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Making an app is a tough job. But it should also be fun and rewarding.

Here at Swag Soft, our app development process is designed to be simple, efficient and bring out the maximum potential for your projects. We take a methodical and progressive approach towards helping our clients build their dream app. We are not afraid to go out of our way to make constructive suggestions even if it means more work. Our incentive is in seeing you receive a great app you can truly be proud of.

See how we do it below.


Contact us at and tell us about your project. The more you can tell us about your project, the better. Please don’t ask us for a ballpark quotation if you simply tell us you want to build a mobile app like Tinder or a game like Clash of Clans. It really doesn’t work that way. We have to discuss the specific features you want for your app in order for us to come up with a proper quotation. We take every inquiry seriously, and we hope that you appreciate we want our customers to get the proper answers they deserve. We can either do an email correspondence where you tell us more about your app requirements or meet up at our office for a discussion. Before you do so, we also recommend that you check out our portfolios for app development and game development.


If we correspond well, the next step is naturally a meeting. Meeting us cost you nothing, during which we will discuss your objectives, who you are building your mobile app for and how your app can add value to your target demography. After this, we may have a few more rounds of meetings and email correspondences before you decide if Swag Soft is a suitable candidate to develop your app or game. Even if you eventually decide not to engage us for whatever reason, we are certain that you will pick up some cool tips and ideas through our meetings.


Assuming you have decided to engage Swag Soft, we will give you a quotation which will include the details of your requirements, our commitments and corresponding deliverables. Rest assured that you would have made a great decision in engaging one of the most dedicated and talented app developers in Singapore to help develop your app and we thank you for the vote of confidence!


Once the project is accepted, and deposit payment has been made, we will begin by creating a wireframe to illustrate the app’s features and flow structure. A wireframe is essentially the blueprint of the app, which we will follow meticulously later on to develop the app. Iterations and amendments can be and should be made at this point. This is also where the app development process officially begins.


Once the wireframe is approved, we will start creating graphics mockup of the app to illustrate its interface and overall appearance. Then preferably and if budget allows, we should create a prototype at this point. The prototype will work and behave almost like the actual mobile app, except that it really isn’t yet. This should give you and your colleagues a good sense of the end product. We would also recommend engaging unbiased users to try out the prototype and collect their feedback so we can figure out if we need to tweak the app.


Once the graphics have been approved, we will commence programming. You have a choice for us to work on both iOS and Android apps concurrently, or on one of the platforms first. We seek your patience while we work our magic. We will engage you from time to time to seek your opinion on some feasibility issues we may find while programming the app. It will be a few weeks to months before your baby is born,  but we promise you that it will be a most beautiful one.


After you pass us your developer account details, we will set everything up and help you take care of everything else. We will give you suggestions on how best to do the copy-writing for your app description and discuss your marketing plans.


It’s finally time to launch! But this is just the beginning of the journey. We should discuss post-launch marketing ideas to help you achieve maximum visibility for your app, and keep tabs on how users are using your app and keep tweaking it to increase engagement and retention. If you like, we can also continue to help you update and maintain your app. After all, helping you succeed is our success story too!

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