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We specialize in mobile app development and game development. We can also implement these solutions using technology like virtual reality and augmented reality. We have helped big brands like BMW, Caltex, Toyota and government agencies like the MDA, Singapore Air Force and MOE. Our work has been featured on MediaCorp, Channel News Asia and the Straits Times so you know you’re in great hands. Swag Soft provides a comprehensive suite of services, spanning – app development, game developmentaugmented reality development and iBeacon technology. But we don’t just do development work. We provide additional value by discussing your business objectives, roll out strategy and app marketing plans as well. Our clients appreciate that we focus on building not just apps, but apps that everybody will want to use and get  to use. We are marketers first, developers second. And that is what differentiates us from the rest.


“Throughout the project period we witnessed strong technical expertise as well as creativity infused in the custom game development solutions developed for us and our clients. Prompt technical support was always provided – there was always no hesitation at answering any queries from the agency, facilitating a smooth project execution. Thank you for managing the project closely and we look forward to future collaborations with Swag Soft.”

Kenneth Ho

Associate Digital Manager, MEC GLOBAL

“Our team in Samsung Asia was looking for a developer for our game application & we came across Swag Soft and their portfolio. From the first meeting, Swag Soft immediately understood what we wanted our application to be like. They provided us with innovative ideas and solutions that added more value to our proposal. Despite multiple requirements and constant changes, the team at Swag Soft never faltered and maintained great professionalism throughout the development. Communication is key in any relationship and we are happy that Swag Soft always there with prompt replies to any queries we had and were ever present when we needed them. We greatly appreciate the extra effort that Swag Soft undertook to help us achieve our goals with this app. Thoroughly impress with the team at Swag Soft and looking forward to building on this great working relationship!”

Shawn Russmen

Master Trainer from IM-Trade Marketing Team, SAMSUNG ASIA

“12 out of 10 to the Swag Soft team for their commitment to our games. When we approached Swag Soft with short timelines and multiple rounds of approval, they were more than thrilled to take up the challenge, repeatedly showing their support from week days to weekends. We hope they will share with us their recipe for such patience, passion and dedication!”

Christine Liu

Marketing Executive, PHILIP MORRIS (SINGAPORE)



Mobile apps are essential marketing tools for all kinds of businesses. Swag Soft works with our clients on mobile app development blue prints, prototypes, development and marketing.


Mobile games are a great way to engage and entertain your customers and build a positive brand image. Swag Soft builds awesome games that have been featured in app stores and news.


Swag Soft’s experienced team of programmers develops for the iOS (iPhone operating system) using native programming languages like Objective-C and C on the Xcode platform.


Developing with Swag Soft means that you also get our expertise in developing for the Android OS, which constitutes the other half of the mobile user market.


Augmented reality (AR) engages people like no other medium can. It is fun, immersive and fascinating. Use AR to mesmerize customers, convert browsers to buyers or lure customers to your store.


Swag Soft helps clients implement the iBeacon technology which allows facilities like retail stores, cinemas and museums to engage in-store customers, attract walk-in customers, increase sales, etc.


Front-end is the part where users can interact with. Yet the back-end is where all the hard work is done. Swag Soft can help you develop and maintain robust back-end systems to share information between your website and mobile app, create a database and more.


Mobile app development is only part of the story. If you don’t know how to market your app afterwards, the development effort is wasted. Swag Soft helps give our clients ideas on how to reach out to their target demography using tried and tested marketing methods.


Analytics study allows you to figure out how popular your app is, how users are interacting with it, what people like and hate about it and more. Swag Soft implements analytical tools for our clients’ apps and guide them on figuring out these complex issues.



Mobile App Development

Job Relate

Instead of job seekers looking for job postings, Job Relate works the other way round. Job Relate is a clever job app head-hunting platform that alerts a job seeker whenever a potential employer finds his/her profile suitable for a relevant position.

App Developer Singapore

Plan It SG

Planit SG helps tourists in Singapore avoid the typical tourist trap and creates itineraries for them based on where the locals would go to eat, shop and have fun. The Singapore-centric tourist app also gives travelers lively and helpful descriptions of the suggested locations.

Mobile App Development

Toyota VIOs

This beautiful app replaces the conventional boring brochure and showcases Toyota’s Vios in its magnificent glory by allowing users to interact with the vehicle by changing its colour configurations and clicking on parts of the car to find out more about its features.

Game Developer Singapore

One Force

We were commissioned by the Singapore Air Force to develop this building strategy game that is designed to help attract recruits. It included several mini games and was deployed to promote the Singapore Air Show. One Force topped the ‘Strategy’ and ‘Simulation’ charts on the Apple app store and ranked among the top 5 apps within the Overall charts.

Mobile App Development

Building the Lion

Building the Lion is a multi-player board game commissioned by the Singapore government made to celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday. The game showcases dozens of Singapore’s iconic buildings featured in beautiful 3D. Our idea was picked out of 50 other proposals and the game went on to top the Google Play Store charts for several weeks.

Mobile App Development

Lamebo vs. Zombies

Lamebo vs. Zombies was Swag Soft’s very first original IP that featured a mutated gun-yielding muscle-bulging lamb and an endless strew of barn animals turned zombies. A funny and wacky zombie-shooting game that made it to the top 20 of the US Charts in the iOS store. The game was featured in many websites and received great reviews all around.


We Are Creative, Talented, Responsive and Reliable

Swag Soft has a team of talented and dedicated developers and designers. Our Project Director is extremely hands-on and provides prompt and unbiased feedback on any questions our clients may raise. Our team works hand-in-hand with him and our Chief Technology Officer to develop and deliver only the most well-crafted apps. We pride ourselves on delivering with integrity, honesty and commitment. Do check out our Customer Testimonials to see what our clients say about us.

We Understand Users Psychology and How to Engage and Market to Them

Most app developers are just developers. Give them a project specification and they will build it. But talk to them about engagement and marketing and chances are a very superficial conversation will ensue. For Swag Soft, we believe that it is extremely important to build an app by first understanding who you are building the app for, why they are using your app, and how you would give them what they are looking for within your app. We think about how users would use your app and suggest ways to engage, reward and retain them. Finally, we will advise you on ways to pull potential users to your app and grow your user base organically.

We Design and Develop Mobile Games

Very few mobile app development companies develop games as a service. The reason they don’t? They can’t. Game development is a very different beast from normal app development and most companies just don’t come equipped with the talents to take on such projects.In fact, we have worked with a few app developers who outsourced their game development projects to us! We can’t tell you who they are, but what we can tell you is that their poor clients ended up paying a lot more just for the middleman service. Games that we have worked on consistently got featured and also hit the top positions of the app store categories they were featured in.

We Give Back

We believe in giving back to society, either by going on charity missions or conducting career / creativity talks in schools orphanages to inspire the young. So take comfort in knowing that some of the money you spend with us are deployed to good use.

We Love Startups

We love startups and we love helping entrepreneurs build their dream apps. For this reason, we have designed the innovative Swag Soft Appreneur Program to help them launch their million dollar app idea. Swag Soft is the first app developer in Singapore to launch such an initiative.

We Have Been Featured on National TV, Newspapers, Events and Roadshows

Swag Soft has been featured on various news outlets for several high-profile projects and invited to speak about mobile app development, mobile trends, mobile marketing, augmented reality technology and more.

Our Founders Are Mentors in Institutions of Higher Learning and Government-funded Bodies

Aldric Chang – our CEO – is on the advisory board of UniSim and a mentor for the Games Solution Centre. He was also previously on the advisory board of MDIS. Ngo Chee Yong – our CTO – lectures part-time at UniSim on mobile app development and also gives tech career talks at secondary schools around the island.

We Do Not Claim We Are the Best

Some app developers give themselves lofty titles like ‘first’, ‘top’, ‘no.1′ or ‘best’ attached to ‘App Developer Singapore’ or ‘Game Developer Singapore’. Unlike these companies, we are very cautious of giving ourselves these self-proclaimed titles. We prefer to let our customers speak for us. Those that are great at selling themselves may not necessarily be the best choice to develop your app. We believe that there is always a better developer out there, but as long as we keep striving to improve, Swag Soft certainly won’t be the worst.