is to facilitate the sales executive’s pitch, the app is designed to be easy to use, seamlessly integrating into presentation and intuitively guiding consumers to the cars’ selling points.

The app flaunts the performance, safety and beauty of the new improved VIOS in great details. Understanding that new VIOS caters to a wide audience, the app is intricately designed to be pleasing to all. Besides showcasing its performance, users can witness the beauty of the car without seeing the actual thing.

The application includes a beautifully rendered 3D model of Toyota VIOS where users can easily change the body’s color. With just an intuitive swipe, users can have a good view of how their potential car looks like. Sales executives can also seize this opportunity to showcase how VIOS merge performance and beauty as users dive into the car interior, exploring the dashboard in either classy champagne or black interior.

This promotional app is peppered with videos and images serving as effective visual aids. For a more personal touch, the app housed footages of interviews with VIOS Chief Engineer and his esteemed development team. Equipped with the Toyota VIOS app, sales executive no longer have to solely rely on static, boring physical catalogs. Leveraging on technology, potential customers are not merely introduced to the product, but the vision behind the brand.

Toyota has perfectly illustrated that ground operations can be enhanced through properly integrated ideas. Swag Soft is proud to play a huge role in empowering such innovation in various industries.


App Development Project - Talking Bean

Started in 1995, Mr Bean is the leading chain soya bean food & beverage retailer in Singapore today. With more than 50 outlets located islandwide, Mr Bean offers a variety of soya bean drinks and snacks. Young and old can enjoy refreshing ice blended flavoured soya drinks, ice-creams, pastries and more.

Adopting a fast food concept, Mr Bean possesses the experience and technology to produce fresh and delectable product offerings with rich nutritional value. Today, Mr Bean prides himself on a strong corporate philosophy – where constant research goes into producing healthy and creative products.

Mr Bean has also taken its first step in digital marketing by engaging Swag Soft and MediaFreaks to produce an irresistibly cute and engaging cute talking application based on Mr Bean himself!

App Development Project - Talking Bean

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“Dedicated to clients and their specific needs, Swagsoft never failed to provide the best solutions to when developing our app. Their replies were prompt and we always looked forward to receiving them as they often carried useful suggestions from the team. There is definitely no question about their competence and skill in app development. It is an added bonus that the team members have a pleasant and patient nature that made it such a joy to with them.”

Rebecca Collins


My Makeup Collection also allows users to curate a wish list. This can either be used as a shopping list, a shameless “donation list”, or simply a husband’s lifesaver. Once user owns the product, she can shift it to her database.

Striving to be a woman’s best companion, My Makeup Collection has a “Looks” section where they can take selfies and declare which products they used to achieve this particular look. This is especially helpful for makeup artists to track their experiments and can be doubled as a handy portfolio.

Clad beneath its sweet purple and pink interface, user can have an overview of their favorite product and brand in a form of a simple pie chart. Reviewing the pie chart gives user an accurate feedback on how much they love particular brands or product. Such information is very helpful for 174 East to advice brands and retails on distribution strategies.

My Makeup Collection has won awards within Australia for being one of the best apps in year 2013. We thank 174 East Pty Ltd for selecting Swag Soft to be part of this rewarding journey and we look forward to build more award winning apps.


App Development Project - Absolut Vodka
App Development Project - Absolut Vodka

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ABSOLUT HIBISKUS SURVEY AND VOTING APP Our second project involved developing a survey iPad app used during events to collect opinions from event guests to find out which Absolut Hibiskus drink do they think best represents Malaysia. The guests got to pick from 5 cocktails and share their favourite drink on Facebook. In doing so, they also receive special recipes so that they can make their own brew at home.

ABSOLUT VODKA PHOTO APP Our first project with Absolut Vodka was an on-site app that was installed across mobile devices displayed in DFS Stores located across all the Singapore airport terminals. The objective was to engage users to take pictures of themselves and share them over social media platforms and through email.


App Development Project - Sing with Olive

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Created by Emmy award-winning animation studio, Peach Blossom Media, and featuring the writers of Dora the Explorer and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, this interactive and musical series is designed to introduce preschoolers to English vocabulary in an exciting and captivating way. Using music, movement and challenging puzzles, Olive and her friends explore the world of nursery rhymes and fix the language-related problems they encounter.

Within a week of launch, Sing with Olive became the top paid app of the Education category and was featured on several local radio stations and publications as one of the best kids apps alongside the Katakune Super Baby Flash Cards.

Music and Movement – Sing and dance along with Olive and learn nursery rhymes and brand new songs that teach rhythm and movement. New Vocabulary – This series will teach kids to identify and understand vocabulary through exciting stories and silly rhymes.

This application contains 8 fun-filled nursery rhymes to sing and dance along to, plus the entire set of alphabet flash cards based on our cute and cuddly characters! Each video starts with the opening of the magical pop-up book to reveal the title of the rhyme. It features snippets of the entire episode in a fun and humorous way. New words are also highlighted by the character LB (Lightning Bug) within the video.


App Development Project - Shapes Learn Chinese
App Development Project - Shapes Learn Chinese

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“If your child is thinking of or already learning Chinese, supplement his education with this comprehensive and engaging set of Learning Chinese Books written by an award-winning team!”

In the past decade, China has grown to become a leading economy and many people have started learning Chinese in preparation for working in or doing business in China one day. This includes Face Book founder Mark Zuckerberg who takes Mandarin lessons and American investor Jim Rogers who sent his daughter to learn Chinese! Chinese is indeed now an essential language to pick up for the 21st century.

Based on the popular animated series SHAPES, SHAPES Learn Chinese Books feature 6 delightful and colorful storybooks designed to supplement your child’s Chinese education the FUN and EASY way! Famous fables are brought to life using geometrical shapes such as triangles, squares and circles as they form different animal characters and backgrounds. Every story has a strong moral message that teaches kids wonderful values such as the importance of friendship, kindness, thinking smart and being careful.

The first book in this series – The Grumpy Tree (爱发脾气的大树), based on a famous fable from India – is absolutely free of charge. It tells the story of a Grumpy Tree who wants to be alone.  He doesn’t even want his friends around him, so he sends them away.  Will he be able to cope when he’s finally by himself?

Find out in this book!


App Development Project - Rediffusion Classic App

Rediffusion is a 63 year old broadcaster with its origins in the United Kingdoms. Later on, it extended its broadcasting services to British-ruled colonies – which included Singapore – and began broadcasting in native languages.

The dialect and Chinese programs proved popular in Singapore and Rediffusion became a staple audio diet for its fans during the 60s through to the 90s.

However, towards the 21st century, Rediffusion gradually lost its shine to other radio stations. By 2012, it announced its intention to shut down but in 2013, it was acquired by Eeva Productions which aspired to give the struggling radio station a new lease of life.

One of the strategies involved developing a mobile app to broadcast its extensive library of previously recorded Chinese and dialect programming, using a per-to-listen model.

Swag Soft was engaged to be the app developer of this project.

The Rediffusion Classic app has 300 hours of programmes in Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew. Another 50 hours will be added every month.

Users pay US$1.99 (S$2.50) per month to access the service at the iTunes and Android stores.

We have a team of experienced and dedicated designers and programmers ready to help you develop your app idea from scratch. Let’s start discussing your app development project now.

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